Porus 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anusuya and Olympia’s Verbal Argument; Alexander Brutally Injures Kanishk

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Puru sees Macedonian soldiers’ deadbodies and thinks where Kanishk must have gone after killing these soldiers, he has to find Kanishk before Alexander catches him. Kanishk heads towards jungle. Alexander searches him. Puru sees Kanishk’s blood on tree and thinks he must be somewhere around. Kanishk sees a hut and walks towards it, but hears a sound and hides under bushes. Puru searches Kanishk and leaves. Kanishk then gets into hut and removes pierced wooden pieces from his leg. Puru hears his voice and walks into hut. Alexander sees steps on ground heading towards hut and follows them pulling out his sword. Puru checks hut, but it is different one. Alexander walks in. Kanishk attacks. Alexander counterattacks and says Kanishk shed his blood, not he will not let Kanishk shed even a drop.

Olympia insults Anusuya that Zeus is biggest god and Alexander is Zeus’ son, others believe in minute guards like min creatures and are fit to be crushed. Anusuya says even they believe in 3 gods who share their work. Olympia says they are losers who hide behind Jhelum river and are waiting for us to run away from your country, we are proud warriors who conquer wherever they go. Anusuya says we consider you people are looters who loot countries and kill innocent people, we don’t trouble others and respect each religion and humanity here, if you people have come here after 10 years of hard work, then something is special in our country and us that forced you to come here. Chanakya hears their conversation silently.

Alexander attacks Kanishk. Kanish counterattacks him, but Alexander overpowers and stabs Puru repeatedly and says he will not kill him immediately and wants his last drop of blood out of his body. Kanishk shouts..Puru and Bamni hear him and head towards hut.

Anusuya says soon her son will kick out intruders from our country. Olympia boasts that her son will crush them all under his feet. Anusuya asks Chanakya to remind Olympia how he brought Alexander here and Alexander would have been killed easily, but her son Puru spared Alexander..

Alexander walks out of hut leaving Kanishk bleeding profusely. Puru with Bamni and Hasti walk in and see Kanishk in pool of blood injured. Bamni calls Kanishk and lifts him. Kanishk opens yes…

Precap: Alexander tells Hephastian to get ready boats and soldiers, he wants to cross Jhelum river today itself. Chanaky tells Puru he has a plan.

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