Porus 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru and Laachi’s Wedding Rituals; Alexander’s Aides Burn Pourav Rastra’s Grocery Godowns

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Puru walks to Laachi’s room. Laachi sensing him says Pourav king can walk in anywhere, it is his palace. He tries to nervously speak to her and says he wants to. She asks to speak, he is always clear, but why confused. He stammers nervously. She pulls sword and starts friendly fight with him, asks why he is so confused today. He says he wants Pourav rastra and Dasyu lok to be united. She says they are and slips. He holds her. She gets nervous. He says she wants to marry him. She says he took so much time to tell what is in his heart. He says now there won’t be any delay. In Takshalila, Alexander fumes reminiscing Puru tricking and then insulting him and shouts now Puru’s end is nearing, let him see how will he bear Zeus’ son’s attack.

Puru and Laachi’s wedding

rituals start. Laachi walks to the venue with Anusuya, Kadika and Mahanandini. Puru excitedly watches her. Guru Chanakya explains ritual of waagh daan and says bride and groom exchange wows before wedding and it is a pious ritual. Puru stands next to Laachi and says what if his mind changes before wedding and he selects another woman. Laachi says he took so many years to propose him, forget about other woman, anyways once she marries him, he will not look at any other woman. Puru stands dubmstuck. Outside palace, Alexander’s aide kings enter disguised as Pourav soldiers carrying oil barrels, kill guards guarding grocery godown and get into godown. Puru and Laachi’s wedding rituals continue. Soldier informs Chanakya something. He walks away. Hasti follows him. Kings burn grocery godown and houses around and escape. People start panicking.

Puru and Laachi’s wedding rituals continue. Anusuya performs ritual. Puru does not see Chanakya and Hasti and think where they are. Chanakya walks outside palace and tell Hasti they should stop this mishap somehow. They see whole market burning. Hasti says it is good they did not inform Puru, else he would have left his wedding incomplete, he will go behind culprits. Puru and Laachi’s wedding rituals continue. Chanakya walks in. Puru asks what did sikandar do now. Chanakya says Sikandar befriend 3 dyanasty kings and taking advantage of today’s wedding, they burnt Pourav rastra’s grocery godowns, Hasti has gone behind them. Laachi says before giving her oath, he has taken oath to protect his country, he should perform his duty first. Puru walks to market with others and sees it burning. Chanakya says look what Sikandar has done. Alexander’s aide informs him that he finished his task. Alexander says this is just a beginning and soon he will burn Puru. Hasti informs Puru that those 3 traitor kings are seen running towards sea port. Puru orders to close all entry doors, he wants those traitor kings in front of him.

Alexander with his team watches Pourav rastra burning from other side of river. Hepastian says had to stop his wedding and must be in shock and pain. Ambhi raj congratulates him. Alexander says seeing enemy in pain has its own happiness.

Precap: Alexander sends food to Puru and tells his team enemy should be hit on his pinched nerve. Puru says if Sikandar wants to play this game, he has to defeat Sikandar in his own game. Alexander hears bugle sound and walks out to check.

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  1. amazing all same comments as before.

  2. great amazing entertaining episode finally the time has come that u all are waiting for right are u all happy and excited for the Puru and lachi’s wedding started what a romance between lachi and puru what an acting by all Puru Alexander lachi cleitus hephistian ansuya bamni chanakya hasti all great talented what an actors what an acting great acting by Puru Alexander and all what u all say reply OK great show great episode isn’t it.

  3. I feel so frustrated seeing Abhiraj flattering Alex? Well Karachi was looking cute only if she put a bun she will turn into Anusuya…❤❤❤ So sad that Puru can’t Wed Karachi today… Only th vandaan took place… But I know the marriage will be at a much more gorgeous way…????

  4. Yep. I agree. Disgusting to see Ambhiraj flattering and helping Alexander and going against his own sister. Ambhikumar a dummy piece. Laachi soooooo beautiful. ? Puru and Laachi could not finish the ceremony in peace..no dialogues for Dasyu king again ??
    I am here commenting on this as I love watching Porus and I am sure everyone who takes their time and review are doing so as they love watching this..

  5. Puru Laachi scenes were amazing. I loved the way Laachi my favorite lady said your responsibility to your people comes first. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. I like this Cold War between Puru and Alexander.
    LAACHI is brave, beautiful and bossy ????.

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