Kaleerein 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Finds Kindapper’s Location

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Inmates trash Vivan brutally on Vivan’s order and provocation. Brar stops them and takes Vivan away, scolding them. He says he saw love in films and saw it in real life. He tells Vivan that whatever Meera says, he knows what is happening and is tracking Roma’s movement. Kidnapper calls him. Vivan informs Brar it is kidnapper. He speaks to kidnapper to get ready to free his mother and sister while he does his work. Brar tries to track kidnapper’s location. Vivan continues speaking to kindnapper. Kidnapper warns to stop his drama, he knows police is trying to tracking his location and Brar is his close friend. Vivan asks Brar to do something, kidnapper knows everything.

Daadi’s condition continues to get worsen. Doctor asks family to get injection soon. Prince gets

injection. Meera asks where did he get money from. He says he was saving to go to Canada. Meera and whole family gets emotional. Doctor gives injection and says they got some relief, but Daadi has to be shifted to hospital soon. Dolly gives her bangles and asks Meera to pawn them and bring money for Daadi’s treatment. Meera leaves. In police station, Brar finds out location. Vivan is shocked and says it is his house. They head towards home when Vivan sees Meera walking on street and follows her. Meera walks into pawn shop and asks financier to pawn her mother’s bangles. He says he does not pawn jewelry now and can only buy. She asks to tell if someone pawns and leaves. Vivan feels guilty seeing Meera’s condition. Meera walks back on street again. Goons snatch jewelry packet and speed away. Meera runs behind them. Vivan run in opposite direction and catch goons, but they trash him and escape. They reach their boss’ den and give him packet. Vivan walks in. Boss says he has seen him somewhere, if he is a film hero. His puppet says he is most eligible bachelor and they saw his news on TV.

Meera returns home crying. Dolly asks if she got money. She cries. Vivan asks to give him packet. Boss asks Vivan to give double price as it is a matter of love. Dolly scolds Meera and asks how will they get money. Meera cries seeing Biji’s worsening condition and says all this is happening since Vivan came into his life, but she will not let anything happen to Daadi. goons trash Vivan. Boss laughs. Vivan reminisces Meera and snatches packet, keeps it in his sock and trashes goons. Boss stands shocked. Vivan trashes even him and runs out.

At home, doctor asks family to hurry up, else they cannot save Daadi. Meera worriedly runs out of house. Vivan reaches and gives her packet and says h=she speaks so much. She slips and packet falls. They find stones in packet. Meera slaps herself and shouts she is punishing herself for trusting a wrong man. Vivan stops her and says it is her family hobby to create drama, he saw this packet on road and does not know what was in it. Meera shouts to stop his drama, she will save her biji at any cost and arrange money somehow. Vivan stops her and says she will not go out at this time as it is very dangerous, till they are in his house, they are his responsibility, either stay in this house or get out of it. Meeera pushes him. Doctor gives injection again to Daadi and says they have to rush her to hospital soon.

Kidnapper calls Vivan and says he is too smart and sent inspector Brar, good he escaped on time and warns to remember he has Vivan’s sister and mother. Vivan yells at him. Kidnapper taunts him and disconnects call. Vivan hopes Prince arranges money. Prince calls his friend and requests money, says he will do whatever he says. He informs Meera that money is arranged. Meera confidently looks at Vivan.

Precap: Vivan gets heavily inebriated reminiscing Meeera and imagines her laughing on him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. On your last comment Lakshmi, that’s why you and I are friends since around 3 years now, what a feat and on a forum like this.

  2. who is blackmailing vivaan atleast they should show us his face now i am not happy with this track it’s so disappointing i think roma is better 😉 than this blackmailer.. atleast she plays games openly i hope this track gets over in week… just hope… please writers don’t spoil this lovely show….we all love this show

  3. Now Vivaan on the receiving end of Meera’s anger and it’s justifiable. Poor girl has been so verbally and emotionally abused by Vivaan that lashing out at him is what is perceived by her as how she should speak to him….and he still doesn’t think it fit to confide or explain to Meera that Amaaya and Pammie has been kidnapped hence his aggression. Like always, after bullets has been exchanged, fistfights have occurred and blood has been spilled, then Meera will know on her own that Amaaya and Pammie was kidnapped and that’s why Vivaan was so erratic and hateful.

  4. i also doubt that how come kidnappers location locate at vivaans house…. do you have any idea or opinions about it lakshmi i am fed up with this kidnapper i also read somewhere that vivaan and meera together goes London to find his mom and sis i think there’s some outdoor shooting what you say…

  5. I really didn’t like today’s episode..it was more an episode had to be telecasted so they made it!

  6. Neeti like you I am also confused and frustrated ,have been trying to figure out how the kidnapper’s location can be Vivaan’s residence but invain…it can be possible only if he / she is an insider,but who can be this insider..Laali is no where to be seen and so is Roma. Moreover it is a male voice and we know that there are two witches in Kapoor Mansion but no wretched men .The most frightening thing is how the kidnapper is seeing Vivaan ‘s every move like Vivaan holding him on the phone line to help Inspector Brar determine his location and later when he was with Meera in the rain,cheekily advising him to carry on with his romance..Better they end this suspense at the earliest as it is getting on our nerves..

  7. I am new to comment here. I wish to know little bit older episode lakshmi and all… Till now nobody come to know about silky and sumer’s plotted video… Afterwards silky was not shown in the screen too… But silky’s mother till last episodes was planning to ger daughter’s marriage with vivaan… Before roma’s real face shown to vivaan, roma should suggest vivaan to marry silky. in such a way vivaan also got such a good chance to reveal silky’s truth in front of meera’s family… beeji always said silky is likewise her name as soft person by heart…beeji also thought vivaan gave the chip to silky…everything should be casted… Its totally forgotten…

  8. Naz just now the match is over and I am happy that France will be playing the finals…But I felt France could have done better and made the match more thrilling had they continued attacking rather than gone to defending in the second half..Romelu Lukaku must be terribly disappointed for those two missed golden opportunities to score the goal…France on their part have done well by keeping him quiet for most part of the game ….Now the focus shifts to Croatia and England tie and my gut feeling is that the English will win…
    Regarding yesterday’s hot debate on this forum ,I agree with you that men ,though physically strong ,are emotionally weak,,,the reason why they try to hide their emotions behind a brave facade and it is exactly the opposite with women…though we are mentally strong ,we don’t hesitate to cry ( I know how many tissues your daughter has to help you with while watching some serials and the same is with me) share our emotions on this forum and most importantly strike a beautiful friendship like we did three years back…I doubt if any man can do that and I think they look better in their egoistic world…
    And I agree with you on tonight’s episode…..not felt any pity for Vivaan for being on the receiving side….After what he has done to Meera he can not expect sweet nok jhoks from her …and like a typical male ,he is still holding all the cards close to his heart….and better he be that typical male in other respects also ….why this hypocrisy …..I maybe using strong words Naz,but that’s how I feel right now about this man …Now Biji is seriously sick and the family waits for money to get her admitted in the hospital…and a business tycoon just wastes time in chasing some goons and fighting with them ….Yes,Meera won’t accept his money but aren’t there other indirect means to help them out…Anyways I am losing hopes in this serial ….let us hope the new one starting from july 25th will be a great love story and true to our expectations…..cute names ,are n’t they …Puchki and Shantanu…

    1. So right you are, with so much money at his disposal, you’d think Vivaan would with the stroke of a pen write a check or swipe an ATM card to pay for Biji’s medical bills…but no, Vivaan is chasing goons around. Sigh… You know me ehhh…speaking of tissues, would you believe that Vedika married Yash!! It had to happen because mahasangam movie explained that Sahil would have to pass through trials in order to get Vedika but I just didn’t think she’d marry Yash, let me see how she keeps his advances away because he told her that he expects 100% from the marriage. You know what I can’t understand, why do all serials depict where a major secret could make or break a relationship and even though the couples are married, they don’t think it fit to discuss or confide in their spouse.. Lakshmi..the episode was heartbreaking for me, especially when Sahil was thrashing around things, and drinking alcohol, it reminded me of another place, another time ,where a young man loved a young girl and believed that he’d marry her but she married another, through a heartbreaking situation…the scene opened up some wounds..and you know what I’m talking about. I know I’ve said it many times but you’ve been the only one who understood. Thanks for being my friend and sister. Hey… I got a visitation dream two weeks ago as morbid as it sounds, I’m never afraid but always at peace after…true love never dies!!!

      1. hoping de best fr next episode.. coz I don’t like it de way Vivian is behaving

  9. Well… Lakshmi, looks like my prediction is coming to pass! France has booked themselves into the final and we await either Croatia or England to join them. Today’s game didn’t do much for Lukaku, in fact he didn’t show my form today, although Belgium had greater ball possession, it just wasn’t meant to be, see how unpredictable these games can be especially from a team that were surprising us for this tournament. My bet would be on Croatia advancing to the final and whoever wins, they are deserving, although I’d prefer either Croatia or the Frenchmen going home with the Cup..for me, all the English game comes across boring but with the other two, there’s flair and swag with the hunks, so on Sunday…it’s going to be a game worth watching ..

  10. I wish major separation must not be shown n it will be heart breaking .

  11. My god, Naz,I have never thought that Vedika would actually take pheras with Yash….Yes ,I did see the day before yesterday’s episode where Vedika inadvertently exchanges garlands with Sahil and even succeeds in stopping Yash who gets furious and starts bashing him…thought that Sahil would somehow convince Vedika to marry him….Yesterday’s episode I missed as the serial’s time slot is 10 .30 pm and I had to go to go to bed a bit early to get up and be awake for the semis that start at 11.30 pm.. May be I missed it for good…really shattering development….I can’t understand why the writers had to do this ….we still live in a society ,particularly Indian,where marriage is considered the end of a significant part of our life’s journey….Naz,.I am really feeling bad for this young man whose only aim in life is to love Vedika and give her happiness ..I know how much you adore Sahil and he is certainly adorable…a simple ,pleasant and straight forward guy with those naughty boyish streaks still intact…completely different from the usual egocentric and macho sort of male leads that we normally come across…naturally it hurts terribly seeing him in such agony..I don’t know how the writers will manage to save Vedika from Yash on a daily basis ( of course marital rape is punishable under law now) and most importantly what will be Sahil’s next step after coming out of the initial shock….Really unexpected ,instead the couple could have been allowed to get married and face the various challenges posed by the society and their own families as well…In contrast I am overwhelmed at the efforts of the writers of ISA who are doing everything possible to save Zara and Kabir’s marriage.I will catch up with the repeat of Aap ke Aa jane se in a few minutes time…Chat with you tomorrow…

  12. Ambika,all the points raised by you have not been explained so far They remain just loose ends and closed chapters..Neither Silky and Sumer were seen again after Vivaan and Meera’s marriage nor Laali was seen insisting on Silky’s marriage with Vivaan…If you remember ,Laali’s preferences shifted to going to London herself along with Roma…..for what purpose I don’t know …maybe to become a house maid in the Kapoor’s household and that’s what she really deserves. …Yes ,in the beginning Silky was portrayed as a nice girl completely different from her mother….But I think falling in love with Sumer made her selfish.May be Sumer and Silky will be brought back when required in a fresh track as antagonists….

  13. Today I am in agreement with almost everyone about Vivaan why is he behaving so dumb and helpless this is not what we as viewers of the show expect from him. You are a billionaire business tycoon you run a whole conglomerate you have brains and resources at you disposal use them. He needs to get himself going and take command of the situation so he can save his mom and sis and get his relationship with Meera back on track.
    Although from the very beginning, I have only recently started commenting on the episodes. I must say that it appears that our little community of viewers who choose to make comments seem to be growing and I hope it continues. There are some days where I may have nothing to say but I do make sure to read the comments that are written. I want to say thank you especially to Lakshmi and Naz you keep this forum alive. Your discussions on various topics whether on the personal level, about this show or another show or even sports are usually insightful and entertaining and I look forward to them.
    I’m not a huge football/soccer fan and I mostly watch during world cup (which we know is every 4yrs) but I am a fan of France and have been since the 98 world cup so I will be supporting them to win. I have them playing Croatia in the finals.

  14. Thankyou lakshmi for ur response… Well i wish to see those episode… And one more thing i was confused is that the video made by sumer n silky… Before few episodes that kaala jaathu people who took meera for some tantric works made something which made vivaan n meera sleep in a bed like first night decorated one… The same dress n setting was casted in the video which sumer n silky made. So i thought there have some connection when i saw the video made by sumer n silky… But it was an answerless question for me…

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