Piya Rangrezz 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Piya Rangrezz 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shraddha wakes up and feels dizzy due to sleeping pill effect. She stumbles on pillar. Gajra runs seeing her falling and holds her on time. She gives her water. Shraddha asks how did she come to her room and why is she having headache. Gajra tries to leave without anwering. Shraddha holds her and asks what happened. She tries to speak, but Bhavri interferes and scolds Gajra for sitting idle instead of working. She orders her to clean store room.

Sher asks Sumer to stop jeep and goes to meet someone. A man sees him hiding.

Gajra cleans store room coughing due to dust. Shraddha enters and asks her to hide her nose with cloth. Gajra asks her to go. Shraddha asks what is the issue. Gajra tells her the whole incident happened from mama giving her sleeping pills and making her sleep next to Virat and till Bhavri slapping her. Shraddha acts as nothing happened and starts cleaning guest room to help her.

Gajra drops a box while cleaning, finds a watch in it and asks Shraddha if she can keep it. Gajra identifies watch as her brother Shaurya and thinks how did it come here. She goes int flashback where she gifts watch to her brother after saving her pocket money. She asks him to work loyally like he did exams loyally. Brother asks what is the use of this. She says he should not think of use and continue his loyalty. She thinks she has to know this secret somehow. Gajra asks how. Shraddha says she will speak to Sher and seek his help. Virat comes and asks her not to do that and says maybe Bhavri or Sher are involved in her brother missing an says someone here knows your brother well.

Maama asks Bhavri to trust him. Bhavri says she trusted him and now she herself will check what Shraddha is doing. Virat tells Shradda not to discuss about this watch with anyone. They hear Bhavri’s voice and Virat hides. Bhavri comes. Gajra drops box by mistake. Bhavri wakasks her to accompany her and let Shraddha clean room. Virat makes sound and Bhavri turns back. Gajra walks fast behind Bhavri to divert attentino.

Sher reaches a home and knocks door. An old lady opens door and drops lantern in fear seeing his face.

Virat tells Shraddha that he investigated her brother’s case till now and this watch is first evidence. He says again someone here knows your brother and if he/she knows that she got a proof, he/she wil try to destroy evidence. He gets a call from his constable who informs him that he saw Sher going to Phoolganj twice, and he asks him to keep an eye on sher. He then tells Shraddha that Sher is in Phoolganj. Shraddha panics and thinks Sher must have killed Shaurya.

Sher goes back to jeep. Sumer says he was worried for him. Sher says he knows and says let us go as he is feeling hungry.

Mama gives paan to Bhavri and asks what is she thinking. Bhavri asks him to stop disturbing her and says whole village is afraid of her, but Shraddha is stuck as a thorn in her mouth and she cannot do anything. Mama asks her to give him one more chance. She says she will but does not need any mistake this time. He says he will get Shraddha out of Sher’s life for sure.

Precap: Virat calls Shraddha and says he found 2 men’s details who went missing with Shaurya and asks her to come to village’s old temple. Once she reaches there, Mama lockes temple door and tells Bhavri that he is waiting for Sher now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. why r u updated so late…..??

  2. Am sure sher is not behind shauryas missing….it may virat 0r bhavri…..

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