Piya Rangrezz 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Rani comes to kitchen and tells Shradha if she thinks she will stop her and Sher unite, she is wrong. She then asks Gajra to add chilli powder in her parantha as she wanted, pours more powder and asks her to prepare parantha now. Shradha tells her that she does not have to do all this. Rani then eats chilli powder stuffed parantha and walks from kitchen silently looking at Shraddha and telling she wanted to give her pain, but she does not know she enjoys pain. She asks her to bring food as it is time to start game.

Shradha serves food to everyone and stands behind Sher. Rani tells all partners whoever has stolen liquor tempo should agree and she will forgive him, if they don’t and she finds out, she will shoot him. One of puppet partner gets call and leaves. He speaks to his wife and asks not to call back, else Rani will shoot him. Bhavri comes and points gun on his forehead.

Shradha asks Sher to come to kitchen for 2 min as she needs to talk. He asks her to talk later as she is busy. She says it is urgent. He shouts later… Pandey asks him to listen to her, who knows he will be hearing her voice for the last time. Sher leaves with Shraddha. She says she wanted to tell.. He says he told her 1000 times not to interfere in his business and asks to speak now. She says she is worried if medicine works on him and he blurts out truth, so she does not want him to drink that medicine. He says if he dies, his amma will also die, then she can enjoy. She holds his hand. He frees himself and leaves.

Sher joins back partners. Rani taunts that he heard his wife at last and asks him to start food first. Shradha comes running and tries to stop. Puppet partner comes back and says he will have food first. He eats food reminiscing Vikas and Bhavri asking him to accept that he stole tempo, else she will shoot him and his family. He pleads her not to kill his family. He holds Ragni’s feet and pleads to forgive him as she promised that she will. She says she lied to get the culprit out and points gun on him. He continues pleading to forgive. Shraddha also pleads not to shoot. Bhavri who is hiding in balcony gets irked and says she will shoot Shradha for interfering. Rani says she forget there is a vegeterian/Shradha in between nonvegeterians. Pandey calls his goons and asks them to take puppet partner out. They all leave towards lawn.

Puppet partner continues to plead to spare him, but Rani shoots and kills him. Shradha hugs Sher in fear seeing murder. Sher also reciprocates. Bhavri gets irked seeing it. Rani also turns back and fumes in jealousy. She continues shooting puppet repeatedly and then goes near them and separates them. She yells that she remembers laila majnu seeing them and says they are not one even after marriage and they do a good drama. Sher asks her to not to interfere in his personal issue.

Precap: Sher informs Bhavri his plan to defeat his enemies.

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  1. This rani is such a big idiot. I hate her. Why is between my sher and shraddha. Plz finish this I would love to see sher n shraddha together again.

  2. y dat poor puppet partner is killed? dat scene is not gud bcz he has a family. and sher didnot stop rani in killing him.

  3. Yep shravani that was rude of sher.
    Where is todays update. Plz update faster. Plzz….

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