Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anita is singing song and tiwari comes and praises tat she really sings well and anita asks how r u and tiwari says tat I was just passing by and heard ur voice so came in and he asks tat do u know about mohabbat and anita says I know everything about it and tiwari asks the name of professor who taught u mohabbat and anita says I know each and every chapter of mohabat and vibhuti has taught me and then she asks have u taught this to anguri and tiwari says tat I tried but she didn’t understand and then anita says its ur fault u as a husband have failed to teach her and I don’t like such people and she leaves while tiwari says tat now I will teach anguri mohabat.
Vibhuti goes and knocks anguris door and runs out and starts talking to a small plant in anguris garden and he says to tat plant tat y is he not growing and asks him to tell him the reason and he takes the plant near its ear and says don’t worry everything will be fine soon and he leaves and anguri sees all this and says he was talking like our jhole vale baba and she follows him to his house and vibhuti sees anguri coming sits on couch and talks on phone he says tat u should be clear by heart and life is like a liquor some take quarter glass some half and some have full liquor and he sees anguri and asks her to come in and he says on phone tat well I have to go and for lastly life sucks and he hungs up and anguri says to him tat u talk like our jhole vale baba and vibhuti says nothing to hide from u but the truth is tat I am the avtar of jhole vale baba and she says wat really I m so lucky tat I met u and y didn’t u tell me this before and vibhuti says tat we don’t do marketing and comes anita and asks anguri how is she and asks vibhuti to go and make some tea for me and her and then anguri says tat he is vibhutanand baba and leaves and anita says to vibhuti wat is this new act stop this don’t fool tat innocent lady and vibhuti says tat she is telling the truth I am a different person I can create magic and anita say stop this and vibhuti says u will not understand the power in me but one day u will and leaves
Malkha and tika are sitting at teat stall malkha asks wat r u reading and he says tat I am reading patni shastra so tat I could keep my wife attracted towards me and in love with me and tiwari comes and listens all this malkha asks tika we r not married and y r u reading it and tika explains after reading this book a girl doesnot sees a boys face but she gets attracted to him tiwari then comes and join them amd orders tea for them to and then asks tika tat he wants this book and tika says tat I will give for 1000 rs and tiwari says y so highly priced and he says I will not make the price less I purchased for 500 rs and they bargain and settle for 750 rs and tiwari takes tat book and leaves
Vibhuti visits anguris house and then she comes with a plate to do pooja of him and he then blesses her as jhole vale baba and he says to anguri tat u love ur husband very much and she syas yes I daily ray for his business to grow and then vibhuti says tat I can see tat he can become a minister in future and will roam in a red alarm car and he will be ga rbage minister and anguri gets happy and then vibhuti says tat but u have to do something for him and she asks wat and he says tat u have to stay away from him for 45 days he should not touch u and anguri agrees for it
Vibhuti goes home and sees tat anita is angry and worried and crying as she could not find her diamond ring and vibhuti sees this and hides tat ring which is with him under the carpet near sofa and comes and asks her wats wrong and she tells tat she lost the diamond ring which her mom gifted on her first wedding anniversasry vibhuti then says tat may be I can help u find it and she says rit u do magic so now help me fine my ring and he says ok ai will prove it and anita says if u did this I will wash ur legs and drink tat water Vibhuti meditates and he tells tat there is sofa and there is carpet and ur ring is there and anita says tat how is this possible y should I keep there and vibhuti asks her to check she checks and she gets it and says he is vibhutanand he is the avtar of jhole vale baba and then anita gets happy and hugs him and says tat I never believed this all but now I do and then vibhuti asks her to go bring a glass of water and wash my legs and he then smiles looking at her
At tiwaris house anguri is praying tat god ls give me power so tat I can stay away from tiwari for 45 days and comes in tiwari and asks for wat r u asking power and she says tat for u to be very powerful and tiwari says tat ii m very much powerfull I can pick a mountain on my hand and anguri laughs saying u could not lift me up and then tiwari says tat u r more heavy then mountain and says tat I will pick u up now and anguri say no u will not and jumps of the bed and tiwari jumps on bed to get hold of her and she says I m in no mood and tiwari says make u r mood then and anguri then says tat I have taken a wish tat u will not touch me for 45 days and tiwari gets shocked and remembers wat anita said to him and now wat anguri said to him.

Tiwari sees wat is happening and its vibhuti in the avtar of jhole vale baba and pandit is telling his roblem tat he is expecting a son and tika says I m there while pandit says shut up to tika and tiwari says tat now I understand tat y is anguri behaving like this and later vibhuti gets up in morning and anita asks him to go get up and do all the house hold work and vibhuti says tat a curse is coming to my mind and anita says ok ok I will do the work

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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