Piya Basanti Re 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Mahesh scolding Kabeer for getting 40% marks and Piya getting 1st rank in the whole university. He says he used to get 60-70% marks earlier, but now getting only 40%, it is all because of his madness for Piya. Savita backs him and says he used to me in Piya’s thoughts during exams and did not write well. Mahesh says because of Piya, Kabeer will ruin himself and his whole family. Baa intervenes, and Mahesh angrily leaves towards his room.

Savita and Neeta ask Piya in her love Kabeer got 40% marks, then how can she get 1st rank, that means her love for him is fake. Savita says as Mahesh said, she is a bad luck for whole family. Baa asks Savita to stop rubbishing. Savita says it is a fact. Piya thinks Kabeer cannot get so less marks, she will find out the reason behind it.

Neeta says Piya has ruined Kabeer’s life and gets worried for him. Savita says if she knew she would get worried for Kabeer, she would not have executed her plan. Neeta asks what did she do. Savita says Kabeer got first class, but she changed his marks card to make him feel dejected. Neeta gets happy and says she would not have done this. Savita says she did it to get Piya out of Kabeer’s live, he can go through this pain for some days, but Piya’s nuisance will be there for whole life if they don’t get her away from him. Neeta asks how did she do this. She says principal’s daughter is Jatin’s cousin’s wife, so she took principal’s help and told him what problem we are facing, even principal agreed what impact they are facing with Piya maid getting married in their family.

Piya sees Kabeer sitting sadly and tells him that they can get papers reevaluated. He says he does not want to have fake hope and asks her not to discuss about it again. Piya thinks she will get them evaluated again.

College principal calls Savita and informs her that Piya has given application for Kabeer’s paper reevaluation and says Kabeer will come to know that he got 80% marks instead of 40% and she has only 2 options, one to stop Piya and another to tell Kabeer about his original marks. Savita says they cannot do both and asks him to burn papers. He says it is difficult for him. Savita gets tensed. She steals Kabeer’s marks card and tries to burn it, but stops seeing Jatin coming and hides it under pillow. Jatin says he is tired and if she gives him tea, he will go to office.

Piya calls Geeta and asks well being. Savita comes and asks Piya to get tea for Jatin. Piya cuts call and goes to prepare tea. Neeta calls Savita and she leaves towards her room.

Piya gets tea for Jatin. He drops it on bed by mistake. Piya says she will clean it. She gets Kabeer’s original marks sheet of 80% marks under pillow and is surprised, she thinks how can he have 2 marks sheet. Savita on the other side tells Neeta that she was about to burn original marks sheet, but Jatin came there and she also called her, she will go now and will burn it. Piya comes with marks card and says she cannot believe her own mother and aunt can stoop to such a low level and trouble Kabeer. Savita says did this to get her away from Kabeer. Piya says she kept silent when they both insulted her and her mother, but she will not tolerate them ruining Kabeer’s happiness, so she will show Kabeer’s original marks sheet.

Precap: Savita starts acting in front of Kabeer and asks Piya not to separate Kabeer from her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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