PS I Hate You 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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PS I Hate You 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dr Sood knocks the Door tells Simple to open the door..Dr Sood goes inside and find that Simple is not there along with her clothes and all stuff…Door bell rings..kabir opens the Door..Simple tells kabir that she cannot leave one minute at home..kabir and Simple goes inside…kabir asks how this happened…Simple tells that his dad puts restriction on her…talked very rudely..kabir is quiet…Simple tells that kabir dont like as she came his home..kabir tells its nothing like that..kabir sees door..Simple asks why kabir is seeing the door everytime?kabir says nothing just like that…kabir tells that it is wrong…she would”nt have left the house..Simple is upset..
As the door opens Aisha comes out of room..kabir tells Aisha she have to go…Dimple comes..Dr Sood tells Dimple that Simple left the house..Dr sood that he will report police..Dimple tells to chill…tells that she will go.and find out with a friend…
Ayaan calls Dimple and asks for a treat Dimple tells that trouble happened..Ayaan asks what happened..Dimple says that Simple is.not at home…Ayaan tells not to worry as he will come in few time..Dimple tells okey..
Kabir brings a sandwhich for Simple tells that…kabir asks why Simple is angry with her dad…Simple tells Dr sood is only Dimple’s he will care fir dimple…As Simple goes washroom..Kabir takes Simple’s phone and text Dr sood saying “she(simple herself) is good..wanted to spend some time alone.”…Dr sood says thankgod.Simple is save..Dimple goes with Ayaan …tells that if she find Simple with kabir..then she will slap both of them…Ayaan tells that simple is elder,,and take her own decisions..Dimple tells kabir that Simple will take be in a new problem..
Dimple calls kabir..kabir stands…Aisha comes and hugs kabir…dimple reaches the house…Aisha sees Dimple..and calls ayaan..tells him to take Dimple away..Ayaan asks why…Aisha tells to do what she says…Ayaan says okey..Ayaan tells Dimple that Simple is not here..Dimple asks how he know…Ayaan tells he found out from the sources..Dimple tells he is sure..Ayaan says yes…Dimple and Ayaan goes…Aisha from the window..dimple goes ..Kabir and Simple are lying on bed sees to each other…kabir kisses Simple..says good bye and goes..Simple tells that kabir is a good guy…Dimple tells Ayaan if Simple and Kabir did any hanky panky then she will show..Dr sood calls Dimple tells that Simple is alright…Dimple keeps the phone..Dimple tells Ayaan she is feeling sleepy..
Kabir tells go from house..Aisha tells no and tries to get close with kabir..kabir pushes away Aisha..Simple gets up and feelstthirsty..On another side..ayaan drops Dimple.on bike…Dimple tells Ayaan to her father and have a coffee..Ayaan tells no..Some other day..Dimple says.bye.and goes..Ayaan says sorry to.Dimple as he.lied..Ayaan.goes…Dimple comes enters home and tells Dr Sood not to worried as Simple will be at friend’s house…Dimple tells that she is feeling hungry..Dr sood asks..Simple comes out of room and hears Aisha’s house..

Precap:Aisha talks to kabir…Aisha is surprised to see the Door open.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Thanks fr d update!

  2. Guys here is a bad news for u that this show is coming to an end n wil air its last episode on 19 dec.
    The show is getting replaced by a new one naming”Million dollar girl”
    i wil miss this show!!
    🙁 🙁

  3. I know natasha!
    I wish d show could never end!

  4. Feeling sad as d show is coming to an end

  5. It is a good show,dont know why is it ending so soon

  6. May be TRP problem

  7. Hmm….may be!
    I wil miss d show!:-(

  8. Me too 🙁

  9. 🙁 🙁

  10. y god end all show which we are like

  11. I wish i could ask god the same question Shahla

  12. Btw ansari can u please update the epi a little fast!
    Please update 10 dec epi asap

  13. 10 dec epi!!
    Fast yar

  14. Plz b fast

  15. 10 dec update

  16. Plz update 10 dec epi

  17. Stil no update of 10 dec!!
    Be fast yar

  18. Update??

  19. What the hel no update of 10 dec?

  20. Update of 10 dec,plz!

  21. Oye yar update kaha hai??
    Update 10 dec epi

  22. I dont know why they have nt updated it.

  23. Few days fr d show to end n stil they cant update it fast!
    Shame yar!

  24. Thats the reson i hate this site n read updates on other ones which are much faster!

  25. If they didnt give the update i wil too hate this site

  26. Me too

  27. Same yar!

  28. I wil too start hating it!

  29. Mein bhi!

  30. I wil also hate it

  31. Abh toh update karo!!!

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