Piya Basanti Re 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Desai entering Kabeer’s room and saying he will pay Kabeer’s hospital pay as an advance for his next project. He says Mahesh that he should be proud that his son is very talented. Mahesh leaves with his whole family except Aditi and Akshay. They both request Kabeer to come back, but he sends them from there.

Piya sadly looks at Kabeer from his room window. Desai sees her and asks about Geeta. He then sees her looking at Kabeer and says he is mad behind a girl and can do anything for her, prays for Kabeer’s love. He then ask Piya to seek his help without hesitation if she needs and walks out from there. Kabeer sees Piya outside and calls her in. He asks why will he tell Himesh’s truth only to her and asks why will he think of troubling her. He holds her hands and asks her to look into his eyes and tell if he is telling lie, if she feels so, he will leave even the world. Himesh comes there and gets irked seeing Piya holding Kabeer’s hand. He asks what is happening, asks if she also in love with Kabeer. Piya says he is mistaken. He says he was mistaken before but not now. Piya asks to listen to her. Himesh says she should listen to him and asks why did she do this, what will he tell to Geeta. He says he brought her food and asks Kabeer to keep away from Piya. He smirks and walks out. Piya says Kabeer whenever she meets him, something bad happens to her and asks him to be away from her.

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Himesh waits for Piya at a hospital corridor and thinks why did not she come yet when he did such a good acting. Piya comes and tries to explain. He says he knows Kabeer is way ahead of him in fashion, style, look, etc., but he has truth in his favor. She says she does not love Kabeer. He says he will not tolerate any other man looking at his wife and says what will happen if Geeta hears about it. He says Kabeer orchestrated his own attack, says he will do it again, and says he came to our locality to separate us. Piya says she will speak to Kabeer and get him out of their locality. He asks why will he listen to her. She asks her to leave it up to her, she will convince Kabeer. He says if she does so and Kabeer walks out of locality, he will forgive everything and marry her. He turns back and smirks thinking to get Kabeer out, Piya is the best weapon and he used her against Kabeer. Kabeer hears their whole conversation.

Ayesha reminisces about Akshay confession about his love for her and then reminiscing about Ganga’s warning not to meet Akshay or Aditi. She gets Akshay’s call who says he knows many boys must be behind her, but nobody can love her like him. Ganga comes there and Ayesha cuts call. Ganga asks whose phone it was. Ayesha says it was Aditi who was talking about Kabeer. Ganga asks if she told about Kabeer being in hospital. Ayesha asks what happened to him. She says Kabeer’s condition is very bad.

Piya asks Kabeer even after hearing her and Himesh’s conversation, he still wants to ruin her life. She says she will not change her decision and asks his opinion. She says if he does not go even now, her mom will get another heart attack. She requests him to go from her locality, else her mom will die. Kabeer wipes tears from her face, waves her goodbye, and walks out from there.

Precap: Baa sees temple lamps off and scolds Neeta/Savita. She tries to light lamps when Mahesh says that Kabeer left house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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