Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma and Mrs. Bhalla fighting for their children. Raman and Ishita look on. Raman says Amma, stop it. Ishita says Amma, you don’t fight. Raman says Amma, I m sorry, we ignored Ruhi in our fight, I will get her. Ishita says I will get her. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla are angry and ask them to continue their fight and break heads. Raman says we will go together. Mrs. Bhalla says we will come along, as you both can fight again. Raman and Ishita sit in front seats and does not talk. Mrs. Bhalla thinks to make them talk. The inspector stops the car and asks for license. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma plan sitting in backseat to use this. She says please save us, we are scared. Amma says they both are kidnapping us, we are old ladies, we are not their mummies. Ishita and Raman say what?

The inspector brings them to lockup. Raman says I m head of company and became Asia’s head. Ishita says I m dentist. The inspector says he doubts them. Raman says I m CEO. The inspector says then I m prime minister of country. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma sit to enjoy ginger tea. Raman and Ishita ask them to free them. A thief comes there. It’s the same thief, whom Raman made run away that night. Raman says you…. The thief says what are you doing here in my sasural. Raman says the inspector got us. The thief says Raman is great man, once I went to his house and he saved me from his wife. Ishita says its you. The thief says leave him, he is good man, he gave me money that day.

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The inspector says now Raman knows this Manglu too. Ishita and Raman pass taunts to each other. Raman talks to Manglu and says he had fight with wife, and mum and mum in law have put him here. Manglu asks Ishita to forgive Raman. She says you talk to him. They sit with the thief and start arguing. She says why will I take your life and argues on the gold bracelet and taunts start. Manglu is fed up. Mrs., Bhalla asks them to shut up and not fight here, she will never free them. Amma says you both sit here, you deserve it. Manglu says save me from this fight, give me any punishment, but not this.

The inspector says so they are really your children and leaves them. They get released. Raman says lets go. Ishita gets Appa’s call. Appa asks where are you. Ishita says don’t ask. Appa asks what happened, why is Ruhi upset, is Amma with you. Ishita says yes, Amma is fine, others suffered. She says she will not get Ruhi now, as its late and can’t go to Pammi aunty house. Appa says did Amma tell you, I met the pandit, he tells Ishita to come with Raman and everyone to his house as its Diwali pujan, first time after her marriage, so come at 4am. Raman says 4 am, fine I will come, keep prasadam ready Amma. Raman says lets go, Dracula, no darling. Ishita says yes darling They leave. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla are glad.

Shagun calls Mihika and says her driver will drop her home daily. Mihika says no need. Shagun says Delhi is unsafe for girls, Ashok said you are working hard to end work before our marriage, thanks for support, I m so happy for my dream wedding, Adi and Ruhi will be there. Mihika says Ruhi? Shagun says yes, I requested Ishita to send Ruhi, if she does not, I will be upset. She ends the call. Mihika says Shagun has hopes for Ruhi, I will talk to Ishita, I hope Ruhi comes, as Shagun has many problems already.

Bhallas greets Iyers and wishes happy diwali. Raman comes in Tamilian clothes. Amma asks him to sit in silver tub for the Tamil rituals. Ishita helps him. He murmurs. Ishita signs Bala. Bala says Ishita is feeling shy to say you have to take out shirt for this ritual. Raman removes his shirt and says come on, start now. Ishita smiles and they argue in low tone. He says Amma, ask her to do fast, mahurat is passing. She applies some coconut water/oil. Everyone smile. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………………… Raman gives a fake forced smile. Mihika says wait, and shows Amma the laptop. Amma says so many relatives did not meet you Raman, they will come in skype to talk, sit like this.

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Amma, Mihika and Vandu start chatting with Soumya. They show Raman. Amma asks Raman to say hello. Raman and Ishita talk to them. Raman says all mad in one family. Ishita says let it Amma, its awkward. Amma says they have to bless Raman. Raman talks to them. Soumya says Ishu start it. Ishita and Raman pass taunts again. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays. Raman holds her hand and applies the water to her face too. Everyone smile. Soumya says Amma is lucky to get a handsome son in law and Ishu is lucky. (Very true, Raman looks really handsome!! ) Raman holds her hand and says she is looking good. Amma is very happy. The ladies says romance in mahuratam. Ishita says leave my hand.

Mrs. Bhalla shows thumbs up. Ishita makes faces. Raman says Biwi ho to aisi, bas kisi aur ko na miljaye…… (Wife should be such, its just no one else should get her!! LOL!!) Raman helps her and gets out of the silver tub. Raman and Ishita greet everyone and gets blessings. Mani comes in Tamilian clothes and wishes happy Diwali. He asks can I come in. Raman says no. Ishita looks at him. Raman says ofcourse you can come in, I m joking, its your house, happy Diwali Mani. He hugs Mani. Mani is happy. He says he got late to get sweets for Ishita. Raman asks which one. Mani says Ishu’s fav, Kalakand.

Ishita says thanks, but choice changed after marriage, I like something else now. Raman says childhood choice can change, but friendship can’t, accept it. Ishita says I like my sasuraal’s laddoos. Raman insists her to take it. She smiles and takes it. They eat it together. Mani swaps his eyeballs looking at them and smiles seeing them happy. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………… Raman asks Mani to have the laddoos. Mani says yes and thanks him. He eats the laddoo and says happy Diwali.

Mihika comes to Ishita and says Raman is talking to you so sweetly. Ishita smiles and says he was saying sorry, I was not listening and then accepted his apology, so…. Mihika and Ishita have a laugh. Mihika says Shagun is so happy for her marriage. Ishita says its after 6 years. Mihika says Shagun would like it if you attend her functions with Ruhi, I know you are uncomfortable., but think by her point of view, she will be happy, it means so much for her, if she is happy, Mihir will be happy, talk to Raman, I know he will agree to you, Shagun requested me a lot to talk to you, please do something. Ishita says I understand, you want to make relation fine with Shagun, I will do this for Mihir and you, but how to explain you…. Mummy ji and Raman won’t agree easily, its difficult.

Ruhi is upset as school kids were bullying her about her mum’s second marriage, I will talk to Ruhi and try to make Mummy ji agree, I know Mihir matters to you a lot, Ruhi will enjoy a lot in Shagun’s marriage. They say I love you and hug. Mrs. Bhalla hears this and is shocked. After some time, Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita whats going on, and when did Shagun come, why did she not tell her. She says I will not send Ruhi, did Shagun send Adi to me. Raman hears them. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi won’t go there. Raman looks on.

Ishita asks Raman about his acting. Raman says you are acting since morning. Ishita says Shagun is Ruhi’s mum, Ruhi should go. Raman says you have brain, if mum agrees, send Ruhi, else be quiet. Ishita says you are challenging me. Raman says why, afraid. Ishita says no, I m not afraid of anyone.

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  1. Awwww ishra back together:) laddoosssss

  2. Awesome episode. Love u ishra

  3. Nok jok started between them:)))

  4. arey wow yaar such a sweet epidose.and raman and ishu r back on track and they really rocks the show today.and their nok-jok r awesome.even i will eat sweet today.and plz ishu dont send ruhi there yaar.mrs balla was right.and finally the jail lockup scene really funny.just iam happy to watch the show.

  5. nice episode and funny also .

  6. when will the love confession happen and wil they love each other physically? raman try to woo IShita man. Accept tht bracelet from IShita. u can do a small amendment to that. get Ishra labelled on that. or get it tied from the hands of IShita & kiss the bracelet right in front of her. Mani, plz stay away for sometime. whenever Raman sees u, his paara goes up. let the love birds be together with no disturbance.

  7. Sraboni akhter

    Thank god!!!!!! yhm is back on their sweet track:>:O>:O

  8. Excellent episode and coming episode is very interesting,confusion,shocking and love sence between Raman Ishita.
    Raman how can impressed to Ishita ?
    1) gifting costly necklaces
    2) shopping and going in coffee shop
    3) I love u Ishita and you are my best wife in the world .
    4) all of these
    ans- (3) the all fan ‘s are waiting this moment.
    how will marry to shagun?
    1) Ashok
    2 ) Mani
    3) Raman
    4) non of these
    ans-(2) Mani
    there many questions …

    1. very cute love story

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  9. Awesme episode….

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  11. Very nice episode.raman is so tamil raman and ishita celebrating thala deepavali.

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    Raman Ishita acting rating is -infinite

  13. Episode so good.yhm back to enjoy.i interested to see upcoming episode.

  14. @nitya dnt worry thala Deepa Ali wil happen really in Tamil as the serial is remake in Tamil by star Vijay frm Monday instead of mahabharat

  15. want to see some serious love and romance. we have waited enough for those beautiful moments. nearing 300 episodes, plz focus on the central thing – Ishra’s love and romance. we will not get tired of watching IShra’s love and romance. We don want see any drama man. give that a skip.

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  19. awesome episode . romance bloom again between ishra and also cute fights. but anyway as stated in telly express about the future story is really bad for ishra. kuch bhi ho jaye k lekin future story padhke bahuth bura lag raha hai . all i need to conclude is this is the best serial ever for me .

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