Piya Basanti Re 27th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 27th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Piya asking Kabeer to attend his friend’s party. Kabeer says he will not as he thinks she wants to win their challenge by diverting his attention. She asks what does he mean. He laughs and says he is joking and says she will not know when he jokes. She asks him to tell when he jokes, so that she can prepare herself. She tries to walk out, but he holds her hand and says he will attend party only if she accompanies him. She hesitantly agrees but with a condition that only if he mom agrees, she will accompany him. He agrees.

Savita and Neeta praise Kamini and say she is an ideal bahu material. Ganga says they should interrogate about he first. They both see Piya coming and starts laughing, say they are laughing on Ganga’s joke. Once Piya goes, Neeta says she did not want to discuss about it in front of Piya as she will inform Kabeer. Ganga says we should interrogate Kamini first. Neeta says she was looking very ideal bahu. Ganga says she was looking too perfect. Savita says Ganga is right. Ganga says she will find out the truth.

Geeta hears sound in her kitchen and comes out to check who it is. She sees Piya in kitchen and asks when did she come. Piya say she just came now and is preparing tea for them. She then requests her to permit to attend her classmate’s birthday party at 12 midnight. Geeta refers her husband and says their daughter is thinking of going out at midnight. Piya asks why is she informing papa. Geeta says she is getting happy that her daughter is thinking of enjoying party instead of only studying and asks Piya to get ready for the party. Rekha says she does not want to attend DK’s party as he is very rich and his servants would be well dressed than them. Priya says we should not be bothered about people’s dress. Rekha says she is not coming and leaves.

Piya gets ready for the party and sees a man following her again. She gets afraid. Kabeer comes just then and the man walks away from there. Kabeer jokes and then says he was waiting for her since long time. She says he should enter party venue first as DK would be happy. Kabeer agrees and goes in. Aditi sees Kabeer in party and gets tensed thinking he will create problem. DK sees Kabeer and gets happy. Kabeer hugs him and says how would he miss his party. He says he did not want to come, but someone insisted him. DK then sees Piya and thinks she must have convinced Kabeer to attend party. Everyone starts enjoying party while Piya stands silently at one place. Aditi says Ayesha that she is feeling hungry. Ayesha says let us have food then. Akshay wears waiter’s dress and serves Ayesha her fav food. She asks how does he know about her choice. He says he knows everything about her and gets shy. Aditi thinks why is he behaving weird.

Savita, Neeta, Ganga enters party venue as Kamini would also be attending party and start searching her. Kabeer gets samoasa for Piya and he starts enjoying noodles. She eats samosa from hand. He asks why is she eating from hand instead of fork. She laughs and says samosa stuffing and papdi should be enjoyed together. He asks how she has noodles. She says fork. He laughs saying noodles are enjoyed with chopstick. She asks him to have her samosa while she eats his noodles. He enjoys samosas with hand and like them.

Precap: Savita and Neeta are surprised to see Piya dancing with Kabeer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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