Piya Basanti Re 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Piya Basanti Re 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Baa telling Neeta and Savita that they should learn how to take care of house from Piya and asks them to have their breakfast silently.

Ayesha meets Akshay. He says he wants to meet her mother to talk about their marriage. She asks why so soon. He says she is looking so beautiful that he cannot be away from her. He takes her phone and tries to call her mom. She takes it back and says she will call her first and give phone to him. She dials number, but Akshay snatches her phone and talks to Ganga. Ganga is surprised to hear Akshay’s voice.

Neeta and Savita hire beautician to change Piya’s look, gives her costly saris and say she has to wear these one from today and behave like a rich bahu. Kabeer comes to his room and gets mesmerized with

Piya’s beauty. She praises her and says he knows now why poets praise beauty so much. He gets romantic and continues poem and takes selfie. eeta and Savita scold them why are they busy taking selfies instead of coming down to attend guests. Kabeer goes to change but then comes back and hugs her.

Savita says Neeta that with new rich clothes, Piya is not looking like a maid, now they can introduce her as their bahu to their guests. Guests start coming in. Mahesh asks why unknown people are coming instead of our friends and relatives. Savita says they called their freind’s neighbours as they don’t know Piya’s real identity. Jatin asks what plan she has. Savita says wait and watch. She sees her friend coming with gift box and thanks her for coming in such a quick invitation. Neeta does not identify her. Savita says she will act as Piya’s mother. Kabeer and Piya come down after getting ready and Piya slips and falls, but Kabeer holds her on time. They both start looking at each other romantically. Everyone clap from them. Akshay praises Kabeer for catching Piya on time. Baa asks Piya to come and meet all the guests. Neeta and Savita get happy seeing people praising Piya and think guests will praise Piya in front of their relatives and Piya’s reality that she is maid will be forgotten soon.

Geeta comes to Ganga’s house. Ganga thinks Savita must have sent her to spy on her and starts acting as being ill. Geeta says she came to seek help from her and says she wants to work in a house which does not know Shah family. Ganga says whole Baroda knows Shah family. Geeta says she knows. Ganga says in 1-2 days, she will find out. Geeta says she has a lot of restrictions after Piya’s marriage. Ganga asks her not to worry. Geeta thanks her and leaves. Ganga thinks after marrying Piya to a rich house, Geeta is under a lot of pressure, hopes she also does not become like her after Ayesha marries Akshay and prays god to give Ayesha some brains.

Kabeer sees Piya sad and asks why is she sad when she has her husband beside her. She says she is waiting for Geeta. He calls Geeta and gives phone to Piya. Piya asks when will she come here.

Precap: Piya tells guests her truth that she is maid’s daughter and her mother may be working in someone’s house now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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