Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nishi is trying to persuade Ragini to wear an impressive outfit but the latter doesn’t seem convinced. Ragini’s mom enters and asks her to pay heed to her daughter. Aarav comes and Sunny Taai arrives after him, all set for the party thinking about the dance and music there.
Scene shifts to the party where Jagjit Singh’s song is being played. Dr. Aman is waiting anxiously for Ragini’s arrival and Devika senses it. She advises Aman to propose her and settle in his life. Aman expresses the fear of rejection and Devika tells him that he’ll get to know of her feelings at least. Aman seems comvinced enough. Ragini arrives with her family, she and Aman greet each other. Sunny Taai feels irritated in the party and utters that it resembles a dead person’s chauthi (4th day post death)..LOL! Ragini talks to Devika while Aman just stares at her. Sunny Taai reminds him that he has to propose to which Aman expresses that he’s unable to collect guts and needs Dua (prayers). Sunny Taai tells him that he needs Dawa..char bottle vodka..LOL!
Aman drinks and gazes at Ragini who moves outside to attend a call. Aman also arrives there and after talking a lot, he finally admits that he likes her. Ragini replies the same but she’s taken aback when Aman talks of their marriage. She tells him that she doesn’t have any such feelings. Aman is stunned and inquires about that Bhindi ki sabzi and messages, adding more to Ragini’s bewilderment. He then reveals that Nishi told him that she too likes her. A stunned Ragini leaves the party with her family.
At home, she fires Nishi but the latter innocently replies that she isn’t letting her get married as she fears that she’ll be lonely after her departure and claims that she likes Aman really. She further mentions that Bhindi ki sabzi, messages etc. and points at Sunny Taai, saying that she told her about it. Ragini then scolds Sunny Taai and claims that she misinterpreted her decision of not getting Nishi married at this age. In anger she utters that Sunny Taai can’t understand this decision as she lacks a family of her own. She shuts her mouth after having realized what she uttered but Sunny Taai asks her to speak on and says that she never felt bad due to this as she sees her own family in hers. Sunny further utters that she’s aware of Ragini’s inner pain and feels very sad for her. Heart is the softest part of a body and when it turns hard it ruins a person’s life. This is what Ragini has done and she only told Nishi that her mother is alone and needs someone. Sunny Taai then reveals that a man broke her heart and she forgot to live after that. Ragini warns Sunny Taai to stop but the latter questions her that when was the last time she lived for herself? When for the last time she laughed, left her hair open, stared at herself lovingly, felt like a woman? Ragini doesn’t reply and Sunny Taai says that she won’t remember because that man took away all her happiness. So if she desires to see her move on and happy, what’s wrong in that? Ragini is unable to tolerate and moves in her room.
Ragini’s Mom enters her room and supports Sunny Taai. She tells Ragini that love can happen twice and thunder never falls twice on the same spot. Ragini is irritated the constant persuasion.
In the morning, both Sunny Taai and Ragini avoid each other and the latter goes without having her breakfast. Dr. Aman is vomiting and Devika utters that he took decisions just twice in these years. First, when he supported Ragini at her home and second one last night when he proposed her. Saying so, she asks him if he likes her really. Aman admits his confusion and Ragini arrives with her resignation letter. Aman tries to convince her and just then a nurse comes and reports that Pari’s condition is critical. Ragini rushes and instructs her juniors to get the patient’s reports and all. She herself approaches Aman and inquires if Shekhawat told him about a cardiologist who will arrive from USA for Devika’s treatment, who is he? Aman searches the cardiologist’s card and gives it to Ragini who’s disgusted at his carelessness as he didn’t call the cardiologist yet. Aman tries to convince her to stay in the hospital and admits that she’s the one who runs this hospital and the patients need her. While he’s still speaking, Ragini storms out to call the cardiologist.
At Ragini’s home, Sunny Taai is upset on her plan’s failure while Jignesh says that there’s still a way, Nishi’s father. Aarav says that they don’t know anything about their Dad except his name, Nachiket Khanna. Jignesh suggests him to Google, Aarav proceeds but Nishi stops him and accuses her father for all their problems. Jignesh tells her that every story has two sides and she should know her Dad’s story. Even if she hates him, she has to be aware of the reason of this hatred. Sunny Taai supports Jignesh and asks Aarav to doodle (Google actually). Aarav enters the keywords and gets 15, 000 results. Ragini’s Mom arrives and tells them that he lives in USA. On filtering further, 15 men are found. Ragini’s Mom further says that he’s the best cardiologist in the country. While the image is yet to appear, she goes on explaining his looks while he’s being shown getting out of his car and walking in his great approach with a song being played in the background –
Ragini’s Mom explains Neil’s looks: His face is such that he never gets lost in the mob, but the one who looks at him surely gets lost. He has sun like radiance on his face. Wherever he walks, gets sun-bleached. When he walks, everything turns immobile and when he stops, heartbeats get paused (A woman is shown dropping her coffee here). There’s something magical in him. Ragini is shown calling Dr. Neil while her Mom continues and says that he communicates less through his mouth, eyes do all the talking. Finally, his photo appears on Aarav’s computer and delights the faces.
A woman calls Dr. Neil and he turns around, his blue eyes and face are shown. Episode ends on his face!

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