Piya Basanti Re 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Piya Basanti Re 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Mahesh and Neeta’s marriage anniversary going well happily. Kabeer and his siblings thank Piya for her help. Kabeer says he did not know that a choreographer can dance also. Piya says a good cancer can only become good choreographer. They both then start arguing about life and during conversation Piya says he does not know hardship of life as he is born rich. Kabeer gets irked hearing that and scolds her for interfering in his personal life and says she is not her family to say that and asks her to get out of his room. She says we were just talking. He says talk is over and she should leave. Piya sadly leaves from the room.

Kabeer starts enjoying back party. Piya sadly packs her bags and tries to leave. Neeta’s aunt comes and says someone stole her jewelry and asks servants not to leave. She stops Piya and asks to show her bags, forcefully checks them and then starts checking other servant’s bags. Piya is embarrassed with aunt’s behaviour. Aunt then sees Ganga and asks her to show her bag. Ganga says she does not have any bag. Aunt checks her wallet and gives it back. She says she saved money and bought jewelry for her granddaughter’s wedding. Mahesh comes from her room and says he found her jewelry in her room. Ganga asks Piya to have food and leave. Piya embarrassedly walks out of Shah house looking at each member and remembering their praising words before.

Kabeer vents out his anger on Piya in front of his friends and Akshay. They say he is talking only about her from such a long time. Piya reaches home sadly. Geeta asks why is she late. Piya says she had to do extra work today and had informed Rekha. Geeta says she had food and Rekha told you also had food. Piya thinks Geeta would have felt the embarrassment many times and did not spell a word in front of her. She sadly leans on Geeta’s lap. Geeta consoles her and explains her that we should find a reason behind each issue. Piya thinks how to tell what happened and how she was scrutinized and doubted. She felt embarrassment and cannot forget her isnult.

Precap: Aditi informs Kabeer about Piya being doubted for stealing aunt’s jewelry and says usually servants are doubted. Kabeer says she is not our servant but our classmate.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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