Piya Albela 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja finds Angraj’s dangerous plan

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The Episode starts with Pooja asking Pandit ji to bless her so that she and her party wins. Pandit blesses her. Naren is shocked and says she promised to leave politics. Supriya says this is not old pooja. Neelima says we kept Anuj’s pic here forgetting that he killed angraj. Dada ji asks what is happening? Harsha asks him to come to room and have medicine. Pooja asks him to have medicine. He says ok. Harish tells that media must be waiting outside. Naren asks Pooja to tell what matters to her. Shailaja comes there with guards and asks her to come for press conference. Pooja says yes, Maa’m. Naren tells that he came in her trap always and he believes on her lie always. He holds her neck and asks until when she will take advantage of him. They all stop him. Shailaja scolds him. Harish asks them to go

and says you need free publicity. Shailaja says your son needs it, not us.

Rahul calls Angraj. Supriya asks Naren not to believe her. Pooja recalls going to the warehouse using the chits which Anuj wrote for her. She sees laptop there and sees Angraj’s pic on it. She types the password as her name and it opens. She sees news that Naren is shot dead on election day. She sees bullet proof jacket of Angraj and realizes that he is alive. She thinks Angraj wants to kill Naren and his life is in danger. Media asks Pooja about the truth. Pooja tells Media that her husband and his family have poisoned her. Naren and others are shocked. Naren asks Media to leave. He taunts Pooja and gives her Anuj’s poster. She feels sorry for Naren and thinks if she had told him angraj is alive then he wouldn’t have believed her, so she had to lie. Pooja leaves.

Dada ji comes there and asks where is my bahu? Naren hugs him and cries. Dada ji asks if they again have a fight and tells that they will unite again. Harish says this day will not come. Dada ji asks him to be positive and says she will return. Surbhi brings food for Angraj to her house. Rahul tells that someone checked in his laptop. Surbhi is shocked. Angraj says he has deleted all data from his laptop. People protest against Naren because of Pooja’s statement. Harish tells Danish that this is happening because of her. Surbhi tells that the people is changed. Naren says he has to do something and get out from this house and reach polling booth. Inspector comes and says Shivani asked you not to leave from your house.

Surbhi tells Neelima that if Naren don’t go then Angraj and Rahul can’t kill him. Neelima asks Harish to let Naren go and says he can’t ruin his hard work. Pooja comes to the polling booth. Shailaja asks Pooja to mingle with them. Pooja tells that may the best candidate win. Goons wait for Naren and think to call Rahul. Pooja thinks Naren will not come because of my lie. Naren is angry at his house. Pooja comes near Vyas Mansion and thinks her lie has saved him.

Media questions Naren. Naren keeps Pooja’s hand on his head and asks her to tell truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lets hope that Pooja flushes out Angraaj, Rahul,.Neelima and Surbhi trying to kill Naren
    Hope that Naren will unite with Pooja after she saves his life. Angraaj and Rahul have the same evil mind and thinking of Hardik and Neelima.

  2. This show can close as its going round n round. Same old twist. Only thing we will be missing is their acting. Yes its Naren. Pooja. Rahul & Shivani. Hopefully happy ending too.

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