Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Yug Blackmails Vasu To Marry Him

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

BD tells Agastya that tomorrow is Mandira’s arrangements and he should take care of arrangements well. Bulbul nervously says she needs to talk, she is confused how Mandira agreed to marry tomorrow itself. BD asks to not worry, either Mandira will marry and get out of house tomorrow or will reveal her plan. Bulbul thinks it is very concerning issue. Mandira tells Vijay that she is nervous about her marriage tomorrow. Vijay calms her down. She messages Yug to execute his plan. Sadhna informs Vasu that Mandira is getting married tomorrow. Vasu says she does not care. Yug sees 39 missed calls from Vasu and smirks thinking his plan is working. He messages Vasu to meet him at temple tomorrow at 2 p.m. Bulbul walks to Mandira and asks what is her plan, she knows she is planning something tomorrow. Mandira says she is learning the game now, guess herself, says goodnight and closes door. Bulbul prays god to protect her family from Mandira’s evil plans.

Vasu tries to leave house. Sadhna asks where is she going today, it is Mandira’s wedding. Vasu says she cannot skip her exam, and it is only for 2 hours. Sadhna asks to finish exam and return soon. Vasu emotionally hugs her. Sadhna asks if she is tensed regarding exam, do not worry. Bulbul watches them silently. Vasu looks at her and walks away.

Jeweler brings mangalsutra samples for Mandira. Gayatri selects a few. Vijay asks her to hurry up as she has to select only 1 mangalsutra, Sadhna is giving her bangles to Mandira. Gayatri yells during her wedding, she was given gold plated thin mangalsutra. BD calls her and asks to do some other work, thinks let her see what Mandira does today. Bulbul walks to Mandira seeing her sipping tea and says today is her wedding and brides need to fast till wedding. Mandira says she is so happy that she does not need to fast, taunts even Bulbul fasted for some other man, but she got married to Vijay, when she does not know about her fate, why should she fast. She challenges to find out her plan by tomorrow evening, she will be here in house itself.

Vasu reaches temple. Yug shows her marriage havan and says he cannot live without her and wants to marry right now. Vasu says she cannot betray her family. Yug emotionally blackmails her that her family will not accept them if they go directly, so it is better they get married. Vasu says she cannot betray her family. Yug reminisces Mandira ordering him that he has to convince Vasu for marriage at any cost. He blackmails her that he will jump into havan and kill himself if she does not marry him. Vasu stops.

Bulbul receives Vasu’s friend’ call on landline and says Vasu has gone to college for her exam. Frind says Vasu did not come to college at all. Bulbul gets tensed where did Vasu go and walks into Vasu’s room to find clue. She hears phone vibrating, finds it and reads Yug’s message that he will wait for her in temple tomorrow at 2 pm. She realizes Vasu lied and went to meet Yug..

Precap: No precap.

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