Piya Albela 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja tells Angraj’s truth to Naren

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Present day:

Pooja makes the carpet ready for the dead person while Ram Naam Satya Hai is told by the men. She thinks if Angraj had not returned in their life, she wouldn’t have told Naren about her past and this wouldn’t have happen.

Three days back:
Naren asks Pooja why did she come to outhouse leaving everyone there and says it is a great moment for Maa. Anuj asks Pooja to tell everything to Jiju. Pooja takes Naren to room and shows her trophies and tells that she got self defense training and got black belt, just to protect herself from leech Angraj. She tells him that Angraj had made her life fearful that she was scared to go out of house. Naren is shocked and asks her to tell everything. Pooja tells him that she was in school and returning home when Angraj along with his goon attacked and looted them. He had beaten Satish. Pooja gets angry and slaps him. Angraj looks at her and returns Satish’s purse. Satish apologizes to him. Pooja tells that we had returned home, but Angraj followed me everyone and once he cut my hairs in the market in front of everyone. She tells that he used to come to her house as milkman etc and scare her. She says he had crossed all limits when he came to her school on her 17th birthday and brought cake for her. He asks her friends to go from the restroom and forces Pooja to cut the cake. Pooja cuts the cake and asks him to let her go. He asks her to slap him once and pierces her name on his hand. Pooja is shocked. Anuj comes there and beats him. Angraj tells that he likes to get slap for her. She tells that Police arrested Angraj on that day and Mama and Anuj didn’t tell anything to Mami. Pooja says how can I give love to Angraj as my dewar and tells that she is scared of him. Naren asks him to come. Rahul is thinking of Neelima’s words. Angraj comes there and tells that you have a good taste of wine. He instigates him politely against Naren. Rahul thinks if Tau ji is playing game again.

Anuj asks Pooja if she talked to Naren. Naren says yes and tells hat he will be always with his sister. Angraj falls on bed and asks what did you think that you have found me, and says you didn’t know that I brought you in front of you so that you bring me back to Pooja. Naren says I will fight with all your fears alone. Angraj comes there and says it is not needed. He says I want to tell something. Naren lets him come. He takes out the knife shocking them. Pooja gets scared. Naren asks what are you doing? Angraj falls on her feet and says I am your culprit. He shows her hand on his hand and says I am someone else now. Naren asks him to tell why did he come here? Angraj says I got mad in drugs state and got behind her. Naren says how to make Pooja belief? Angraj says there is a solution and asks him to write Bhabhi after Pooja’s name and free him. Naren pushes him and asks what are you saying? He tells Pooja that Angraj is changed now and don’t want to trouble you now. He says our family is incomplete without you. Pooja is about to say, but Angraj asks her to tie mauli thread and make new relation with him. Pooja says I am ready to give you a chance, but you have to earn that chance and wait for the right time. Anuj gets worried and angry. Angraj says I will become Lakshman of you and bhabhi. Naren says lets go home.

Present day:
Pooja thinks it was her mistake to give a second chance to Angraj as he snatched away my precious relation with me.

Anuj sees Pooja hairs which Angraj had and shows to everyone. Naren says if these hairs are of Pooja then it will be proved with DNA report.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I think it’s anuj that’s dead 🙁 I hope it isn’t naren… Or could it be rahul? When pooja is addressing the present, why is she alone?

  2. But then if it was anuj that died, why did supriya kick pooja out the house? The flashback confusing rass

    1. Good point. I just assumed the astrologer telling kusum that anuj’s life will end in the previous 2 episodes was a foreshadowing, maybe anuj killed angraj? ? If so, where is naren? Sighz I hope these writers don’t kill naren ?…

  3. How can naren trust so easily on angraj. Whenever naren is in any problem, pooja always stay beside him and fight for him. But in pooja case he always stand against her. Nothing has changed in narens character

    1. I think naren might try to push pooja to angraaj as to keep supriya happy ??

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