The wedding day, Yuvani OS

Hi guys, this is my first os. Hope you will like it.

A beautiful marriage auditorium is shown. Both bride and groom’s family is present and they are checking for the last minute arrangements. Guest started to arrive slowly and there is still time for the wedding.
Yuvraj is in room and is getting ready, He is every happy that he is going to marry his childhood love, Suhani. They were neighbours and close friends from childhood and she was the biggest prankster he has ever known. The irritating part in it was that most of her pranks were on him and the best part was that she herself will come after him to convince him and fixes the damage. So he loved her pranks very much. He smiled thinking of all those days.
Then he left for abroad for studies, ten years before. That separation made him realise his true feelings for her. They talk with each other in between but he never expressed his feeling to her. A week before he came back to India. He was all set to propose her but to his surprise his marriage was fixed with her and he knew Sharad was behind this, as he alone knew about his feelings. His engagement happened the next day. All happened so quickly and he didn’t get a chance to talk to her.
His brothers made it sure that Yuvani didn’t get a chance to speak with each other in the past one week. All know that they love each other, so youngsters used this chance perfectly. Yuvraj haven’t even heard her voice!! They only met in functions and she appeared very shy and calm. He felt like she changed her attitude a lot. But he loves her for her character, her heart and not for her attitude.
He was smiling thinking about his love when suddenly he felt someone pressing cotton on his nose from behind. He inhaled it and his vision got blurred. He fainted. The person smirked.
“Is route clear??” he asked through his ear phone.
“Yes” reply came from other side.
“Then come in” he said.
Another person came in; he placed a letter on the dressing table.
Per2: All set.
Together they carried Yuvraj out.

Sometime later:
Anuj came to the room to call Yuvraj for varmala and found the room empty. He tried is phone and found it on the table. He sighed, thinking Yuvraj he there only, he left the room, he didn’t see the letter. Anuj started to search him and didn’t find him anywhere. He started to panic and went to Saurab.

Yuvraj opened his eyes and found a person smiling at him. He didn’t understand what was going on. He looked around, he was in a temple.
Yuv: What are we doing here, my marriage is about to take place.
Sambhav smirked.
Sam: How can I let your marriage happen peacefully?
Yuvraj looked at him shocked.

Anuj and Saurab checked again in his room and found the letter. They were shocked reading it.
It read
“I am very sorry. But I am not interested in this marriage. You fixed my marriage without my consent. I tried to talk to everyone but no one listened to me. I have no other option, so I am eloping.

Anuj: WHAT?? Whenever Bhaiya tried to talk, I thought he was desperate to talk to bhabhi, which is why I never let him talk but he…
Sau: I too am shocked. I thought he loved Suhani.
Anuj: Now what?
Sau: Come.
They came to the hall tensed.

Per2: How can we let you marry Suhani, when my sister loves you? So your marriage will take place here, with my sister.
Yuv: (shocked) YOUR SISTER???

They came to hall and told everyone that Yuvraj missing, they hid about the letter. Everyone was utter shocked, because both the bride and groom are missing!!
Anuj & Sau: WHAT?
Bh: Yes Anuj, Suhani too is missing, I searched her everywhere but…
Everyone was tensed to hell.
Anuj: Bhaiya must be fine, h, he… he eloped.
Anuj showed everyone the letter. They were shocked more.
Bh: Suhani??
He shook his head. Something struck Saurab and he searched for one person and as he doubted he too was missing. Saurab got a hint of what is happening.

Yuv: But Sharad only one person ties rakhi to you and she is
Sh: (looking at her coming) Here.
Suhani came running. Yuvraj was perplexed, what is going around him??
Sh: What made you take this much time?
Suh: Your wife!!
Yuv: (in disbelief) she is your sister!!
Suh: She was acting like my enemy, all set to spoil my plan!!
Yuv: (Bewildered) which plan??? What is going on?? What exactly are we doing here??
Suh: We eloped, now let us marry, everything is set.
Sam: Yeah, be quick, muhurat is running.
Sh: And I will do the kanyadhan!
Yuvraj looked at three mentals in disbelief.
Yuv: Why are we even doing this??
Suh: It is Suhani Shrivastav’s Marriage. It can’t be a normal one.
Yuv: I thought you changed, but you are still the same.
Sh: And you are stuck in her plans like always.
They hi-fi ed.
Pandit called them.
Suh: Come let us marry.
Yuvraj was still in shock!!
Suh: What happened? Don’t you wanna marry me? I thought you love me.
Yuv: Yeah I do,
Suh: then come.
She dragged him near the holy fire. They get married. Sharad does their kanyadhan. (I heard only couple can do this, but understand my situation, I can’t vanish one more from the wedding, that too bride’s sister! She is groom’s sil too!!)
Sharad and Sambhav do their ghatbhandhan.
Yuv: But guys, there, there at the venue,
Sam: Don’t you worry; our master planner will take care of everything.
Suh: Yeah, he helped me elope.
Yuv: And who is he???

Sau: Punkaj uncle! Why do I feel like he knows everything? Sharad and Sambhav both are missing.
He went to Punkaj.
Sau: Uncle where is Suhani and Yuvraj?
Pun: WHAT?? How would I know??
Men: They are here!
Everyone looked at the entrance to where Menka pointed and where shocked to find Yuvani, Sharad and Sambhav. They rushed to them. Yuvraj looked at Suhani, she nodded.
Dadi: Yuvraj, what is all these?? You wrote a letter and,
Suh: (innocently) Yes Dadi, Sharad Bhaiya read that letter where he wrote he is eloping, we three went in search for him, found him. We dragged him to nearby temple and I blackmailed and married him on muhurat!
Everyone was shocked. Yuvraj looked at her utter shocked!! Punkaj, Sharad and Sambhav chuckled.
Sau: (holding her ear) don’t you act all innocent, you drama queen!
Sh: But she is saying the truth!
Prat: (holding his ear) Badmash, I know it is your plan!
Anuj: You alone can write in Bhaiya’s handwriting.
Punkaj and Sambhav chuckled.
Lata: Yuvraj, you tell, what is all these.
Yuv: Aunty I was kidnapped!
Everyone: Kidnapped??
Yuv: By these two.
He pointed at Sharad and Sambhav.
Dadi and Pratima started to scold the three, Punkaj chuckled seeing them, and Lata noticed this.
Lata: Maa ji, Pratima ji, why are scolding kids, (glaring at Punkaj) when elders themselves are helping them.
Everyone glared at him.
Suhani went to Dadi and held her ears.
Suh: (childishly and cutely) Sorry Dadi, but you know na, I can’t live without doing pranks, and today is my wedding!!
Everyone smiled.
Dadi: And you made it really memorable.
She hugged Suhani.
Anuj: Bhaiya, I will pray for you.
Suh: Pray for yourself too, now I have the right to trouble you. You are my devar!
Anuj: (shocked) that means whatever you did till now was not troubling??
He acted to faint.
Sh: Don’t worry Anuj, her favourite prey is back now, and he is bounded to her now, so would be safer.
Sau: (patting Yuvraj’s back) my poor Bhai is stuck for life long.
Suhani fumed and everyone laughed.



This story is inspired from a Malayalam movie. In that here and heroine fall in love with each other over phone, without seeing each other, and they call each other by nick names. Coincidentally their parents fix their marriage, but they get scared and try all ways to stop the marriage ad fails. At last on the wedding day they elope and meet at railway station. Only then they realize that they eloped with their would-be. I really liked this idea, I mean eloping with your would be on your marriage. So I wrote this. Hope you like this.
Actually I wanna try this in real, but my friend says it is impossible as he doubts the possibility of finding another mental like me. According to him, I am the craziest person in this world!!

  1. Jasminerahul

    yuvani marriage was fixed.but for an adventurous wedding suhani chose eloping n marrying.these crazy boys kidnapped yuvraj funny.I think the Malayalam movie which inspired you is darling darling

    1. Yuvani

      You are right dear, thank you

  2. Anjaly, this is one of the best one-shots that I have read.. Right from the start, it was very interesting.. When it was said that Suhani was a prankster, I understood she would do something on her wedding day as well, and so I knew that she was behind yuvi’s kidnapping.. 😀 And how innocently she had put all the blame on him, that was really cute.. ????

    This os was a very different one.. Loved every bit of it.. ??

    Coming to craziness, Yuvani fans are crazy.. You, me and all others.. ??

    1. And yes, if you do something like that, your grandma-in-law will get angry.. ??

    2. Yuvani

      Forget my in laws, other than my mom dad and bro, the rest of my family would burn me alive

    3. Yuvani

      That is true, we all are crazy. Thank you dear

  3. ItsmePrabha

    this is the cutest ever OS i have read till date…seriously i loved it…even i want something like this to happen on my wedding day..something crazy would do…

    1. Yuvani

      Right na, go ahead dear and thank you

  4. Nithu

    this one of the cutest os i have read….!!!!!!!!!! i think a similar movie is there in telugu tooo….

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    superb..really interesting

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

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