Piya Albela 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Naren getting Rahul’s call and he asks if he is fine. He asks about Pooja and says she has a deep wound. Naren checks Pooja’s hands and sees blood coming out. He asks if this is a small wound. Pooja says we can’t stop living due to a small injury. Naren asks her to visit Doctor. Mayank says I will take her. Pooja thinks I don’t want to leave you alone, but can’t refuse you. They leave. Rahul thinks Chandani will take care of Naren now. Naren thinks if Pooja have something.

Kusum asks Rachel about Rachel thinking her to be Ritu. Rachel says she traps guys and tells that she has trapped Anuj. She says Pooja knows her and had defeated her in dance class. Kusum gets angry.

Naren sees Chandani crying and talking to Rahul. Chandani sees him and runs as per plan. Rahul tells Naren that Chandani wants to die being lonely and asks him to counsel her for humanity sake. Naren falls in his words.

Doctor bandages Pooja’s hand. Pooja thinks about Naren and asks Mayank to go back to farm. Doctor checks her wound and says it is deep. Pooja says she have to go as her boss is alone and asks him to make a small bandage as her boss gets afraid seeing big bandage. Mayank thinks how can she be so dedicated and thinking about Naren. He thinks her concern is genuine. Rahul brings Naren to Chandani’s brothel and keeps his phone. Mayank goes to do the payment. Pooja calls naren. Rahul feels pity on her and says what you will do, I have brought your boss here from under your nose. He asks Naren to go to Chandani’s house. Chandani looks at him from balcony and says that girl took you away from here, and says you are welcome here. Pooja is restless and asks Mayank to come in auto, as time will waste if they wait for taxi. Rahul asks Naren to save Chandani’s life and talk to her alone, and says her life is in your hands now. Pooja calls Naren. Mayank asks her not to take tension and says he might have forgot phone somewhere..

Pooja comes to the brothel and sees Chandani shedding fake tears. She asks him to return and says today she can’t perform. Naren says he came to share her pain. Chandani asks really. She signs someone to sign Rahul. Rahul thinks what you will do Pooja? Pooja thinks I hope Naren is fine and is worried. The woman mixes some medicine powder in the drink. Rahul goes inside and takes Naren’s pic. He thinks he will show pics to Vyas family and ruin him. Naren asks Chandani why she is sad. Chandani says she didn’t get anyone to share her sadness and says love is an impossible thing for us. She asks where are those people who have a real heart. Naren says this is life. Chandani says I will die one day and says it is best if I end my life with my hand. Naren asks her to peep in her life and tries to motivate her for life. Chandani holds his hand and says somebody came here to become my humraaz. Suddenly Naren sees some toy and asks Chandani.

Pooja comes back to farm and asks Mishra ji. Mishra ji says he left after you left. Mayank asks her not to take tension. Pooja is worried. Mayank apologizes to Pooja for being rude with her and says I thought you wrong. Pooja says even I doubted on you, and says you are not bad. She calls Naren. Mayank says I will call him. Rahul dances with the other dancer.

Chandani tells Naren that she will see whose toy is this and asks him to be there. She goes to room and asks little girl to come out. Naren also comes there. Chandani scolds the girl and asks her to understand that her destiny is not like other kids. Naren asks if this is your daughter. Chandani pretends to be shocked.

“Kisi Ka Darr Dard Se
Toh Koi Dare Toofanon Se
Darr Hota Toh Apne Mann Ka Bharm
Toh Kya Hum Darrte Apne Armanon Se”

(Some fears with the pain
So some fears with the storm
Fear is the illusion of own’s heart
So do we fear from our desires)

Naren asks Chandani why she has kept her daughter caged and take her to hall. Chandani emotionally blackmails him and asks him not to show affection for some time. She asks with which right you are sympathizing with us. Pooja smells Naren’s shirt and gets smell. She understand that he went to Rang Gali. She comes there and sees Naren going inside. He asks why she is following him. Pooja asks him to come home first.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Is naren going to marry chandini……oh no?? this should not happen.I think super girl pooja will definitely stop him.
    Rahul is really cheap his true colors will come infront of naren very soon……hope so…..

  2. Devga

    My fate is tht …. I don’t knw y past 4-5 days my cable is displaying zee channel as no permission to view ….

    So I had to rely on updates …. Thank u Hasan for fast updates….

    Omg wat is this …. Rahul get lost …… U crap….. Black shade on vyas family…

    Poor Naren easily gets through anyone’s talks…..

    Pooja don’t leave him alone here aftr …. Just make him away from Rahul ….

    It’s happening mayank’s soft corner for Pooja ….. But it will become usual drama if they bring triangle love…. But piya albela is unique and should remain unique….

  3. Naren character is very naive…. If director is comparing his character with vishwamitr then show some similarities.. Easily manipulated and doesn’t have his own mind

  4. Innocence overloaded in Naren’s character..

  5. Nice serial – unique.

  6. pity on naren.good morning frnds.

  7. Epi was okay but I am little bit confused that chandni have her own daughter or she is pretending…
    somebody can clear my Confusion.

  8. Helo mlngas.nice epi.one que.gys u think ,that girl is chandni’s child or smthing else to ruin N V’s life.nd fir se bhi promo.waiting for wt next.

    1. I thnk she s pretending to trap naren…

  9. Hiii guys,
    Yesterday episode was not logically right.how much innocence given to naran character after knowing that he hart his mum he again went to rang gali & that rahul is all his office works over now he had time to manipulate naren.And with precape I don’t think so naren went to marry that dancer because he didn’t want to marry anyone.hope all go well I m so much confused…and I am sorry guys last time you ask for intro
    So Hii I am Anne Fernandez , I am from Mumbai.. I am working in MNC company . basically I am Christian.. I hope you don’t mind it ..now I am malanga fan.I really like Hinduism culture and effected with it.

  10. Naren only interact vth animal and he is always inside his room that’s y his parents bring pooja to handle him..he went their to give her counseling ..he don’t knw about his brother Rahul and he believed his words.emotional blackmail controls t behavior of another person, and compel them to do things to take suden decision n they also ready to do self-sacrifice for others.naren is not attached to outside world… He s always inside his room and not interact vth others he rarely atend t function n barely reads the news.and also he don’t have any frnds…he he living like a saint to help others. So he may easily traped by anyone n by seeing her child he may goin to marry her to protect that child.. nd t brothel told him that one day she vil die by her own hand.h e went their to give her counsceling….but i hope Pooja s the only gal he goin to love… Nd Pooja need to bring him into from his own world to real world…..

  11. Thnx catharin for clearing my confusion.

    1. You r welcome frnd…

  12. hi friends!
    Anne dear i also don’t think that this marriage will happen. M why we mind? This is our culture that ”unity in diversity’ right guys.
    Eagerly waiting for the next epi…

  13. Unexpected twist?.

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