Mahek 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with…Mahek tries to talk to kanta..she goes inside..Jeevan asks them to sit, Jeevan apologize with Shaurya Again that he used bad words for him… Shaurya tells them if I start telling sorry to both will take hours…so let’s forget everything and start afresh… chachu tells how much he has changed..PD tells it’s all because of Mahek…Mahek goes to convince chachi…but she is hell bent… saying he isn’t match for you…iam afraid of his madness…now he is in love with you but once he comes out of this love he will throw you out of life..

MAHEK tries to convince her again that he has changed but she leaves…Mahek has tears in her eyes… Shaurya comes from back and calls her…he tries to make her smile by wearing a rabbit glove …asks .did chachi scolded her again…Mahek tells she loves me alot…she is worried because why I trust you so much..

Karuna comes there and tells that Mahek is good luck for Shaurya…and scolds Shaurya to behave properly with her…Karuna invite them for Pooja and tells they will take out wedding date at Pooja…

Karuna asks couldn’t see kanta anywhere…Mansi tells she is taking rest as she isn’t well.. Shaurya and Karuna leaves when Shaurya turns and sees her before leaving..Mahek tells I love you in sign language…later again he turns but she is sad looking at chachi room who has locked herself…

Jeevan and everyone tries to bring out her but she doesn’t open door…

Pooja starts Mahek is sitting with Shaurya… Shaurya talks to himself that he knows she is sad because kanta chachi isn’t in Pooja… Shaurya gives her a flying kiss..

While doing Pooja he holds her hand tightly… MAHEK tells it’s Pooja… Shaurya asks where is she..I want to meet her…pandit scolds Shaurya that what is he doing… Shaurya tells she has habit of running that’s the reason I have to keep an eye on her… Shaurya kisses her cheeks again in the Pooja…mahek tells don’t try to act like a Hero… Don’t kiss again..he tells I have saved you by kissing only from Sandeep else you would be in his house…

Panditji scolds Again and tells he has to go… Shaurya tells my wife is so beautiful that I couldn’t take out my eyes..

Nehal comes and tells Jiju has hurt his hand and he is calling you…Mahek goes to him he was in balcony…she tries to put ointment he tells he doesn’t need that…he opens his arms and asks for a hug…

He takes out her chain and makes her wear a diamond pendent chain..Mahek tells it should be costly…she scolds him that she doesn’t need all these and won’t accept such gifts after marriage… Shaurya holds her from back and tells how much expensive thing also if I bring and keep it in front of you it’s less than what you have done for me…you have teached me how to leave

Aaye Jaye Dil Teri jaanib song plays…he Romances with her .. kisses on her hand and forehead and kisses on her neck… her chain gets stuck in button…she gets hurt near neck and he tells it’s my mark on your body..

He takes out a bracelet and makes her wear it and tells your name is on my body and this bracelet will b on your hand..if anyone sees you they should understand that you are just mine …

precap: Shaurya in Sharma house asks kanta how should I convince you that I have changed…she tells in that case transfer your whole property and restaurant on Mahek’s name … transfer all bank balance to her account… will you be able to do it ..??

Update Credit to: Shamrouz

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  1. hai my dear family members how are you espiclly hai moni kutty and latha dear, geeta chelam how are you ma….. today episode awesome now zkm travelling awesome track keep it up director unlce….. recap its toooo much katna chahi… why are testing again by again …… anyway i waiting next episode i hope shaurya tranfer all property in mehek anme because he love her sooooooooooooo much….

  2. obession???/..this point of time both kanta and shaurya seems to be same…dont know who will win..
    regarding today episode loved the way called shaurya….when he was acting..
    kuch jayada romance nahi ho raha hai????this week…

  3. Sally_V

    Uff this kanta chachii is getting worse day by day… I understand she loves mahek too much but there is a limit… how could she ask shaurya about transferring his property to mahek, I just hope she’s not greedy?

  4. Hi,,,!!!!! to all mehrya fans,, i got to know that moni7 di u r participate in a os compitition,,, so i just say all the best to u,,, come to the epi,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!
    Bowww,,,,!!!! Nice epi so cute,,,,,
    Hmmmm,,,, shaurya is become very naughty day by day,,, and also romantic tooo,,,, l loved mherya scene,,,
    And I am 101%sure that our shaurya is totally changed now,, and the reason we all know,, it’s our mahek,, s love,,,
    oooo,,, wwww nice precap,, shaurya just do it,, and make chachi understand that u r changed now,, plzzzzz,,, I can’t bear it more,, and u both marry first,, I just want to see mehrya as a sweet,, romantic,, cutee,,, married couple,,,,
    OK good night to all mehrya fans,,, bye guys,,,!!!!!!!!

    1. ChandaMaya

      For a moment I read your name came Tanu then Alia. I need to stop looking at Kumkum Baagya. I really hope Zindagi Ki Mahek will be different.

  5. Hello Lovelies
    The word Obsession comes to mind when I look at certain things Shaurya does.
    Nothing compared to Maya’s (Beyhadh) madness
    I truly hope that Chachi is wrong about his obsession with Mehak
    I hope their love will carry them thru

    1. Latha

      Exactly Shama u right mad love like maya

  6. Now dis obssesed track..plz dnt show shaurya as a obssesive lover..we had enough of dis drama..just want their simple marriage…shaurya is going to transfer all his property to mehek…it will be nice to c dat how mami going to react..hpe now dis kanta gets convinced n accepts shaurya as her son in law…pls we love shaurya as a lover boy n now want to c him as lovable husband not as a physcho lover….stop everytime experimenting with shaurya’s character..always make us dout on him..why is his character so puzzled….pls pls pls make them a sweet romantic television couple with no more grey roles of actors specialy shaurya….

  7. Saxenasapna

    suprb episode….

    Wow i love Mehrya romance….

  8. Trisha

    What is wrong with this Kanta Chachi? She is going too far now. I can understand she doesnt trust Shaurya because of his past deeds but he has done so many good things too. Time to let it go Chachi :/

  9. Moni7

    Hai guys..Vaaya sis chanda sis swetha geeta geetha dhanya deepa Tania mama nd all my frnds..sry for not mentioning all names….I have to say its an awesome episode!!! But i can’t ??.. one thing is totally agree with chachi… SHAURYA OBSESSED ???at any cost he wants mehak ?? he will do any thing ?.. he’s became more cheessy ,lovely dovely, mussy mussy?… It’s shows more than love it’s shaurya’s obsession…He’s haunted by mehak’s memories… He keep on saying i love you mehak ?… Shaurya promise to mehak ?
    ?This is my promise to you for the world to see,Just how much you really mean to me.I promise to love you,As long as you love me too.,I tell this to the stars above,
    To remind you that you will always be loved.I tell this to the fish in the sea,
    And they too will know just how much you mean to me.I promise you forever,We’ll spend our lives’ time together.
    I promise to make you better when you feel down,Even if that means I have to act like a clown.If this promise to you isn’t enough,Well then maybe I should think twice about us.But even if I do,
    I will always be deeply in love with you.?… But it’s not love… Truly obsessed love… He’s mad nd crazy of mehak…Nthg else…Once he come out of it for sure he will throw her out?? we all know he transferring everything into mehak’s name.. just to prove himself to chachi.. Point to be notes…He doesn’t care for mehak’s wound coz of chain ??.. he simply says Mark of love ?.., wen she was stabbed my rohit he cried which makes everyone to cry…But today wat he has done.. something fishy…More like a “Obsessed lover boy”…. He doesn’t bother about her pain he ignores it… He put bracelet ??… How can he do this??? She’s in pain stil he’s trying make their relationship strong.. bunny boy agree he tried his level best to make her happy..Still in pooja too cheesy … Shaurya ??. I want you!!…. You are mine…M yours…You are only mine..Too obsessed… he tattooed her name bears so much of pain…Oh my god..Plz??? May be after marriage he will become more obsessed with mehak…Which makes her uncomfortable…lotl? You know he will not let her to go to her house also or to meet chachi also… May be after marriage they taking the story to nxt extreme level.. OBSESSED KIND OF LOVE ?… Fingers cro

    1. Raniboudy

      Hey Moni sis, hope his obsession will not cross limits!!

    2. Hai moni,
      I am also thinking about it only.He is obsessed…..

    3. ChandaMaya

      Hi Moni, my sis, all the lovely Mehrya family. I really think Shaurya is a driven, disciplined man, who doesn’t stop until he realizes his goal. A lot of wealthy people have this characteristic. Wealth is not a bad thing. People who have a certain goal to accomplish has to sat the course. I am by happy for both Mahek and Sbaurya, but Mahek is acting odd. She’s going to stop the wedding and stick with her Chachkala. Can’t stand that character any more!! I think Kanta is obsessed. She has gone mad. She wants Shaurya dead. That bracelet has some significance. I think Shaurya’s going to be tortured by Kanta Chachka and Maami-face!!!

  10. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey everyone this is Maha writer of Dil yeh bekarar kyun hai! Actually I’m here to inform you all that I’ll not continue that story due to shortage of time. I’m so sorry for hurting but it has become quite difficult for me to manage two stories so maybe I’ll write something once after finishing my other story hopefully you all will forgive me!
    Love you all for all the support you’ve showered on me. Take care!

  11. Hmmmmmmmm..Shaurya is overly controlling of Meheks movements, jewelary and bangles with his name, constantly telling her that she is his, i think his love will become suffercating and drive Mehek away, this could get very interesting.

  12. Hai moni dear, Geetha, chaaya, chandamaya and Al mehrya family. Chaaya and chandamaya you didn’t comment today.
    Episode is very good. Still I have a doubt that Shaurya is hiding something. My god I hope he will not hurting mehek anymore. His acting is day by day good.

  13. Chaaya

    I think more viewers are thinking like Kanta. If Shaurya messes up now, it is going to be a dead end for him and Mahek. Mahek is not a very comfortable with Shaurya physically. Mahek is not comfortable with romance. Sad, and stiff in a way, but she is being very careful. I think Kanta is going to sabotage Shaurya. How can she ask such a think of Shaurya? What does love have to do with ? money? If Shaurya gives everything to Mahek someone will definitely kidnap her.

  14. Chaaya

    It is ridiculous to ask a man to give up his fortunate to a would be wife. Suppose Kanta wants control.

  15. Omg,,,,,, really there is how much confusion?????? Who is shaurya???a pshyco lover,,?? A pure lover,?? Or at last a obsessive lover,,,??
    The CVS what u want to do with shaurya, s character,,?? Just clear all this,, u all scared me,, I think shaurya is changed,, but,,, I don’t know,, I just don’t take it more,,,,,,
    And how much time chachi test shaurya,, its just overreact,,, I don’t see different in chachi or shaurya,, they have toooo much love with mahek,,,,,,
    Anyway just wait and watch what happened today,,, is chachi except shayra after he gave all his property to mahek????,,

    1. Chaaya

      Tania, I would not jump to any conclusions. Shaurya does love Mahek. If he is a possessive, controller the company storyline would have him more Cascade serial stalker. He is protective because Mahek does not think . . ? She gets herself in lot of problems because she is a very innocent girl. Shaurya’s loves her, but what Kanta wants from Shaurya has nothing to do with Mahek . . . From the very beginning Kanta hated rich people. So how does she know so much about rich people? Was she can engaged to a rich man before Jeevan? Does Kanta want to control Mahek if Shaurya gives all his material possessions in Mahek’s name? What would that really prove? That Mahek will wear the pants in the relationship? I think Shaurya should somehow die shortly after he married her . . .He should go missing, but Mahek will get everything. Let Svetlana and Mahek Duke it out!! In the meantime, Shaurya would be considered dead, where he ends up he has no identity. Maybe in a remote village (after he survives some death trap by someone, maybe Svetlana, herself, and the scheme goes badly and he is still alive, unbeknownst to others that he is alive. Mahek would be remarried as per Kanta, by which time she is pregnant with Shaurya’s child! Shaurya will meet some village girl who brings him back to health . . . Village People wants to marry him off …. That would be rediculously crazy . . .I think the serials are playing with people’s minds and corrupting a lot of people. Copycat crimes. Poison, alcohol, kidnapping, raping, deception, etc. It’s getting out of hand. Just give us a simple love story with not too much suffering. If you ask me, Kanta is a mafia queen . . .She wants Shaurya’s money to gain some weird status. We would love to see Shaurya as a beggar. Carefully, the k the scorn and hated with which she told Shaurya to give up all that he owns in Mahek’s name. Actually, what he and Mahek builds together after marriage becomes what they own together. This is very odd, this request. Why the bl*ody hell doesn’t Jeevan signs over everything to Kanta? Or maybe he did already?!!!???!!? Crazy!

      1. ChandaMaya

        Oh!?? Chaaya! You are on a roll. Maybe you and my Crystal Ball ? needs to have a tête-à-tête? Some good ideas but this vendetta will be dragged on. I think the Director wants things to turn around quickly but keep the story with a constant setback. So the money is another aside plot.

      2. ChandaMaya

        Another Kumkum Baagya . . . Constant plotting!! It is very tiring!

  16. Yes chaaya ik think that kanta wants to control his properties. She is up to something again with this property nonsense of her. I never knew that she the villain in Shaurya and mehek’s life’s.
    She ought to be shame of her self. She is a mother and should act like a mother and not like the devil.

  17. I’m just praying that nothing happens to mehrya because of swetlana and kanta chachi…..they both started to speak only about money……

    1. Chaaya

      Agree Raksha, all this talk of ? money!

  18. Hello All my Mahek Family Member……… Toady Episode is very good ……….pooja seen is interested ……Please kanta chahai agree for mahek or shaurya marriage………

  19. Sarah2

    Hello everyone,hi moni good to see you again dear.yesterday’s episode was awesome. If once shourya is in his form no-one can stop him to be romantic ???? even pandit jii is also noticed ??? are yar kam se kam pooja me to bakha dete bechri mahak ko ???shourya is so naughty yar???I can’t understand why family are waisting time to do pooja or date fixing ???? They can’t see how shourya is desperate to marry soon as possible they have to get married otherwise mahak will always busy to stop her serial kisser ???? I know his love for her is true but I think he is afraid to loose her when he’s seeing what chachi is doing now and mahak is sad too????he is not psycho like Maya.when someone wants to far his love than he is reacting ???? precap as expected??? what chachi wants either mahak’s happiness or shourya’s property for her.hme lgta hi mahak ke neck me wo locket bhi issi vajah se lga tha ki khi shourya ki properly mahak ki jaan ki dusman na ban jaye

  20. Sarah2

    After watching last 2 episodes now I know ??why CVS didn’t get marrying them because before marriage all time this ??than after marriage what would be happened ????khi senser board wale isse ban na ker de??? they are scaring lovable shourya ???

    1. Saxenasapna

      Right yrr… Mujhe bhi asa hi lgta h… Ki khi senser board wale isko bnd na kra de… I mean inta sara Romance 3 din me ye log dikhye h…… My god..dekha tha na kl shadi ki bat sunkr kese shurya ka chra khil gta tha…

      1. Sarah2

        Haa yar khil to gya tha ???? tbhi to kherhe hi sahadi ki date ur puja me itna time kue lga rhe hi ye log bus jaldi se inki shadi kra de wrna hme to derr hi khi in sb ritual ke chakker villains ko muka na mill jaye ye shadi todne ka .itne sare villains ghat lgye bythe hi ???? ur ye yha romance me busy hi?? are yar shadi ke bad jitna chahe utna ker Lena kun sa hm log mna kerne ayege???

    2. Saxenasapna

      Director sir kuch shadi ke bad ke liye bhi chod dijiye…

      1. Sarah2

        Exactly yar but shadi ke baad ke liye to tab chorge n jab shadi hogi hme to abhi iss shadi me hi doubt hi pta nhi hogi bhi ya nhi??

  21. Sarah2

    Hmare hindibhashi mitro(friends)kha hi aap sab log??jab se hmne khud ko register kiya aap sab gayab hi gye? I’m missing you guys please comment here ??

    1. Saxenasapna

      Ya ya… Hindi me comets krne me tho bda mja aata h… And hindi meko bhut psnd h…

      And hum sb Hindustani h

    2. Saxenasapna

      Ya bat i wish ho jye……

  22. Sarah2

    Hi Tamil girls what is meaning of kutty and chelam if I’ll get hindi sense than its meaning is so bad specially kutty’s

  23. Please sarsh2 aap apne comment jaura lika karu because I like yoyr comment .

    1. Sarah2

      Thanks dear ?

  24. Dear Shamrouz,
    I think this written update is no such board then other days. There is missing some expressions. In past episodes the expressions & others movement was written in words. But here…….
    I think I bored you all.By the way I am sorry if I bored you.
    Actually, I don’t have time to watch any show on tv or u tube. So I am expecting some more.
    Again say sorry if you hurt.

  25. After akshara serial on star plus, zindagi ki mehek is one which has +vity, if it wants to keep on ruling hearts of viewers, shaurya mehek should get married and fight all odds together with luv not like kumkum bhagya and similar serials

  26. this kanta chachi is sick ,shaurya is in obsession and mehek is becoming sandwich plz don’t bring unnatural twist by changing shaurya.hope all is well

  27. very good jodi…shawrya and meheak….superb

  28. Hullo everybody. The story is going on good but I think now Kanta chachi should be taught a lesson for her madness. Please marry Shaurya and Mehak as am desperate to see their marriage now.

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