Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar tells Mayura he loves her beauty

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Omkar recalls in sleep what reporters said. Omkar says she must have been crying all night. Her face must be dark. He wakes up to arti, Mayura is doing the arti. Omkar joins her. Manjali says thank God things are better between them. I will never let her know the reality. Manjalii says you messed up everything. Omkar shouts on call I told you my wife won’t do any modeling. There will be no photoshoot. Mayura says I.. Omkar leaves. Manjali says he isn’t weak. He’s angry.

Mayura says to Piyush I will calm him down till the evening I have a good plan. Piyush says go ahead, I am with you. Omkar says what are you planning? Mayura tells him. Mayura gets a call from Ashu. He says how are you? What’s happening there. Media is calling me for your photo shoot. Omkar said no so he want me to ask. Mayura says I made a huge mistake. Ashu says what? Mayura says it’s okay. You asked me not to tell things happening here there. Take care papa. I will manage things here. Surekha says she sounded like a wife. Dadi says I know she will handle everything. Ashu says I hope she’s fine.

Scene 2
Omkar says to Sanjay how could you forget that I distribute gifts to those kids. Omkar says you always knew. Sanjay says all that happened. Omkar says those kids should never be upset. He looks at the kids on the road. Omkar is shocked. Mayura and Piyush are with them. Mayura gives them gifts. Omkar smiles. MAyura says pray for Omkar that he gets everything good. Piysuh says Mayura you want me not to tell Omkar about all this? Mayura says yes don’t. Omkar says I was mad at her and that’s why she’s doing all this. Sanjay says she’s so nice. Piysuh says Omkar is also lucky to have you. Mayura says I hope his mood gets better.

Omkar goes out. Mayura is dancing with the kids. She hugs a kid. The girl touches Mayura’s hand. Omkar says no. He recalls Sangemarmar in his childhood said to him you will be made of dust and mud all your life. Omkar said my life will be clean of the dust and mud. It will shiine like sangemarmar. Omkar runs to Mayura. He asks the girl to move away. Omkar drags her inside the office. Mayura is shocked. Omkar picks her.

Mayura says what are you doing? Mayura says why have you picked me? He says see in the water, what have you done to yourself. I saw you for the first time in water. I want everything related to me beautiful and clean. Mayura says what? Omkar washes her. He says I will die but I will never let anything happen to your beauty. The only thing that was missing from my life was a beautiful and clean girl. Mayyura us shocked.

Omkar washes her face. He says I can see stain on moon but not on you. I fought for my life to remove this blackness from my life. Everything is beautiful and nice around me. Only a girl as beautiful as sangemarmar was missing. Now I have you. All my life would be ruined if your beauty is ever stained. Are you getting it? The only black thing on your beauty would be nazar teeka. He leaves her. Mayura sits in shock.

Mayura says I always wanted someone who loved me, my soul not my beauty. Omkar only loves my beauty? Mayura sobs.

Scene 2
Omkar walks in the corridor. He sees his childhood covered in mud. Omkar slips and shouts stay there. Don’t come near me. My past can’t be my today. I have left this dust and darkness. I have worked so hard to keep this dirt out of my life. Go from here. I don’t even want to recall my childhood. He shouts go. Manjali comes.

Mayura comes to her room and cries. Mayura recalls all that happened. Mayura calms. Manjali says Omi calm down. He says did you see what Mayura did? That dirt. Manjali says someone will listen. He says I don’t care. Mayura is my wife I can’t see any dirt or stain on her.

Precap-Mayura packs her bags and decides that she doesn’t want to live there. Mayura says papa was right about Omkar. She comes out. Ashu is there. Mayura says you were right papa, Ashu says Omkar is right. Mayura is shocked. Ashu says we are middle-class people, our respect is the most important thing. Mayura is shocked.

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    What the heck? Should Mayura wear a Burka? This way she can see people and they can’t see her? This Omkar is crazy!

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