Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura’s face scared forever

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Omkar says you wanted to be free right? Go but you must also know outside sartaj’s shadow the sun is sharp. No one will even look at this face and be with you. I won’t let your family be with you. Mayura says don’t bring my family in between. this war is between you and me. Don’t try to make me weak by bringing my family in it. Omkar says it’s a war and nothing matters in it. Mayura says fair people fight with rules. Omkar says you took this beauty from me. Your family is your life. To be a doctor is your dream. To live with respect is what you want, I will take everything from you like you took everything from me. Omkar shouts Omkar. She cries.

Scene 2
Shankar brings Piyush home. He’s injured. Manjali says came back? If you have time should I break the fast? He says I looked everywhere. Where did he take Mayura? I beg you. Please tell me where did he take Mayura. This is a sin. He gets on his knees and holds her feet. Shankar says I beg you to tell me where did he take her.

Ashu says where would be my Mayura. Sanjay Omkar can harm her. Ashu says Mayura will fight. She will never bow down to him. Sanjay says Mayura won’t bow down and Omkar will get in his ego.

Scene 3
Mayura’s face bleeds. She cries. Mayura says no matter how much I am in, I won’t let anything happen to my family. Don’t underestimate the power of an injured lioness. She says Mata Rani, I know you will do this justice. Give me strength. Omkar leaves. Mayura says where are you going Omkar? She tries to stand. Mayura tries to stand up. She washes her face. Mayura sees her face in the water. She screams no… Mayura sees the mirror and screams. Mayura stands up. She walks out.

Mayura runs on a dark road with a hand on her face. Mayura falls down. Some people come around her. they see her and run away. Mayura runs through people.

Scene 4
Sanjay says don’t know where she is and in what condition. Omkar comes home. Piyush says where is Mayura? Manjali says Omi? Shankar says where is she? Where did you leave her? Piyush says what did you do to her? Where is she? Omkar shoves him and screams I didn’t do anything. She made me do it.

Mayura comes home. She locks the door. Everyone sees her hand on bleeding face. Mayura cries. Ashu says Minty? Are you okay? Surekha says what happened? Mayura walks past them. She washes her bleeding hands. Surekha says so much blood? Ashu says what happened? Surekha says are you okay? Did he harm you? Ashu says where is this blood coming from? Are you okay? Mayura washes her hands. Her face is covered with hair. Mayura cries. She washes her face. Mayura gets up. Everyone is shocked to see her face. Mayura sees in the mirror and screams. Mayura cries and sobs. Ashu says how did this happen? Surekha holds her. Mayura cries. Mayura says I always cursed my beauty. I always wanted someone to see my personality not beauty. See papa now.. What my beauty did to me. This scar is a part of me now, this pain, this bruise. I didn’t ask for this. Mayura cries and sobs. Mayura says I did now want it. Surekha cries with her. Mayura says what was my mistake? Why was I married to Omkar? He only saw my beauty and face. He never loved me. Mayura says I am paying for the mistake I did by marrying Omkar. She sobs. Mayura says what we feared happened. My beauty became my scar. Ashu says everything will be fine. Mayura says my beauty became my curse. Ashu says don’t say that. He cries. Surekha and dadi also cry.

Omkar says she made me do it. Piyush says where is she? What did you do to her? He says made a scar on her face forever. She didn’t take my hand’s line seriously so I made one on her face. Piyush is shocked. He says what she must be going through.

Ashu asks Mayura to sit. Sanjay says let me get a doctor. Mayura says no, please. How will I show this face to someone? Ashu says the bruise is deep. We have to call a doctor to dress it. Dadi says it would get infected. Surekha says please try to understand. Mayura says how will I go in front of people. I can’t do this face to people. Mayura cries.

Megha comes and says why do things that you’re unable to show your face to anyone. Sanjay shouts Megha.. Ashu says you look at yourself first. I know you told Omkar because of which she got caught. Why do you do this to your own sister? Do you have any shame? Megha says whys should I have shame? She should be ashamed. She got married in such a big house, why does she keep running. She has ruined our life. I can’t ruin my life for you so I got you and Piyush caught. Now go home and live there and let us live as well. Ashu slaps Mayura. He says humanity? I never imagined I would say this. Why were you even born. And even if you were, why didn’t you die before saying and doing all this. Dadi says no. It’s my mistake. All my life I kept trying to make her beauty come out but couldn’t clean her dark heart. It’s my mistake. Megha cries as well.

Megha says you people always considered me your step sister and now said it. Surekha says shut up Megha. Do you even know what he did to her? Megha says he loves her. He can’t even see a scar on her face. He does so much for her. She got what she wanted. Let us live and be with him. Ashu says shut up. Megha says no, her beauty can’t be a cage for me. She will live caged in Omkar’s cage. You deserve all this after what you did to me all your life.

Omkar says she deserved this. So I made this line on her face. Omkar says I didn everything for her to be with me. But she couldn’t be with me. So I drew a line on her face. She couldn’t understand my love. Piyush slaps Omkar. Manjali says how dare you. You are Omkar’s dog. You can’t bark, how did you bite. Piyush says don’t come forward or you will suffer all your life.

Megha says if cage is made of gold it becomes fun. Your life was set because of your beauty. Stay there. Mayura says see it.. She shows her face to Mayura. Megha is shocked. Mayura says Omkar released me from the cage of my beauty forever. Mayura cries.

Piyush says I considered you my God, you are not even a human. Manjali says he has lost his mind. Shankar says he is doing right. Piyush says you picked me from street and gave me this life. There must be some reason behind it. To show the world how great you are. I didn’t know helping you would get Mayura in trap of a beast. Women aren’t your property. When will men like you understand. When will you understand that love isn’t done by force. You can’t see a human in a woman. Sometimes beat her, rape her, shoot her, kill her. What do you think are women? They are a human not a toy. You can’t play with them and break them. They are not your property.

Mayura says now I am not Omkar’s property. I am free from this cage of beauty. What happened was right? You are also free from my beauty now. It won’t affect you anymore. Mayura cries. Megha stands in shocked.

Precap-Shankar says devi maa will never accept your pooja. He says I will convince devi maa. I will ruin life of her woman. A wife made her husband do this sin, she has to pay for it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope Megha repents for what she did to Mayura. I hope she understands what her hatred did to her little sister.
    Omkar deserved that slap from Piyush. I guess now Piyush will marry Mayura and love her real beauty.

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