Hamariwali Good News 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Navya wants Renuka’s help

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The Episode starts with Adi crying. He says I m going mad, if anyone else asks me about good news, I will tell them, lets go far from this mess. Navya consoles her. He asks don’t we have a right to live if we can’t become parents. Mukund is in Mata ki chowki. Kusum comes in tiger’s costume. The other ladies join in Devi avatars. Everyone claps. Adi says I can’t stay here. Navya asks will you stay without Renuka, answer me. Adi asks how long will mum live with this lie, you can’t become a mother. He hugs her and says I love you Navya, I can’t lose you. Mukund watches the skit. Navya says Renuka loves you a lot, I m sure she will get us out of this tough situation. He asks what will mum do, she isn’t a magician. She says just she can do magic, she has belief on Mata rani, I have belief on her devotion, we can’t lose courage, we will go and pray, we will see some way. They go downstairs.

Renuka comes there as the pregnant woman. She makes an entry. Mukund and everyone look on. Mukund gets shocked. Navya gets thinking. A girl puts a doll in Renuka’s lap. Renuka smiles. Renuka prays for Navya’s child. She asks Maa to show some way. She cries. Navya prays and cries. Everyone dances.

Navya sleeps. She recalls the taunts of the ladies. She recalls Renuka. She wakes up. She sees Adi sleeping. She sees her mum’s pic. She calls Poonam. Poonam takes her call. She asks is everything fine. Navya says I need to talk something imp, don’t know what will you think. Poonam says yes, say. Adi wakes up and asks didn’t you sleep, whose call was it. Navya says no one, I came to say bye to Mata rani. The idol is taken away. Navya says we will sleep now. Adi asks her not to think much, he is with her. Navya sleeps. She talks in sleep. Navya asks Renuka will you help us, will you and Mukund make us parents. Adi hears this and gets shocked.

Adi wakes her up by sprinkling water. He asks what were you saying in sleep. She says I… He says I heard everything, what were you saying, what rubbish, tell me what was it. She says calm down, so much was going on. She tells him. He is shocked. She says I have seen Renuka in that avatar, I got this idea, Preeti and Alok can’t help us, if mum and dad help us then… they can give us a child.

Adi starts laughing. He says you have gone mad, you know what you are saying, you find it right, stop your imagination, its foolishness to talk about it, there is a limit to be selfish, will you think anything, you can’t take wrong advantage of mum and dad if they listen to you. Renuka washes her face. She says I m so scared, I already lost my sleep, don’t show me such a dream, if Sumitra knows Navya’s truth then what will we do. She prays. Adi says sorry. Navya cries and says I don’t know what I m thinking. He says Renuka is my mum, how can I tell this to her, I can’t meet her eyes, please, forget this as a nightmare, forgive me. Jo bheji thi dua….plays… He hugs Navya. Mukund works out. He says I can do more push ups. He runs after Preeti’s kid. He falls over Renuka. They have an eyelock.

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