Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Omkar pledges to get Mayura to himself

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 25th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Omkar is doing pooja in the mandir. People are eyeing and talking that he is a bag man and rich marble Marchant but still prays to God like this. Another person he is our God. Omkar is praying near the river when he sees Mayura’s reflection in the water and says marble.. suddenly winds blow and Mayura leaves from there before he can see her. He looks around and doesn’t find her. He thinks did I see her or I got fooled? She was here, I can’t be fooled in recognizing a marble. He hears the priest talking to his mother. The priest says that he doesn’t have the love of his pretty wife in his fate. His mother says what? Omkar comes to the priest and says Chanakya wanted Vidya but she was not in his fate so he made his fate. Omkar cuts his hand with a stone and says my fate wanted me to become labor but my stubbornness made me a merchant. Now fate says I won’t earn the love of a pretty wife but my stubbornness says that I will win her love. His mother says your hand is bleeding. Omkar says I have already found the face which will be my fate and I will win her. The priest says that a woman is connected to one man only and it might not be you, you can’t have a woman as per your stubbornness. Omkar leaves. His mother says that he has worked hard. The flashback shows how Omkar used to work has a labor in childhood but then due to his hard work, he made a name for himself.

Scene 2
Mayura comes to college. Some boys follow her and tease her. Mayura tries to ignore them but they stop her. The policeman comes and asks them to go away, they leave. The officer tells Mayura to give him a call, he is available for her. Mayura angrily leaves from there.
Mayura is leaving a seller in the street eve-tease her. Mayura asks him to stop it, it’s enough for me.

Omkar says to himself that I have changed my fate due to my stubbornness. Beauty is my way of life so I will win the love of a beautiful girl. He recalls the priest’s words that he will not a pretty girl’s love. He looks a marble bar and says I will make her fate mine. He starts carving it.

Dadi is worried about Mayura not coming home. She taunts that I am worried because Mayura is beautiful and she shouldn’t stay out that much. Mayura comes there and hears it.

Omkar is carving the stone. His mother comes there and says your hand is hurt so stop. Omkar says I want that girl. His mother says we will try to find her. Omkar says I don’t try, I am stubborn so I have asked my manager to find that girl. His mother is stunned to see his passion. Omkar says that the girl’s face is so pretty that this marble can’t do her justice. His mother prays that he finds the girl.

Scene 3
Mayura comes to Megha’s room and sees her sleeping. She recalls her harsh words and tries to silently go to bed. She crawls over her and hugs her. Megha asks her to move away. Mayura says your anger has to go away, I am not moving away. She hugs her tightly. Megha gets emotional. Mayura says I am sorry. Megha says it’s okay, she tries to move her away but they both fall down from the bed and start bickering. Their parents come inside and smile seeing them giggling to each other. Their father says we can start dinner on your bed. The whole family sits to have dinner there. Dadi thinks it’s not Mayura’s fault but she has to pecify Megha every time, this love might become their curse.

Omkar comes to his office. His secretary Prakash shows him some girls’ photos but Omkar says they are not that girl. A man comes there so Omkar touches his feet and greets him. It’s his brother. Bhaisa tells him we have to go to a college function. Omkar says I remember but I asked you to find that girl, why are you so slow? We can’t win the race every time with turtle’s speed. That girl is special so why are you taking time to find her? Bhaisa says we are trying to find her, the whole staff is finding her.. Omkar says I want results, not tries, you can’t even do one work. Bhaisa says we have called professional artists so you can tell them how she looks like, we will find her with a sketch. Omkar thinks that she was so pretty that only I can cage her beauty.

PRECAP – Omkar promises himself that he will meet that pretty girl before this day ends.
The principal tells Mayura that our best student will welcome our guest the marble merchant.
Omkar’s mother puts a marble statue in the college’s auditorium and says this idol is proof of my son’s hard work and nobody’s evil eye can be cast on it. Mayura falls in the room and mistakenly drops the idol. Omkar is surprised to see her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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