Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 25th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan’s Dilemma

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Shravan gets nervous seeing Kavita behind. Kavita takes dinner for him and asks if he doesn’t know that his mother will also not have food. He says he has acidity. Bunty walks in with his plate. Kavita asks Shravan to have at least curd. Bunty takes Shravan’s plate saying he didn’t fill his plate properly. Kavita walks away saying bhukkad. Bunty insists Shravan to have food first, but Shravan says he is not hungry. Bunty says he is crying for Suman, but what about his best friend here who is hungry and waiting for him to have food. Shravan continues his emotional talk, and they both doesn’t have dinner. Bunty falls asleep in sometime. Shravan walks to balcony and looks at Suman’s balcony. Suman comes to balcony to get drying clothes and signals him what is he doing. He signals what. She calls him and asks what is he doing at this time. He says he got acidity, so he is standing here for fresh air. She says he should finish dinner soon. He says yes mam. She says he accepts her order so easily. He says she is his bestfriend. Suman says she likes talking to him and says she doesn’t want to hurt or lose him. He also emotionally says even he doesn’t want to hurt or lose him. She says thank you and says she wants to join army to serve her country and make her father and grandfather proud, for that she doesn’t want any distraction. He says he understands her goal before understanding her. She thanks him. He thinks even after trying his best, he cannot consider her as friend, he cannot convince his heart. Suman says it will rain soon, so he should go in and sleep, he will get a good sleep. She picks clothes and waves him bye while he smilingly looks at her. Aap hamari jaan bangaye…song…plays in the background.

Next morning, Anjali sees Ramesh tensed and asks reason. Ramesh says Beena is not at home, he searched everywhere. Suman with Kanchan walks down and greet them. Ramesh gets Beena’s message that she is going to her parent’s house for sometime. He fumes that she is making Indore issue much bigger, he will go there and drag her back. Anjali stops him and says sometimes they need space. Kanchan asks why mom went to naani’s house without informing, very bad, even papa didn’t ask mamma’s opinion, very bad. She walks away with Suman. Damroo asks Anjali if he should prepare chutney or not as Vijay likes Beena’s prepared chutney. Anjali asks him keep ingredients back.

Kavita walks Shravan’s room asking if he is fine and seeing him missing and dinner plates full still fumes. Bunty says Shravan has left for class and last night Shravan and him chatted for long and their hunger vanished. Kavita insists to tell if there is any problem, but Bunty denies. Kavita leaves fuming. Devraj gets his boss’ call insisting to get his friend Vijay’s sign on documents. Kavita walks to him fuming and says Shravan didn’t have dinner and even left without breakfast.

Shravan attends class. Anish taunts Suman that they act as friends but are something else. Shravan gives him back. Suman asks Shravan to not pay attention to Anish’s words. Ramesh enters with snacks. Shravan says he doesn’t like it. Suman says if her BFF doesn’t have it, even she will not. Shravan eats snacks. Bunty watching them from gate thinks Shravan’s love for Suman is increasing. Vijay starts class and asks what is important for a soldier. Suman says country. Vijay says right. He then asks Shravan what is important after that. Shravan says colleagues and friends who fought battles with soldier, they are more important for soldiers. Vijay says right, he is very young, but speaks wise. Vijay explains that for a soldier after country, his colleague friend is most important and will sacrifice anything for them. He challenges cadets to sacrifice their favorite thing for their friend. Shravan says Suman likes painting/sketching. Suman says she will not paint until Shravan says. Vijay asks what is Shravan’s favorite thing. Anish says his bike. Suman says Shravan doesn’t have to and can sacrifice anything else. Shravan says bike is his best thing and he will sacrifice it for his best friend Suman. Suman feels proud of their friendship and thanks him for sacrificing his most loved thing for her. Shravan thinks when he can sacrifice his love for her friendship, he can sacrifice anything.

Precap: Devraj asks Shravan to share what is in his heart as a friend. Kavita asks Devraj if Shravan spoke. Devraj says their son has grown up and is in love.
Kavita meets Suman and informs her that Shravan is in love.

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