Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Mayura and Omkar get engaged; Kundan calls of engagement with Megha


Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 14th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pandit ji says not a lot of time is left. Please call Kundan. Megha says he’s not picking up the call. Mayura takes her upstairs and says everything is fine. Megha says he didn’t come. This engagement isn’t happening. Megha can’t breathe. Mayura says di, please breathe. What is happening? Manjali says if Kundan isn’t coming, do Mayura and Omkar’s engagement. Only 10 minutes are left.

Mayura gives Megha an inhaler and says everything is fine. Please breathe. Manjali says not asking to get them married just engagement. If Kundan couldn’t come, Omi is here. This is nothing. Let’s do the engagement. It isn’t a big deal.

Mayura says Kundan is used to coming late. He came to your life late as well. Megha says but he came with all the happiness. He didn’t even call. Megha says calm down. He will come. Megha says he didn’t even call. Mayura says calm down. He will come. Surekha says you don’t know how important this day is for Megha. Dadi says all her life she cried on her fate. Manjali says you’re thinking a lot. When Kundan comes, get them engaged as well. She asks Kundan’s mom. She says as you say. Manjali says someone said yes. Ashu says if Megha can’t get engaged today, Mayura won’t either.

Mayura says calm down. Let’s go downstairs. She wipes her tears and says in heart if Kundan doesn’t come, I won’t get engaged either. Manjali shouts and says are you crazy? Why should Omkar pay for Kundan’s mistake? Omkar says ma let it be. Omkar says ma just wants to say that there have been a lot of problems already. It’s up to you. Piyush says Omi is right. Dadi says if they leave, it would be an insult. Megha and Mayura come. Ashu says let’s do the engagement. Megha says you’re right papa. There’s nothing wrong if they get engaged. I have to wait for Kundan anyway. Mayura says but.. Megha says you stay quite. Manjali says let’s do it then.

Scene 2
Manjali does the rituals. Omkar makes Mayura wear the ring. Everyone sprinkles flowers on them. Mayura is about to make Omkar wear the ring. Megha looks at the door and says where are you Kundan? Please come. They hear someone screaming.

Megha is outside. Mayura says di what happened? She is silent. She falls down. Manjali says she is a curse. Mayura says di please say something. She sees a letter. Piyush takes it. Mayura says please read it. Piyush reads sorry Megha but I can’t marry you. I thought I would live a good life with you. You aren’t beautiful like Mayura. I can’t fool you. But I keep thinking about her pretty face. I am leaving the city. Mayura says this can’t be true. He calls me beta all the time. Megha recalls Kundan was asking a lot about Mayura recently. Megha shoves Mayura away and says I am the lawyer. You give arguments where it’s necessary. It all happened because of you. You and your face has ruined my whole life. I have only heard taunts. Something good was happening for the first time in my life and I am insulted in front of the house. Mayura cries and sobs. Surekha says please calm down. Megha cries and sobs. Surekha says everything will be fine.

Omkar picks Mayura and says this isn’t Mayura’s fault. If Kundan was a bad guy. You should thank Mayura that because of her you got to see Kundan’s reality and everyone got to see his reality. Mayura says Omkar ji please, stop it. Just leave us alone. Omkar says take care of yourself and Megha. I will call. Piyush looks at Mayura crying.

Scene 3
Megha breaks things in anger in the house. She screams and cries. Mayura runs inside and sees Megha’s room locked. Megha cries inside. Everyone knocks and begs her to open. Mayura says please open it. Megha says it all happened because of you Mayura. You proved me ugly again. Everyone cries.

Mayura tries to climb the window. Omkar looks in the video. He says no Mayura don’t do this. I can’t let your beauty be stained. What if you get a bruise and you get a scar. Mayura please stop. He is angry.

Precap-Megha says even Kundan rejected me because of your beauty. Mayura says no di. Megha says I don’t deserve to live. She slits her wrist, Mayura screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Look at this meeenn. Mayura is in trouble. Who will save her from this devil. Eh, what a demonic Mastermind. But wait, why show what is different from your advert. This is ridiculous

  2. Omkar has gone totally made. I think this letter is fake. Bcoz Kundan loves her like a sister. I hope he returns and reveal Omkar”s reality. Megha deserves him. Kundan is a good man.

  3. l think omkar wrote DAT letter

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