Pavitra Bhagya 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh expresses his feelings

Pavitra Bhagya 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reyansh walks up to Pranati and wipes his tears. I know what you share with Archit. I may not be able to accept it but you are not wrong. The world may find it wrong that you guys are together. Every mother of this world will call you characterless and every girl will question you but I can tell you this today, I understand you. You are not wrong. He caresses her hair. He holds her hand as he sits next to her. You did so much for your daughter in the past 1 year. You broke your wedding, fought with the world. You even challenged Khurana’s without giving it a thought. I understand everything. I can see everything. You are not weak. You are a very strong woman. I don’t know why I feel like this after seeing you with Archit in that hotel room. Why does it bother me? It should not bother me. As far as I understand love, you love him and you should be with him only. You are fighting with the world to be with the one you love so you are not wrong. I will fight and argue with you when you will regain conscious. It is good that I can say all this to you. I may not have been able to say this to you if you had been awake. Ishq hai plays as he looks at her sweetly. This is a sham! You have no right to look so innocent. World will think I am wrong if you will look like this. You are wrong as well. you have made mistakes too. I have understood it today that I am wrong as it is bothering me. I am wrong as I feel bad to see you and Archit together. I am angry after knowing that he has a place in your heart. It is making me angry but the right thing would be to bring you two together. How to step aside and let you guys do what you want to? He asks her how repeatedly. Please get up. He paces in the room thinking about her. Pranati moves her fingers. He walks back to her, covers her well and rubs her hands. He falls asleep while holding her hand.

Armaan asks Maan why he looks upset. I got chilled beer for you. Maan refuses to drink. Armaan asks him what’s bothering him. Maan tries to drop it but Armaan tells him to be clear. Maan says we cannot even speak directly to you. Armaan says you have started talking too much these days. Maan asks him why he cannot talk. I am not so young that I cannot even say what I want to. Youngsters must talk when elders are doing stuff like that. Armaan asks him what his problem is. Maan says you know it well, but you know how to turn things around or ignore them. Armaan says I will not do it today. Let’s talk directly. Maan takes Navya’s name which pisses Armaan. He drinks beer. Navya was an affair in my past. I dint promise to marry her. I agree that she got pregnant. She could have gone for an abortion but she dint. I have nothing to do with that now. Maan asks him if he will leave her alone. Armaan gets angry but calms himself. What do you want? Do you want me to tell everything to Riya honestly and leave her for Navya? Maan calls him cheap. Don’t make excuses. Navya came in your life before Riya. If you are so concerned about your wife then tell her everything. Armaan says I will but will that sort everything. Maan asks him if he can dare to be honest with his wife. Armaan accepts it as a challenge. I will tell Riya everything. Whatever happens next will be on you. Do you agree? Maan goes quiet. Armaan says no one wants to be a villain. I married Riya due to a business deal. I couldn’t say no to Dadi. You know it is true. You are lucky you are not stuck in such a deal. Maan says you are not so unlucky either. You got 50 lacs for that in your account. Armaan nods. It was a deal made by Khurana’s not me. Don’t make me a villain. Navya is not my problem. Think and do whatever you want to but remember that you are messing your relation with your brother for an outsider. Break the relation! Get out! Maan asks him if he will be fine if he breaks his relation with him and joins one with Navya. Armaan asks him if he is in his senses. Maan says that’s what I meant. It isn’t so easy to make and join a relation. Think before talking to me next time. He leaves.

Jugnu comes to her room and smiles seeing the décor. She keeps the glass of milk on a table and checks Pranati’s temperature. She does not have fever now. She thanks Ganpati Bappa for hearing her prayers. She notices Reyansh resting in an awkward position and keeps a pillow behind his neck. She also covers him with a duvet. She keeps her hand over theirs happily. No one should be able to cast an evil eye on them. She looks at them from a distance. They keep fighting all the time but they are always there for each other when someone is in trouble. They love each other so much yet they keep fighting. I don’t know what they are up to! I sometimes think that they are kids, not me.

Next morning, Pranati wakes up. She tries to get up when she notices Reyansh lying next to her, holding her hand in his. Ishq hai plays. She frees her hand without disturbing him but he wakes up as well. are you fine? She nods. She holds her head in pain. She can see faint flashes of yesterday. What happened in hotel yesterday? Reyansh wonders how to tell her that she got caught in a raid when she was with Archit in that hotel room.

Precap: Pranati takes Vardhan’s name. Reyansh slaps him and is about to hit him when Dadi tells him to stop. This girl has created a rift in this family after all.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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