Phir Subah Hogi 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 5th March 2013 Written Update

TVS watches Sugni as she caresses his cheek and thinks why it feels so familiar and own.TVS gets uncomfortable says it is time for medicine I will search for nurse and goes out.

Naganiya and Reva talk revealing the whole plan they made to frighten Suman, and Suman is listening, and thinks I will teach Suman a lesson as Suman thinks the same for them Naganiya says I helped you a lot but do give me something and Reva thinks I will use her till I send out Suman and Naganiya also thinks she will think how to fleece Reva. Suman also thinks she will now take revenge.

Nurse comes an tells Sugni your husband is very worried about you. Sugni is overwhelmed that he has given a stutus to her by saying she is his wi. Just then they see Diwakar and his men they close the doors and TVS says they will have to jump out of the window just then Sugni slips and TVS catches her an eyelock happens with O re piya in the background. Diwakar shouts Chulbuli and then shouts the doctors name and comes inside sees TVS Sugni escaping in the jeep and he follows them with his men.

Suman drops hot milk on Reva’s hand and apologies. Reva and Suman both have an argument and then Suman gives her bitter milk and takes her outside saying she will give her property papers and milk and a puzzled Reva goes with her.

Sugni is shouting go fast and then tells him when he scolds her for shouting to keep quiet she says she is not afraid and feels very close to her then her own people. Diwakar catches up and they have a fight and TVD defeats all and then tells Divakar rescuing Sugni who is in his hold that he does not like bloodshed and gives him a good beating and a push which injures him and both of them run away. Diwakar and his men follow them.

Suman brings Reva out, who sees all assembled in the hall. Suman says that she will tell everyone the truth and tells all that she killed Naganiya .Reva thinks has Suman gone mad. Suman tells taking the help of Hukum I buried her body in the Garden. Suman says Reva made a video of this and is now blackmailing me to give her half the property. Reva turns tables saying I did not blackmail her she killed I saw but she herself offered me the property. Suman says one minute I will solve the problem and calls Naganiya inside and all are stunned. Suman tells Reva she is alive and she used to frighten me as a ghost and Naganiya says sorry to Reva and Suman heard their talk and now knows the truth she caught me red handed after you left. Suman gets angry and throws both Reva and Naganiya out of the house and threatens to bury them if they come back. Reva says you will regret it.

TVS and Sugni enter an old mansion and both hide there. Diwakar says I saw them both coming here and asks his men to search for them. Both are hugging tightly to escape the men just then a man shouts they are running away and all go away and then Sugni looks up and their Signature song O re piya with some new lines comes and they stare at each other.A nice scene.

PRECAP TVS is carrying Sugni in his arms and knocks a door and asks for shelter for the night. The woman asks who is she and Sugni answers I am his dharmapatni(wife) and TVs stares at her and then again the song in the background.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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