Phir Subah Hogi 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 20th March 2013 Written Update

Suman is confused why all are saying that she ate food and goes to take bath. Reva is hiding and watching and brings in Jamuni. Asking her to do something fast Suman comes and says who is it Jamuni is hiding and Sunan goes near the window lot of wind is there and she goes not noticing the keys Jamuni takes and Reva is happy.
TVSs is frowning and remembering all his moments with CB his alterego mocks him saying now he is getting what he wants from Sugni and another alterego asks him not to take advantage one alterego asks him to tell her the truth and another one asks him not to and it may be fatal for Sugni and he screams and all egos disappear and he decides to tell truth . Ram Sita lakshman idols are shown and MS is praying the garland falls down.MS feels that she knows that God is with her in happiness and adverse conditions. Jamuni says the weather is going to change and now good is going to happen Reva comes and tells Suman has changed and asks her to change sign on the papers. Real Suman comes and she is hungry and wants to make tea and pakoras. Jamuni asks and Reva tells MS to read the papers and sign real Suman sees Naganiya and asks her to make tea and pakoras for her.MS reads the papers and asks her you have gone mad and then asks Jamuni who she is and suspects she is look alike.MS insists she is not Suman and Reva tells she is Jamuni. And an actor and she brought her here and found her on the night Suman threw them out and tells MS everything and says they took the keys and found these papers. She tells Reva she could save the house.MS feels TVS will ……..
TVS goes to CB and says Sugni and tries to tell truth. Amma arrives and takes them to eat. Amma scolds him and TVS says it is essential to tell CB everything as this marriage will not happen which CB listens.TVS changes his tone and says this marriage can’t happen without his family and CB is ready to go with him. Amma is angry but TVS says he has to show her previous life and says when she remembers the past then she will hate me so he explains to amma that it is very important for him to take Sugni to Mavari Amma trusts him. Suman opens her money safe and finds everything missing. She decides she has to quietly find out everything as all are against her.
CB is taking leave and all are happy amma blesses her and Bunty also asks CB to take care of herself. Diwakar comes there with his men and Bunty thinks he won’t leave him alone. TVS is on one side and Diwakr on the other. Diwakar comes and tells TVS how you thought you will take her out so easily. TVS and Diwakar look at each other.

PRECAP Sugni is entering the haveli slowly and all are stunned

Update Credit to: chalhov

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