Amita Ka Amit 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 20th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rohan chillaying Amit amit and asking him to come out …and here comes Amit wearing T-shirt and Hayeee Rohan drools over him thanking Amita that atleast coz of her he is wearing T-shirt and says that all the while till date he use to look like full shirt wala Amol palekar and now he is looking like Sallu bhai…and Amit shows his dislike that how can ppl wear such clothes without any measurements and all and he is comfortable only in those full formal shirts … Phallu comes chillaofying Amit Amit and Rohan runs from there . AMit tries to change the t shirt and could nt do so and hence when phallu comes in he pretends as if he is reading some book.

Phallu comes in asking what is that he is wearing and its not at all good on him …Amit says that what there to look bad in that its just a T shirt he wore and whats wrong in that Phallu says all ths he is doing coz of Amita and chides him that these days all the day he spends his time with her and is doing what ever she says and also says that Amita is trying to changed every minute habit of his and again repeats the same question did he wear this for her. Amit bluntly says that YES he is doing all this for Amita and also says that if she is doing so much to change herself for him there is nothing wrong is him changing for her . ALso adds that amita said his shirts colors look boring and he look boring in spectacles. so if there are so many boring things in him , changing for good is nothing wrong and trying it doesn’t harm anyone .

Phallu totally shocked and taunts that how dare she to say that his clothes are boring and asking him to change when she herself has to change from top to bottom also says that neither amita fits in those sangeet wala dress nor their family but Amit gets hurt with Phallus words and says that for sure Amita will fit in those clothes. PHallu says that she seconds ria that AMita wont get fit in those clothes in one week.
Hurt AMit removes his T- shirt brushing his hands in his hair deeply lost in thoughts …

Scene shift to AMitas room:

Arti Kajal and Preeti discussing that AMmu should not know what we aer doing else she wil really get hurt,. She is working so hard for reducing her weight and if she comes to know that her measurements didn’t even change shereally feels bad. Priti says that they are doing wrong and its not correct. AMmu who is on a spree to reduce her weight hook or crook comes in jogging and asks kajal what are they talking about and also says that she wants to try her sangeet dress all the trio tensed.

She searches for the dress in the wardrobe but doesn’t find and again worriedly starts searching and finds the bag behind kajal. asks kajal whats the matter and priti says that they are hiding some thing from AMmu and says sorry. AMmu asks priti for what isshe saying sorry . Arti and Kajal are too tensed and signals priti not to say. But priti manages saying that by mistake tea fell on her dress and so they are hiding it so that they can wash it.

AMmu asks them to chillax and says that there is no need of sorry for such small reason. ALso says that she is still not ready for that dress and the dress too is not ready for her as there is a week time more she will reduce her weight so that she can fit in. and leaves. all the three friends really get worried.

Calender dte changes from 13-20 and Priti doing left right in AMitas room saying kajal; that she is really worried what if ammu comes to know that they have changed her dress . Jigna asks priti to relax and keep quite and Kajal too says the same … Atul comes in with some sarees and asks everyone whats the matter and y r they all tensed kajal says nothing and arti says that they are all waiting for ammu as she is trying her sangeet dress… and Atul says that only 3 days left for sangeet and asks them to lage raho working and assigns packing work for the girls and leaves ..and AMita comes out …wearing new dress and suddenly she expresses her happiness that dress is perfect fit now …and starts dancing. Priti excitedly hugs ammu and says that she is looking damn pretty and this dress is not at all like the old one …

Ammu stops and asks what old one …Arti comes and manages that she is looking like Ayesha taqia and again ammu starts dancing…now arti says kajal that she did a miracle . Ammu again stops and asks them what did kajal; do …Kajal says that if she did not design dress then what would have ammu wore today…and AMmu happily goes … and her leg gets tangled with measurement tape. She takes it and goes for changing room and checks her waist measurement which is just one inch reduced and she realizes that its not the old one and she did not reduce even an inch.

While in the room jigna says that Ammu is really looking pretty and she is tooo happy says that out of happiness and excitement ammu will put on weight. Ammu comes and asks that why did they do this as she checked her measurement it clearly shows that she didn’t reduce even an inch then how come the old one can fit her measurements and is upset with them kajal tries to explain but upset ammu leaves from there.

In the living room Hemant bhai checking weight and talking to some one business related…ammu comes and asks that she wants tocheck her weight and she checks and asks her papa to tell whats the weight and he says its 65.

SHe gets pissed and shows vents her pain that she couldn’t reduce and afdter all that hardwork and efforts she could reduce only 1 kg. What s the use in doing all this and so on. Varsha tries to pacify ammu but ammu doesn’t listen. Dadaji asks ammu to come and tries to console her but ammu wont heed. kajal explains what happend regarding dress and asks for apologies to Varsha. But varsha says that Kajal did right thing and no nooed of sorry worry and all. Varsha says that all that ammu ga ve up eating till date she is going to prepare and ammu will eat coz she wants to do her daughters bidai with full contentment and satisfaction. also expresses her feeling that once ammu leaves them after marriage who know again when ammu will be like that in their house and all get upset. Finally ammu agrees.

Scene Shifts Shah durbar…

AMit at dining table phallu serving and in the living room Ria and Teena nautankis sitting. Teena eating some thing { Whenever I see this tina she will be eating and this ria ki bacchi always shaping her nails }

PHallu forcefully feeding AMit and amit saying his stomach is full and this tina starts off asking amit to have coz there amita is trying tocome down to fit in that sangeet dress and here amit is putting in weight…and smiles ..

Phallu who cant withstand anybody looking down on amit says that there is no need of worrying for tina as amita is putting her 100% efforts to reduce her weight and she will fit in that dress which ria selected. Tina wishes good luck.

AMit receives a call and he says that he is coming.

Scene shifts to Garden:

Amit and Amita sitting under a tree talking about weight reduction of AMita. AMit asks amita that if her weight hasn’t come down definitely there should be some problem. and asks that is she strictly controlling herself from eating wada pav.. AMita gets irritated and says he is doubting her and she gets up and walk off Amit running behind amita that she is getting frustrated unnecessarily … and says if her weight is not coming down deffo there should be some reason behind it. AMita gets angry over him and answers back that she is atleast trying to meet his expectations for him but what is he doing as he did nt even try to change himselves even a bit for which amit says that he didn’t like that tshirt and all.

This irks amita even more and says that fine if he cant change for her she too will not reduce her weight and she will be like that only and walks

AMit also gets irked and asks her to go. chana wala butts in asking whether they want chana. Amit asks that guy to leave . Angrily walks behing amita and gives 500 rupee note to that chana wala guy and asks him to pack chana and give that to amita so that she will eat more and more .

AMita comes back and says the he is really bad ..and leaves …screen freezes on amita face …

Tina saying that Amit and AMita should dance for sangeet and AMit denies saying he cant

Update Credit to: Sreearabhi

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