phir bhi tumko chahunga – shivika part 3

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Hii gyez thankyou for your response

Part 3
Shivaay get up and feel weight on his body then he rember night memories he hug Anika tightly Anika also get up
Shivaay : how is last night
Anika : best night of my life
Anika shy shivaay smile
Shivaay : if you want i can make this day best day of your life
Anika : shut up shivaay lets go back home
Shivaay : Nahi i donot want to go back

Anika : shivaay and look at him
Shivaay : okk okk i m going to bath but we both bath together
Anika : shivaay you become very naughty
Shivaay : why donoy you like it make puppy face
Anika : shivaay
But shivaay lift her and take in bathroom
Shivaay : lets take shower together
Shivaay pull Anika and kiss on her lips then the bath and come out……

Secne 2
Geetu Risabh and Abhimanyu reach Choti maa room
Geetu : choti maa tell me where is my small sister Anika
Choti maa : Geetu you really gone mad she dead 14 years ago
Geetu : say truth i just want to hear truth
Choti maa : your sister is dead cant you understand

Geetu put knife on her neck
Geetu : tell me where is my sister i will kill you tell me where is Anika
Choti maa : i will tell you but donot kill me geetu
Geetu : tell me where is she
Choti ma : 14 year i leave her in orphange in mumbai and after that i donot know where she is
Geetu : Orphange name tell me
Choti maa : lifeline orphange mumbai
Geetu : i will see you later first i have to go orphange Abhimanyu rishabh hume mumbai jaana hoga
Abhimanyu : okk i will book tickts
Risabh : i hope Anika is safe geetu how bad i am i cant protect my sisters from this wicked woman

Secne 3
Shivika enter in oberoi mansion
Pinky : shivaay this girl cant enter this house she donot have any sirname even she doesno whoes blood she is i cant accpect her as your wife
Shivaay : Mom she is Anika and her sirname is Anika shivaay singh oberoi and this is truth wheather you accpect it or not but truth is this she is my wife Anika shivaay singh oberoi and now i donot want any drama
Lets go Anika shivaay held her hand go to their room
Pinky : this girl isn’t going to leave us i have to do something big

Shivika room
Shivaay : you donot worry Anika i m here none say anything to you you are my wife and its enough for us and i love you Anika
Anika : but shivaay you have to not talk like this with pinky Aunty she feel bad
Shivaay : i also donot want to talk to mom like this but what i do she is n’t understanding anything but you donit worry i will do everything right
Anika smile

Media : shivaay singh oberoi we hear your wife is orphan she donot have sirname even she donot know whoes blood running in her veins
Pinky smile evilly

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