Peshwa Bajirao 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji telling Naser if he has elephant with him, then he has his friends with him. He asks him to start the game. Balaji bends down to get his shoes and says Athithi Devo Bhavo, and says only friends ask other friends to pick their shoes. He says it means you think of us as a friend. Qamer Uddin asks what do you mean. Balaji insults him with disrespect. Qamer Uddin says nobody have insulted him like this till now and asks him for a hug. Balaji hugs him. Qamer Uddin says when you had bent down to pick my shoes, I thought you have no self esteem. Balaji asks what about your shoes. Qamer Uddin laughs….Balaji smiles. Baji and his friends try to pull the elephant with all their strength. Naser asks them to make Yakut’s leg lifted. Gotiya says it is impossible to make elephant move. Baji says nothing is impossible and try to make elephant move while Naser is sitting on it. Naser cheats and makes elephant not to move because of honey bees. Naser says you have lost the challenge and asks him to bend down and leave. Baji challenges him that he will reply to his cunningness very soon and will return soon. Naser says we will stay here for some days, lets see what these marathis do. Pihu asks Radha about the word Swabhimaan and asks what is it? Radha says everyone is after Swabhimaan. Radha explains that whoever feels proud is having Abhimaan, and whoever walks with self respect stood high is having Swabhimaan. Pihu says I don’t have Swabhimaan. Radha says it will come soon. Gotiya asks Baji why do honey bees make them lose. He asks why? Baji cries.

Tara Rani asks Dhana ji why do he welcome Qamer Uddin, when she asked him to insult Qamer Uddin politely. Dhana ji says Qamer Uddin brought that band with him. Balaji tells that Qamer Uddin wants to meet you. Rani Tara tells that she will make Qamer Uddin wait. Someone asks Balaji not to talk like Mughals and be in his limits. Balaji comes home and is sad. Radha senses his displeasure. Balaji tells her that he couldn’t catch Qamer Uddin’s conspiracy. Baji says Mughals are cunning, we have lost it from them. Balaji asks when? Baji says we, the kids have lost from Mughals. Chimna says kids fought with Mughals and lost. Pihu asks him to tell. Baji tells about his fight with Naser. Balaji tells that he is Qamer Uddin’s son. Radha says destiny have brought them face to face. Baji is about to go. Balaji asks him to tell everything. Baji tells everything. He asks who are they to stop us from taking bath in our own river.

Chimna says you should have changed your way. Pihu teases Chimna and says she will bite him. Chimna says she has become like Baji. Radha signs at Balaji. Balaji asks Pihu not to be angry. Pihu says they are marathis and will get angry. Baji says they have hurt my Swabhimaan. Balaji says it is Abhimaan. Baji says it is my own Abhimaan…Swabhimaan. Balaji looks on.

Later Radha and Balaji tell a story to their kids about a Raja opening a door so that his praja can take water and food. They teach her the difference between Abhimaan and Swabhimaan. Baji understands the difference. Radha smiles. Naser tells his father about playing with Baji. Qamer Uddin tells that you have taught a good lesson to them, and asks him to learn in Saswad only. He says I will handle old trees, while you can cut small ones. Naser says they are fly for us. Qamer uddin asks him to learn how to rule on Marathis. Naser looks on.

Radha and Balaji have pan. He tells her that we will teach Baji about the difference of Swabhimaan and Abhimaan, but we can’t make our friends hate or insult others. I want our kids to protect their self respect and not insult others. Balaji says that he knows how to hunt tiger and tells that he has to learn to play with clever fox. He says I can’t figure out what is going in his mind. Baji tells his father that he has learnt the difference between Abhimaan and Swabhimaan, and asks how did I lose from his strength. Radha comes and says she has an answer. Pihu makes Shanta kaku’s hen escape. Radha asks Baji and Balaji to help Shanta catch her hen again. Shanta tells them that pihu freed her hens. Radha asks Baji to catch hen. She asks Balaji to help Baji. They go to catch hen. They are having a tough time running behind hens to catch them. Everyone laughs. Baji and Balaji catch each other. Baji says Baba..I am here. Balaji says Baji. Baji breaks the pot and falls down. Balaji continue to catch hen, but couldn’t and tells that these hen are very clever. Pihu says this is Aayi’s plan to make you both learn paath, she is more clever than those hens. Baji is shocked. Balaji looks on.

Qamer Uddin tells Balaji that he will go and meet Shiva raje on ghat. Balaji turns and smiles while walking off. Baji tells that he needs a horse to defeat elephant. He comes to buy elephant. Man asks him to buy till evening, else he will kill horse and take off his skin. Baji is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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