I am alive because of u(season 2 with arshi,ishra and swasan) epi 3

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Some one knocks the door.
Khushi wipes her tears.
Khushi: come in.
Arnav: excuse me .
Khushi: yes.
Arnav: I am sorry for that incident. At that day I shouldn’t have behaved like that.
Khushi: u aleast dropped me to hospital . what were the others doing. They were simply staring at the boy. Don’t feel sorry. u helped some way.
Arnav: what happened to the boy.
Khushi: he is good .
Arnav: can we be friends?
Khushi: sure. Come sit.
Arnav sits in the chair.
Arnav: u know I have a feeling like I know u very well. I know u since childhood.
Khushi smiles.
Arnav: introduce about urself.
Khushi: my name is khushi. When I was born I was in orphanage. U know my orphanage friend that is raman adopted me as my sister. I am very happy with his life now. that’s it. nothing more intrestign in my life. say about urself na.
Arnav: my name is arnav singh raizada. I like myself the most. I love my nani a lot. My parents are always busy with their work so they don’t have time for me. so I grew with my nani. U know next to nani , I like 2 persons. That is my sister anjali and second my nephew.who is lost. Her name is khushi and her brother john..
Khushi: wow my name. how she got lost?
Arnav: u know due to some predictions about future from the priest her mom and dad left her in an orphanage and from there someone adopted her. I don’t know where is she or how is she? My nani didn’t speak to her mom that his her daughter garima from the day she left her.
Khushi: I pray for her that u will get her soon.
Arnav: hmm.
Khushi: then.
Arnav: u tell na something.
Khushi: nothing yaar.
Arnav: ok I will go and check nani.
Khushi smiles and nods..
Arnav leaves.

Khushi phones raman.

Raman was sitting in the plane with seat belt.
Raman phone rings.
Raman: khushi. I am in a meeting.
Khushi: raman. they r searching for me.
Raman: what. Twhat do they want from u now?
Khushi: don’t know. second is I saw my nani, arnav and anjali.
Raman: u missed them na.
Khushi: yes but I wont show them. I moved from my past life raman.
Raman: ok madam cool.
Khushi: raman come fast na.
Raman: I am in plane and will be there by tomorrow night.
Khushi:: what. Thank u so much raman.
Raman: ok bye.they r scolding me .
Khushi: ok ok bye.
Raman cuts the call.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: wow mr raman bhalla is coming. Then I have to take the day after tomorrow leave will enjoy with him a lot.
Khushi takes her things.
Khushi informs the receptionist.
Khushi: I will take tomorrow full shift . morning and night so then I will leave next day morning..
Receptionist:ok mam.
Khushi: if any emergency ask them to phone me. bye.
Khushi leaves.

Meanwhile in ishita house.
Ishita was not even getting sleep.
Ishita: what will he be doing now? may I phone him?
She phones ishita.
Ishita: switched off? Don’t know what he is doing? I will call khushi. But she will also be sleeping na. its ok . I am calling my sister only na.
Ishita calls khushi.
Khushi: hello ishu. Tell me..
Ishita: r u sleeping?
Khushi: no returning from hospital to home.
Ishita: did u speak to raman?
Khushi:yes ishu just before 30 mins.
Ishita: his phone is switched off. I wanted to talk to him but.
Khushi: oh that Is the matter ha bhabi. I thought u called me to ask how am i?
Ishita: hey not like that.
Khushi: ok bhabi I understand. Raman is in flight returning to delhi.
Ishita: really? He didn’t even inform me . ravaan kumar.
Khushi: he also didn’t inform me. when I called him he told he is in a meeting then only he told me that he in plane.
Ishita: he is an great actor yaar.
Khushi: very great.
Ishita laughs.
Khushi: u r waiting for ur marriage na bhabi.
Ishita: yes . of course. U know I am not even getting sleep.
Khsuhi: thinking about raman na that is why.
Ishita said putingly: khushi.
Khushi: ok good night ishu..
Ishita: good night.
Khushi cuts the call.

Meanwhile in the hospital.
Arnav thinks.
Arnav: do I know her already? I dont know. why I feel like I know her very well? do I love her. how can i? as I love only my nephew khushi from the childhood. Idont know. I will find u and safely give to ur bro john khushi. all r missing u here.
He smiles.

The next day at night.
Khushi was at night duty and she went to hotel to buy dinner for her at that time a patient comes to the hospital to meet her.
That was none other than raj and garima.
They showed khushi’s room and asked them to wait.
That time raj receives a message.
With a information.
We found ur daughter.
Dr khushi kumara gupta, ortho,gyno..
Working at xyz hospital.
Will share her photo soon.
Raj: we got info about khushi. She is working as a doctor at xyz hospital..
Garima: this is that hospital na. then. They both see the name board and get teary eyed.
garima: this is our….
That time door strikes open. Khushi enters.
Khushi: sorry. I came late. She was arranging her things in the back table.
Khushi: tell me ur problem.
Garima: I am having stomach ache from past 2 days.
Khushi comes forward and was shocked to see them.
They were shocked as they saw her already .

Flash back … 8 years back. Khushi was on her 4 th year of college.
She was working in a 5 star hotel as an employee over there.
That time khushi came to them to take orders.
That time raj and garima was only present.
She gets shocked.
Khushi: hello mam what do u want?
Garima: beta u look like a collge going girl and y r u working here.
Khushi: no aunty I am going to college. I work here to meet my educational requirements as my parents are dead.
Raj: oh.
Garima: but how will u go home? It is late night 12 pm.
Khushi: no worries aunty my brother is there with me.
Raj: then how he is allowing u to work.
Khushi: what bothers u both. It is my life. dotn interfere. My bhai loves me a lot. U r in a hotel and behave like that. what order can I take for u.
They both order and while paying the bill.
Raj: beta have this tips.
Khushi: sorry uncle. they r giving me salary.
Khushi leaves.
Raj: this girl is very bold.
Garima: I think why her parents left a girl like her. I feel so sorry for her.
Raj: come lets leave..
Flash back ends..

precap: sanskar and swara’s entry

  1. Malika

    khushi and arnav scene was nice … plus everyone also.. its awesome.. i like raman and khushi phone call conversation.. its lovellyy

    1. Akshaya.123

      thank u malika

  2. Jasminerahul

    Good to see Arnav apologizing to khushi. He likes his cousin khushi.he didn’t recognize khushi.Waiting for that moment.who is her brother John? So her parents left her due to horoscope problem. Then why are they after her now.they had already met earlier without knowing who they were.without recognizing khushi they are pitying her

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