Peshwa Bajirao 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji playing with his friends. One of his friend get a coin. Baji’s enemy challenges Baji what he can do? Baji says I believe in doing rather than telling. He says I walk ahead of my friends as I am in a hurry to meet trouble. He walks towards the water fall from the mountain. His friends asks him not to jump. His enemy asks him to jump. Baji takes out coin from his pocket and toss in air. He sees coin falling in the river. Baji’s friend Ishu comes to Radha and tells that Baji…is about to jump in the river. Radha is shocked and runs out. Chimna asks his sister, how he will be saved now. Radha Bai comes there and asks Baji not to jump. Baji thinks I will be punished, so lets complete the mistake. He jumps with the water fall in the river. Radha Bai and his friends are shocked. His friends cry taking his name. Baji comes out of river holding the coin which he had thrown. His enemy is shocked, while his friends are happy. Radha Bai is relieved but tensed. His friend teases his enemy and calls him Bhalu….Radha Bai scolds Baji and asks him to come home. Baji smiles and holds his ears.

Rani tells Dhana ji that she respects him, and you respects me. Dhana ji says yes. Pant Pratinidhi tells that Aurangzeb have taken us lightly. Rani says we have won many fights and wars. Balaji Vishwanath tells that Aurangzeb knows that your son is sitting on the singhasan and not you. She plans to free a tomb from Aurangzeb’s clutches and says Chatrapati used to kept his weath in that tomb. She says she will teach a lesson to Aurangzeb.

Radha Bai runs after Baji holding a stick. Baji runs in the house. Chimna holds him and asks Radha. Radha tries to beat him with stick. Baji says if I don’t play then how will I enjoy. He jumps and climbs a wall. He stands on it. Radha gets tired after running after him and sits down. Baji comes down and asks her to beat him, says even your beating looks sweet to me. Radha asks her to become like Chimna and asks why do you invite trouble. Baji tells motivating words taught by her. Radha says I was mad to taught you this, I was unaware that you will fly high in the sky through a stair. Baji says he feels like everything is challenging him, like a tree is challenging him to pluck the fruit etc. Radha says you couldn’t hear me, but can hear the things. She twists his ear. He says Aayi. Radha says let your Baba come and then I will show you. Baji gives tamarind to his sister. She gets happy and hugs him.

Balaji Vishwanath comes home. Radha makes him wash his hands and legs. He wipes his hands and asks about Baji. Radha tells Balaji Vishwanath what Baji did and says I thought Pandit’s 3rd bhavishya vani will come true. Balaji Vishwanath says he is like an air which cannot be stop, but can be mended in right direction. He says I am a father, and can’t teach him everything. It is your duty to teach him everything. He says if children is a kite, then a mother is a rope, kite have to go in the direction chosen by the rope. Chimna writes his name as Shri Chimna ji Saheb. His sister laughs. He asks can’t you stop for sometime. Pihu laughs…and tells Baji that an ant saw a gudh/jaggery and called other ants, but she has eaten the gudh/jaggery. She says all ants will think that first ant have lied. Baji says it is wrong to have giving false hope. Chimna comes. Someone comes to sell mangoes. Baji asks Radha to make mango ras. Radha says she don’t have any money left now after giving money to Mangi. She tells him to bring mangoes, but without stealing it. Baji thinks and stamps his feet on the ground. Pihu laughs. Baji says I will bring mangoes and smiles. In the pathshala, Baji talks to his friends and asks them to make plan to get mangoes. Chimna asks them to concentrate on studies. Baji says today we will make Aayi have mangoes brought by honesty. They leave.

Guruji comes. Baji’s enemy tells him that Baji said that Guru ji can’t harm him as he is more light than mangoes. Chimna asks Bhalu..enemy to have something and puts chilli in his mouth. Bhalu shouts. Chimna says he is my brother and nobody can harm him.

They come to Govind for mangoes. Govind reminds them what they have done with him. Gotiya shows his lungi and tells that they are forwarding friendship hand. Govind asks them to go else face andha khuka…..Baji and his friends look at the man jumping off from the tree.

Govind tells that Andha Khuka can hear the sound and will stop them from stealing mangoes. Baji says they will get honesty mangoes by stealing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

We recommend
  1. Enjoyable Episode

  2. Sanswa

    Baji’z mommy-poppy r alwyz tensed related 2 baji’z short baji iz jst mischief child..want 2 flow wid air..his views r jst awsm..he thinks everything iz challenging wat a pov of baji.. Radha bai fed up of baji’z every naughty act which risk his lyf..I loved baji’z dialog 2 d core..*it is rng 2 hv giving false hopes*..jst awsm fab mischievous n daring acts of baji

  3. Vishakha

    Good’ll be interesting to see a mischievous fun loving boy turning into a fierce warrior..and his bonding with his mom and sister was nicely portrayed.. Looking forward to watching this..

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