Kaala Teeka 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Naina reads Kali’s dairy. It says God never part my Naina and Pavitra. Naina says see thats what mama always wanted. Pavitra says thats why you found me even when bad uncles kidnapped me. Naina says I would come anywhere for you. Pavitra says promise? Naina hugs her and says promise. chulbuli smiles and comes in. Chulbuli says come on both of you drink this chocolate milk shake and sleep. They both drink. Chulbuli says now sleep. Naian says how can we sleep without brush. Mamais keeping an eye on us. Come pavitra lets brush first. Chulbui sees Kali’s diary. She reads it. The girls sleeps. Chulbuli caresses their faces and keeps the diary there. She leaves. She sees Kali’s photo. Chulbuli says I promised you I will always take care of them.

Prohit comes and says to Chulbuli why you called me here? Chulbuli says I was thinking to take the girls to Mumbai to neelu and sharmila. I feel like suffocating in this house now. Prohit says you are right. Naina and Pavitra have exams after two months. You have to wait till then.
Both girls prepare to leave for school. Chulbuli says you both are here. Naia says lets take blessings from temple first. Naina ties Pavitra’s shoes. Chulbuli sees them off.

Naina comes home running. She says to Chulbuli I thought you brought pavitra home. Chulbuli says I didn’t go to school then who took her? Jamna says her dadi. I picked her from school. And I am here to take her stuff. I will take Pavitra with me. Pavitra leaves her hand. Jamna says I am your dadi. You will stay with me. Chulbuli says I promised Kali that I will keep them together. Jamna says she is the last blood I have. She is the only family to me. Chulbuli says they can’t live without each other. Please don’t separate them. Jamna says my son died. My daughter in law died. I will take Pavitra from here. Pavitra says I don’t wanna go with you. I will live with didi. Naina says Pavitra I won’t let you go anywhere. She takes Pavitra in to room. Chulbuli says please live them together. They will be weak if they are parted. You go to your room and rest we will talk later.

Naina is brushing Pavitra’s hair. Pavitra says make like mama. Naina says look in front. Pavitra says I look so funny. They both laugh. Pavitra hugs her.

Chulbuli gives Jamna tea.. She seesa a chit. Jamna says give it to me. Chulbuli says you got your tickets? Jamna says I will take Pavitra with me. Chulbuli says please don’t do this. Gauri tried that and see what happened. Jamna says they have that symbol nothing would happen. Chulbuli says why don’t you live here with us? Jamna says I can’t even breathe here. My Kali and nandu died here. I will take Pavitra from here. Prohit says it will be so bad for them. Jamna says what can be worse? jamna takes Pavitra’s hand. Naina says you can’t take Pavitra from here. Jamna says you will stop me? She is about to slap Naina. Chulbuli holds her hand and says don’t dare slapping my daughter. Prohit says we will call police so you better go before that. Jamna says Pavitra is my grand daughter. I have right to take her. Prohit says Yug adopted her legally. So you have no right on her. Chulbuli says I vowed Kali I will be their Yashoda ma and will always take care of them. I won’t let them be separated. I won’t let that happen.

Scene 2
Naina packs Pavitra’s school bag. She says did you keep all the books? Are you scared that Jamna dadi will take you? Don’t be scared. Mama always taught us that. You are my brave sister. Naina says we can’t sit in same class. When I am not with you this diary would be with you so you will feel like mama is with you. She puts it in her bag.

Chulbuli says Yug brought papers and he said he is adopting pavitra. Lawyer says some formalities were left. Prohit says what will we do when Jamna comes here? Chulbuli says we will leave before Jamna comes here. We will go to Neelu and Sharmila in the city. Prohit says lets prepare for leaving then.
Naina reads Pavitra bed time story. She hugs her and sleeps.
At night, someone comes outside the kids’ room.

Precap-Naina wakes up and says Pavitra.. Chulbuli says what happened? Naina says Pavitra isn’t here. Chulbuli says I think Jamna took her. Naina says I will bring her back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is not Kaala Teeka

  2. Raina_Riz

    It’s interesting now…
    But shouldn’t separate naina and pavitra…

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