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Chapter four

So chapter 4 is ready guys and it start like this


Ragini pushed Laksh hard on bed and laid over him. Laksh looked at his watch just to tease Ragini nd ragini understood that Laksh doing all this just to irritate her and Ragini watched at Laksh watch too and said

Ragini :hmmm so too much late MR s*xy Maheshwari
Laksh: yaar who said this???
Ragini: your gesture said it and then locked I suppose baby I think my students Learned enough of guitar now its my super sitar turn soo…
Ragini: when asked your watch only maybe she would do it and sprayed perfume onto Laksh watch
Laksh: well let me ask watch only

And laksh Brought the watch near his ears and said

Laksh: OMG kya you also want to have something naughty with the bill owner of this perfume bottle ok ok
Well Ragini just goes to lakhs what and in meantime they were again back to their lied down position was Ragini was desperately waiting for this reply only.

Sparks were getting on Raglak bed looks crazyly nd madly ragini making his tongue reach every part.
There was barely any distance left between them now. They were just passionate about each other and remembers nobody but only their first confession flashbacks. Well Ragini turn Laksh back and then slowly slowly came to his waist level and started licking his spinal cord from bottom to top repeating 10 times. Laksh was ol in Ragini fairytale land and still in flashback mode 50%.
Laksh bitted his own lips in excitement and in heat of the moment. Ragini stressed her hand to the door and took out a packet of precaution and ask Laksh baby this morning I want to eat only berries it will help in raising my entire day and body.
Laksh sold mine too.

So this time blue blue berry flavour or BlackBerry. Today blueberry just the colour and feeling our undies

Ragini smirked and she slide down her hands to Laksh and handover him the packet. Well Laksh was already very arouse and by this buttery slid down he was very desperate to wear that precaution and for a lovely nd lusty morning. So Laksh ran as he is in Olympics
And have to have a gold medal by any sort to washroom area.

Till then Ragini took Laksh perfume and sprayed at the corners of the bed and at the headrest.

Laksh came out and Ragini heartbeats increase and she immediately without wasting single mini second rushed to his lusty partner and grabbed him and laid down on bed by pulling to words her. Now both of them were feeling in each other and Ragini kissed Laksh and in meantime
Raglak both were having any clothes nothing means nothing I hope you understood

Well they made love till 10 AM cause then they have to proceed for their respective works

Guys if you want to know what happens after raglak were bare then please let me know coz it will be very very hot and maybe some of you couldn’t handle as I can go to some unexpected level
Coz its Romance and that too like a situation like this so if you want let me know

I become super hot while writing the scenes I sometimes forgot the line

And next part after they are satisfied with each other in 10 days guys

And guys I’m so sorry really very sorry for the delay as I was busy…..

So soorrryyy n do tell me through ur comments how was this super hot chappy??

Till then bye keep smiling always!! ❤❤

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