Can I fall in love, Episode 64

Yuvi looks at Suhani leaving. He becomes sad and also furious.
Yuvi : Did you marry me or my family Suhani? You are completely ignoring me. This is not fair.
He goes to Sharad. Sharad and Bhavna were talking. They looked very happy, and he was jealous seeing them so. Yuvi turned to leave and Sharad saw him. He called out for Yuvi, but he left. Sharad went after him. Yuvi was standing in the courtyard.
Sh : What happened guru? Why are you here, that too at this time?
Yuvi turned back.
Yuvi : Nothing, I was not feeling good inside, so came out. (Bitterly) Why are you here, be with Bhavna, spent time with her, all are not lucky like you.
Sh: (confused) What? Just tell me what happened.
Yuvi : (frustrated) Your sis!!! She does not have time for me. She is always busy with others. She is literally ignoring me!!
Sh : Mmmmmm….. She is not doing right!!
Yuvi : Really?? I mean actually, you are taking MY side, great!
Sh : I always stand by the right. Anyway leave it, how will we make her realize it.
Yuvi : I don’t know.
Sh : Let us think…

After a while:
Sh : Guru, do one thing, now you avoid her, make her realize how you feel.
Yuvi thinks over it.
Yuvi : Not a bad idea.
Sh : (laughing) Seems like you have to teach her every damn thing, first love and now this.
Yuvi : Of course, after all she is your sister.
Sh : Ohooo.
He started to beat him. They spent some nice time together and go to their rooms.
Suhani was not there, Yuvi took out his laptop and started to watch something. Suhani comes in after some time. She smiles at him, but he ignores her. She thought that he is busy.
Suh : Good night, are you not going to sleep?
Yuvi : (not looking up) Not now.
He didn’t wish her back, nor he said anything more, but she didn’t care, she nodded and went to sleep. He was shocked!
Yuvi : (thinking) And she slept, as such?? Do I mean nothing to her????
Yuvi goes angrily to Sharad; he drags him out and started to beat him.
Sh : Ouch, guru it is paining, what are doing and why??
Yuvi : Because your plan flopped, nor I gave her a damn and neither did she.

He explains what happened. Sharad looks at Yuvi astonished and then started to laugh.
Yuvi : Why are you laughing??
Sharad checks Yuvi’s pulse.
Yuvi : What are you doing?
Sh : Just checking what is wrong with you. Seriously guru, you think by not wishing her once, she will think that you avoided her?? I mean SERIOUSLY!! Guru, she is not a five year old kid, she is mature, and she genuinely felt that you are busy!!
Yuvi : What should I do now?
Sh : You have to make her realize that you are avoiding her, and it would take time, she is mature enough think in other’s point of view, she will give you more than deserved chances. Her expectations are very low or almost zero, because she loves you unconditionally.
Yuvi smiles.
Yuvi : (sadly) So I have to continue this for a while?
Sh : (laughing) Control yourself guru, God, what a pair did you make, one always want to hang around with other and the later is not bothered about the other.
Yuvi fumes and beats Sharad again.
Sh : God!! Save me!! Guru, please leave me!!
Yuvi : (angrily) Then keep your mouth shut!!
Sh : Ok, ok, now go, get some sleep, good night.
Yuvi : Good night.
Yuvi hugs Sharad and leaves. Sharad smiles.
Yuvi goes to him room and sees her sleeping. She looked peaceful. He went and sat beside her.
Yuvi : Really Suhani, what are you made off? You are really impossible!!
He smiles and sleeps.

Precap: Suhani ignores Yuvi.

  1. Nice episode….

  2. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode…yuvraj is cute…nice to see sharad and yuvraj bond…

  3. Superb. Phir se suhani yuvi ko ignore kartha hu kyu.yuvi ko ignore karna chahiye..

    1. Yuvani

      Wait a bit dear,
      Thank you

  4. Nice Episode. . . . . . . . .

  5. nice episode… love to see yuvi and sharad bond.. now suhani’s turn to ignore yuvi. let see wht hppn … update asap

  6. hahahaha very very nice

  7. Superb one.. Yuvi is too funny.. Waiting for the next episode..

  8. Awe ppoor yuvi.he is missing suhani very much.but our suhani is doing wrong with yuvi.but i am confused after reading precap.anyway dear i know u are upto something.sry fr not commenting on yesterday episode.but i luv that kasyap luv track very much.bye sis.

    1. Yuvani

      Don’t be sorry dear, I hope you will enjoy what follows.
      Thank you

  9. outstanding dear but why suhani ignore yuvi balki yuvraj ko suhani ko ignore karna chahiya anyway nice episode thanks dear

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