Perfect Pati 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Damini studies Pushkar’s behavior

Perfect Pati 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Damini saying women are multi tasker. Pushkar says yes, its good I have come and got to know her truth. They ask Vidhi to go and enjoy the party. Vidhi goes. Pushkar looks at some pics. Vidhi thinks I wish Damini finds his illness without his knowledge.

Damini says its called abstract paintings, what did you think seeing them. He says I feel like someone is suffocating someone in this painting, and this one, I feel like a lonely boy is sitting sad. He says like a dog got crushed under a speedy car, what do you think. She says you are very creative. He thanks her and says I m glad meeting you, I should go to my wife now. He goes. Meera and Max dance closely. Pushkar sees them and gets angry. Vidhi thinks to talk to Damini. She goes. She says Pushkar’s behavior is weird, did he know about us. Damini says I don’t know that, I have got to know him, he is very dangerous, his dual face comes out when something happens against his wish, his love and hatred have no boundaries.

Pushkar makes Meera and Max away. Meera says you…. Damini says he has a wrong perception, I have showed him some paintings, he has seen just wrong, maybe he did wrong with an animal, a dog in childhood. Pushkar says caught you and laughs. He says Max, you dance so well, Meera knows Max so well. Meera smiles and asks them to talk. She goes. Pushkar says you may had many girlfriends right, don’t be uncomfortable, distance of hearts end on sharing secrets. Max says Meera is first and last girl in my life. Pushkar says that’s great, amazing, lets have a drink, I will just come. Damini says he can go to any extent for one he loves. Pushkar looks at them. Damini says he can get dangerous. Vidhi asks can he get treated or not. Damini asks her not to worry, give him medicines twice. Vidhi sees Pushkar. He hides. Vidhi says he has heard our talk, I will go and apologize to him. They go to check him. Vidhi goes after him and says you are mistaken. She sees someone else.

The man gets hurt and says you attacked me. She says no, sorry. I thought you are attacking on me. He says why will I attack on you, why will we have enmity. She says sorry, I will get bandage. He says no, keep your sorry, I will ask for it when right time comes. She thinks how to find out about that man. She hears Rangeela and says I have to stop him. Bela stops Rangeela and is drunk. Vidhi collides with the same man again. He asks her for a dance instead being sorry. She says no, I don’t like to dance, sorry. He insists. Pushkar sees Vidhi dancing with the man. He imagines that Vidhi is happy. He gets angry. Sholon si…plays…. Pushkar goes and takes her away. The man says sorry, I had stolen her for a dance, thanks, enjoy the party. Pushkar says you too. He dances with Vidhi on janam janam….

Pushkar asks Vidhi to introduce her friend truly. Vidhi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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