Kumkum Bhagya 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya play ‘truth or dare’ game

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The Episode starts with Abhi telling that they shall play truth or dare game. Neha likes his idea. Tarun says it will be fun. Dasi asks who will play the game? Tanu thinks I can’t let them alone, and thinks to play the game and keep eye on them. Abhi lifts his hand and asks Pragya to lift her hand. Neha says lets go to terrace and play, it will be fun. Abhi thinks game is old, but rules will be new. They go to the terrace, Abhi says rules are changed and says if we know that someone is lying then we will tell the truth and punish them. Dasi asks what is the use of it. Abhi says if someone lies then will be caught. King says it is the best idea. Pragya says don’t you think that you are changing the rules. Abhi says now people will say the truth. Tanu thinks something is going in his mind. Neha

chooses dare and lifts Tarun. Everyone cheers for her. Next Dasi’s turn comes. Dadi asks her if Somu came 45 years ago. They ask who is Somu? Dadi says our neighbor and asks Dasi did you beat him. Dasi says yes. Dadi says he was my first love and left me as Dasi hit him and went out of village. Abhi says this is truth. Next comes Tarun’s turn. Neha asks him to do pushups in 10 seconds. Tarun fails.

Tanu’s turn comes. Dadi says she was waiting for her turn and asks her to knead the flour. Tanu asks what? Dadi says it is dare for you. They go to kitchen. Next turn is of King. He chooses truth. Pragya says I think you shall choose dare. King says sorry to abhi and says dare. Abhi thinks you found out again what I was going to do. He says this is cheating and says King have to say truth as he has chosen truth. He asks are you ready for the truth. King says I am ready. Abhi asks him about Kiara’s age. King says honestly, I don’t remember her years as I never counted the years, although we have celebrated together. Pragya smiles. Tarun spins bottle again. It points towards Pragya. Abhi asks truth or dare? Pragya says truth, but no questions regarding Kiara. She says I meant questions shall be asked about the person present here. Abhi asks do you love your husband? King thinks Abhi wants to know if Pragya loves me. Pragya recalls Abhi telling that he is her husband and says I love my husband a lot. King thinks Pragya talked about her ex husband. He says lets move on. Next Abhi’s turn comes. King asks truth or dare? Abhi says dare. King says you have to win to save the game’s reputation and calls Bahadur. Abhi says I will not accept defeat. Bahadur brings chillies. Abhi eats it. Pragya feels the pain and thinks I won’t become weak. Neha appreciates him. King goes to check on Tanu along with Pragya. Abhi thinks I won the game, but lost.

King stops Aaliya and asks her to hold on. Aaliya stops. Abhi drinks much water as he eats the chillies. Pragya brings honey and asks him to eat, but he refuses. Pragya says I don’t want you to give excuse of your health. Abhi says I will not change my decision. He says tomorrow is challenge’s first day, may be last. King warns Aaliya and asks her not to take Pragya’s name next time. Aaliya asks what do you want to say. King says Sunny told something to Kiara and when she questioned me, I have no answer to give to my daughter. Aaliya says she didn’t do anything. King says you tried to harm Purab whom you love. Aaliya says I tried to inform you about pragya. King says I will not give warning next time, whatever I have to ask Pragya, I will ask her. Pragya comes home and asks Servant about Sunny and Kiara. Servant says they slept. King recalls Aaliya’s words and thinks shall I inform Pragya or not, what Aaliya said. He thinks until Pragya tells me about her past, I will not let her. He thinks I will not disturb Pragya’s life until I get sure of my feelings. He says I am tired and needs to sleep. King recalls Kiara’s words and thinks may be she is acting to be sleep. He thinks to talk to her and lighten his heart. Abhi and Pragya think about each other. Jab tak Jahan me….plays…

Abhi tells Purab and Disha that they have to prove that Kiara is his daughter. Purab asks him not to take tension and sleep. He says may be Kiara comes home tomorrow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow. Truth or Dare at the Mehra Mansion. Who will be exposed? It would seem crazy for the Mehras to play this game. So many non-secrets to be exposed. Pragya could really do them some damage by playing! How exciting! The perfect set-up for Pragya to do some damage to the criminal family. Abhi looks like a cat ready to attack his prey, his mouse, Pragya. And today’s episode was like a long over-extended commercial for a show. The usual. No new plot info. Some good music. Instilling hope? Curiosity? Just a pretty, musically inclined waste of time. One wonders if this production team ever went to school and learned about the basic elements of story-telling. We know they went to propaganda school. There was no real fear of Abhi destroying Pragya. What can you expect from the Baby Brute? A lot of noise and damage? But today, it is only the Baby Brute Abhi who will suffer. Too many chillis you know or where those green beans.

  2. Are these adults or children? What truth or dare nonsense is this. Its tacky and dumb like this entire serial

  3. Stupid adolescent game, grown ups who don’t have anything important to do but beat around the bush.. How blo*dy hard is it for even Aliya to tell King the truth? As for Tanu, she thinks Abhi is a toy and thinks by keeping on eye on him all the time, Pragya won’t be able to snatch him from her, what an insecure pathetic woman!!

  4. You are right Naz. And that brings to mind that the two really like/enjoy dolls. First each one of them should carry around two dolls e.g. Pragya: victim doll and her adult woman doll Abhi: Dumb Angry Beast/Musician Notice there has not been any music/concerts since the leap. Likely they would have to hire too many extra cast. They truly want to keep conflict at a very immature level, between the characters. The idea being, to transfer that attitude/behaviour to viewers, if not externally then most certainly internally. Interestingly, the producer is a Gemini who effectively carry’s a twin personality. At some level. Somehow. Two dolls inside. One Naught, one nice or possibly even naughtier. Secondly, there’s the tuna. She has been downplayed lately (thankfully) but that could be just a set up for a surprise return to centre stage. Especially as her outfits remain… well, o.k. , stupendous. (Gee, is that a misspelling?) The producer has done well to make tuna’s outfits a distraction and I would suspect that the producer gets paid by the designer. Tuna has been practising on children Dadi, cutting Pragya, trying to murder Pragya murdering John, so I’m sure they won’t allow her to wither away. Unless the actress has been given a big movie offer or she is finally going to marry. Her level of demand (tuna) is of a 3 yr. old who is spoiled, which means didn’t or isn’t receiving the quality of care/attention the child needs. Whatever may be the reason for that happening. That level of immature attitude and behaviour is most certainly pathetic in a chronological adult. Easy to dislike, resent and judge as the character is certainly sociopathic and a murderer. Aliyah is a murderer. Mithali qualifies. As does Raj. Abhi harbours, protects and honours murderers. Pragya did too for awhile with Aliyah.
    btw, why are all the dolls on the show caucasian? The show is filmed in India. That’s not subtle at all. What do you think/feel?

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