Pehredaar Piya Ki- 12 years later (episode 8)

Hey guys…..I’m back. I know the fuss related to ppk and also that u guys are very sad about the show getting cancelled, so I decided to carry on with my ff, 12 years later. So as long as I get good responses, this ff will continue. Also, I will give weekly updates and not daily ones………..I m so sorry about that guys. So I am continuing with the ff from where I left, if you have missed the earlier updates I will post the links in the comments section. So here it goes,

After four long days in the hospital, Diya was finally going home tomorrow. It had been tough for her and also for Ratan but much to her delight he was always there for her. That was a usual day in the hospital. Ratan was sitting on the couch playing a game on his ipad. He got a call from Ayush bhai saa.

“Ratan saa, I have some news. Aap jaldi se niche aa jao, I will tell you on the way.”

“Yeah wait I’m coming.” (Phone ended)

Ratan goes to Diya and wakes her up gently.

“Diya, woh hum ek important kaam se bahar jaan rahe hain. Thodi der mein wapis aa jaenge. Will you be okay?”

“Ha, aap jaie Ratan saa. Hum thik hain. Waise bhi bhabhi saa hain humare saath.” She assures him.

Ratan reaches downstairs wondering what is the matter.

He again gets accompanied by his gentlemen(bodyguards).
He sees the car with Yash banna and Ayush bhai saa sitting in it. He goes there and sits and gives instructions to his bodyguards to follow them.

In the car,

“Daata hukum this is very important. Have you by chance had any conversation with Kristina Martinez from Inlook magazine?” Ayush inquires.

Ratan remembers the interview that he had given in the car on his way to the palace.

“Haa, dada bhai saa. That lady took my interview for her magazine that day. Why are you so tensed?”

“Did you read today’s newspaper?”

“No, why?” Ratan asks.

Ayush tells Yash to hand him the newspaper.

Ratan takes it and starts reading…he freezes in horror.

“What the hell has she written……”

The headlines say….”The Maharaja of Surajgarh- the greatest archer and liar of the century……. all of 21 and married since last 12 years to the so called manager of his family…….”

The rest was about how she had taken his interview and he had pretended that nothing had happened and how she discovered the truth and she had also provided photographs as proof and written things about Diya that she was pedophilic and stuff.

Ratan froze with horror and he could think about only Diya and how will he break the news to her. He clinched his fist in anger.

Ayush told him that this is trending on social media and television and that he tried to suppress the news but his efforts were in vain. All of this In just two hours.

He told ayush to drive straight to Inlook magazine’s office.
He couldn’t just control his anger. How could she even do that?

He couldn’t just react to this. He felt numb reminiscing about the things that happened years ago………

……… …….to be continued.

  1. vivian…… amazing update……….I’m new to this group & hv totally no idea regarding this show ppk……..its just that I’m a big fan of tejaswini prakash(swaragini fame), so I came to know that recently she’s working on this show, where she’s married to a 9-10yrs old boy………… so dear, i would be really glad if u could update the links for ur previous episodes…………

    1. Vivian20

      Thanks a lot riya…..hope u loved it and yes I will update the links for u r8 nw

  2. IQRA222

    bhai i am soo happy!! if not PPK then atleast your wonderful ff.. totally loved the episode . it was hell awesome but this kristina huh!!!!!! very bad of her.. do give her a give punishment bhaiyaa!!
    anyways waiting for the next part
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    lots of love!!

    1. Vivian20

      Thanks a lot iqu………….next part next week!!! Lots of ❤️ to u tooo

  3. Thank you soooooooo much fr restarting this ff.I was very sad due to the ban of pp.Such a beautiful show got affected due to the insensible articles in the media.It’s a big relief in this tym ..This update is so good and waiting fr Dita’s cute bonding in the further updates.Once again thankyou so much fr starting this ff again

    1. Vivian20

      Ur most welcome dear….hope u like the upcoming update as well!

  4. Thank you soooooooo much fr restarting this ff.I was very sad due to the ban of ppk.Such a beautiful show got affected due to the insensible articles in the media.It’s a big relief in this tym ..This update is so good and waiting fr Dita’s cute bonding in the further updates.Once again thankyou so much fr starting this ff again

  5. Frozengirl16

    Bhai amazing part…I loved it…give a big punishment to that Kristina…update soon n waiting for next part…keep smiling n tc???

    1. Vivian20

      Thanks……..???????will update soon

  6. Nice one dear… Kristina’s character was of a complete shock.. Well story is really taking an interesting turn.. Waiting for the next part.. Post whenever u r free…

    1. Vivian20

      Thanks kashu….will post soon

  7. Varshni

    Hey !!!!
    At last u came up !!! Even though PPK went off air , I am happy that u r continuing it !!! I loved this episode !!!! I was fantastic !!! Keep writing !!! Take care !!!!

    1. Vivian20

      Thanks varshni hope u liked it!!

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    Thank u so much Vivian for giving this .I wasn’t. Active on Ppk side long time but no that is over .this ff makes it alive….soon season is Coming with same cast but different story line..waiting for it

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      Thanks shri……

  10. Suma123

    hey vivian glad ur back…..its an amazing episode….keep posting about ppk weekly edition…really missing dat little kiddo affan….thank you for updating …waiting for the new series of tejuuuu

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      Thanks dear…..will post soon

  11. It’s very amazing vivian

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      Thanks meera!!

  12. Great!!!!

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  13. thank u so much that u continue it amazing part let see how will DiRa face the problem . Take ur time I will wait for next update have a nice day

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      Welcome anu…..and yes, will update soon!!!

  14. Missed you! ??

    1. Welcome back I mean ?

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      Thanks a lot geeti!!!!

  15. What’s the name of this new grown up ratan?

    1. Vivian20

      Well that is upto you……I didn’t decide the character to be based on some other actor.

  16. Nymisha281

    Glad u r back or else we would definitely miss this ff
    And abt this part…it’s amazing ?…..was shocked when I read that magazine heading
    Soo I think now we r gng to see the angry young man….
    Hope he gives a good punishment to that chudail
    Waiting for next part …keep writing and take care.?

    1. Vivian20

      Yeah. Nymisha…….thanks a lot!!!

  17. thnx vivian for uploading the links………………after reading ur updates, I was speechless…… u r such an amazing writer………. I just want to keep reading and reading and never want ur writing to stop…. I always felt as if I’m somewhere else reading a great master piece. It was just super fantastic and ur ff is one of my most most fav writings…. keep up the good work & eagerly waiting for ur nxt update…………

    1. Vivian20

      Oh i am so glad that you consider me as a good writer……..hopefully u like next updates tooo…. thank u

  18. Waiting for the next update.Plzz post it soon.As we don’t have PPK now ,I am reliable on this ff only.

    1. Vivian20

      Yea will post sooon

  19. Ye part youtube me ni upload howa kya udr bs 31 parts hain ?

    1. This is a fan fiction dear.Not a part of PPK serial.It won’t be in YouTube

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