In love with my stalker(IshKara and RagSan) Chapter 6: Who are you?

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A few months later

Laksh’s has forgiven his mom, their family is getting closer day by day. RagLak are great fans now as well as Rumya, but in Rumya’s case it’s more than friendship, but they are scared to confess their feelings for eachother and they’re scared to loose their friendship as well.

Ragini’s pov
“I need to help my dear friend Somu in confessing her feelings for Rudy and only Laksh can help me in that.” “Beep!” “Beep!” My phone received a private message of someone in Instagram and it said: “Since the day I saw you, I can’t take my eyes of you and in the black dress, you looked stunning.” “Who are you?” I asked that user and I was scared. “Your prince chaming!” After the reply, I blocked that account. Soon I saw that Laksh had followed me on Insta, so I followed him back.
End of her pov

Saumya’s pov
“Rudra what have you done to me?” “Day and night, I think of the rude bookworn, who has stolen my heart, with his sweetness, kindness and helpful nature.” “I still thank god for the day I met him.” “I will tell you my feelings soon.” “I will do it my style. I messaged Rudra, I asked him out for a “friends dayout” and he agreed. “Yay, my plan worked, I need to tell Ragini about it!” “Rags can you please come over to my place?” I messaged her and she replied back: “coming!” After a few mins she was here and I told her about my date with Rudra and she was like finally.
End of her pov

Meanwhile at the Da Silva’s

Laksh’s pov
“I followed her with another account of mine and I told her that she is looks so stunning!” “But she blocked me after my reply, so I followed her with my normal account. “Ragsythekiddo followed you back.” “Yay!” “What happened bhai?” Rudra asked and I replied back: “nothing!” “You know, what Saumya asked me out!” “What, congo chote!” “Thanks bhai, I need that and I will tell her about my feelings today!” “All the best!” “I’m going to get ready!” “Should I help you in chosing your clothes?” “Nope, I’m fine Lucky bhaiya.
End of his pov

Rudra’s pov
I went to get ready for my date, I’m so nervous!” “Saumya get ready for my confession. Soon it was 2 pm, I went to the outskirts of the city, where we both were going to meet.
End of his pov

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