Get well soon ???
SHOT 9 ….
The Episode starts with Kunj waking up and look at Arohi who was sleeping on him with pouty lips he smiled at her and takes his mobile from the side table ..

Strange twinkle didn’t even called me back ? is she fine ? Or she got angry ? Kunj murmured and sees them time ..

Fishhh I had to go with Yuvi to see the site he said and started waking up Arohi ..

Arohi baby get up Kunj said while she just rubbed her nose and again cuddled him ….areeey meri sleeping beauty get up Kunj said ..still she didn’t moved …Kunj got up carefully and put her on bed kept the pillows on the either side …and quickly went to get freshen up soon he came back and got dressed for office he smiled looking at Arohi who’s still sleeping …

He moved towards bed arohiiiii wake up he started tickling her feets while she flinched in her sleep ..

Ahhaa papa ?Arohi said…
Chalo you slept alottt Kunj said ..
I want to sleep Arohi said ..

Achawwww bachu ? I think I should send you to play school now Kunj added while Arohi looked at him …making puppy face while both of them giggled ..

My baby Kunj hugged her tightly brushing her teeths taking her down ..
Why so late today ?? Bebe asked…

Your this drama queen was sleeping Kunj said taking his seat while Arohi quickly jumped towards Manohar …all smiled and started having their breakfast …
@ Taneja Mansion ::
Yuvi and Abeer was sitting in the lawn discussing about their upcoming projects
I think Abeer bhai we should expand it more Yuvi said while Abeer looked on ..

Even I thought it but papa said no just you and Yuvi do this one Abeer told him while both hummed and continued talking while Avni was looking at Yuvi standing in her room balcony …she went downstairs and sees Leela and Meher in kitchen along with servants ..she asked if they want any help …

Nahi puttar Leela said while she stands there ..Ishani comes there ..
Mumma pleaseeee Ishani said while Meher scolded her …

Nahi Ishani I told you na just go in room Meher said ..
Are Meher puttar kya hogaya Leela said .
Nothing maa just day by day she is becoming more stubborn Meher added frustrated …while Leela signs Avni to see Ishani …

Abeer and Yuvi was still discussing while both decided to go inside when Abeer sees Ishani coming out with her backpack with a angry frown …

Ohh hello ms junior Taneja come here Abeer called her while she marched towards her father ..
Kaha ???? Abeer asked her ..

I am leaving this house she said while Yuvi giggled ? I can say she definitely went on her daayan Bua Abeer chuckled their breathe hitched seeing Avni coming from behind ishani …

What happen ? Avni asked
Nothing Abeer replied and looked at Ishani ..

And so you are leaving the house why ?? Abeer asked…
Mumma scolded me I won’t leave here now Ishani said with an angry pout …

Mumma is stressed na baby come on don’t do like this you are Papa’s bacha na Abeer said hugging her ..

Huhuh you always takes Mumma’s side Ishani added while Yuvni giggled…
Are beta Ishani papa is taking Mumma side since she had her grahpravesh Yuvi said giggling while Abeer hits him…

Chalo koi nai baby itna gussa nai karte Abeer said ..
Okay but promise you will give me ice cream Ishani said ..

Meher bhabhi just come here for a minute Yuvi shouted while Ishani frowns ..
Nahi Yuvi please Abeer said while Avni laughed …

Chalo we will talk to Mumma Abeer said taking Ishani inside while servant comes there with coffee Avni took it …

Your coffee she forwarded Yuvi coffee mug ..while he took it ..
Thanks he added ..
Ohoo you are telling me thanks Avni said ..

Yes as you decided to be formal so yeah Yuvi added ..
Yuvi please understand na Avni added ..

What I should understand Avni ? He asked but leave it ?I stopped thinking about it already when you are clear in your mind that we are over Yuvi added going inside …

I don’t wanted to hurt you but …Avni said she went back too …
They all settled for breakfast while rt comes out he sees twinkle missing …

Where is twinkle ???? He asked…
She was sleeping sometime before Leela added ..
I’ll go and call her Avni said while the rest nodded ..

She went and knocked the door while no one opened it ..
Are what happen twinkle twinkle open the door Avni said while still there was no response from twinkle side …she went downstairs and told everyone ..

Whattttttttttt ?? Abeer and Yuvi said together they went up while started banging on the door …

Abeer bhai one minute Yuvi said he went from outside and jumped in twinkle balcony going inside he sees her unconscious and got panicked ..

Yuvi open the door Abeer shouted from outside while Yuvi quickly opens the door they all see twinkle who was laying on bed …

Yuvi patted her cheeks while Abeer rubbed her hands trying to wake her up ..
Maaa she is to Burning with high fever Abeer said ..

Let’s take her to hospital rt said while Abeer nodded lifting her up they went and took twinkle to hospital immediately …
Soon twinkle was admitted while Akash went to check her …
@ sarna mansion :::
Everyone was done with their breakfast while Arohi took Kunj car keys and was playing with it ..

Doll give it me I have to go office Kunj said while she nodded in no and started running while Kunj was running behind her while the rest were laughing seeing the scenario …

Arohi baby see give me back na bacha Kunj said while she showed him tongue ..
No no I am not giving papa she said …while Kunj stopped and hide behind sofa …

Arohi came in searching for Kunj she asked Manusha about him while they gestured her behind sofa ..she didn’t got while Kunj picked her up in his arms …

Ahhh naughty bug caught you Kunj said twirling her around while she giggled ..Kunj bited her cheeks slowly ..

Chalo give me now he said while she gave him making a pout ..
That’s like my baby Kunj added …

Stay with dadi and bebe don’t tease them I’ll be back soon Kunj added while she nodded in yes and went to Manusha room …

Kunj left for office and was waiting for Yuvi to join he asked the receptionist about him …
Yuvraj didn’t came till now ??? Kunj asked..

No sir she added while Kunj looked on he called Yuvi who picked up his call…

Hey Yuvi where are you man ? I am waiting for you we have to go to see that location remember Kunj said ..

Yeah Kunj but I can’t come today we will see it some other time Yuvi said …

Kunj sensed the worry in his voice and asked him about it ..
Is everything fine ? Kunj asked…

Hmm no yaar wo twinkle Yuvi said looking towards the ward twinkle was shifted ..

What happened to twinkle Kunj asked immediately …
We also had no clue about it doctor went for her check up Yuvi added ..

Okay Kunj said take care he added while Yuvi hummed and ended the call ..

What happened to her babaji that’s why she didn’t called me back I should go there as well Kunj said he left from there too ..
While Akash check twinkle and came out ….
She was having her medicines ??? Akash asked ..

No Abeer replied ..
Yes she took it last night as it was paining her alottt Yuvi spoke ..

Is there anything to worry is twinkle fine ? Rt asked immediately ..

There is nothing to worry uncle she just fainted due to her pain and plus she took her medicines after long so the fever must be due to its side effect I have given her pain killers she will sleep now so that her pain will be reduced ..Akash said ..
Thank god Leela added ..

You all don’t worry she will be fine let her sleep he added and went from there ..
I got really worried rt said ..

Papa maa you all go I’ll stay here with twinkle Abeer said …
But Abeer Leela started to say ..

Maa don’t worry I’ll stay na and Yuvi you dropped them back Abeer added while Yuvi nodded taking them ..

Kunj too reached there and sees everyone there he decided to talk to Akash directly and went towards his cabin ..

Come in Akash said while Kunj entered ..
Ohooo mr sarna Akash teased ..
Shut up Kunj replied how’s twinkle ? Kunj asked ..

While Akash narrated him everything as well …Kunj hummed in response ..
When she will be fine yaar ? Kunj asked ..

Don’t know Kunj even I am shocked Akash said ..
I want her to get fine soon Kunj replied ..

Don’t worry I’ll check her again if she is fine then you all tell her truth Akash replied ..
Okay Kunj nodded…I’ll take a leave now Kunj added…

Haan Haan bhai you just comes for your wife Han Akash said ..

Aww then I should come for you saale Kunj replied while both laughed Akash went to check on another patients and Kunj was going towards twinkle ward to see her once he found no one there and went inside to find twinkle sleeping peacefully he hugged her…and sat beside her and caresses her hairs ..

When you will get fine yar twinkle ? he said taking her hand in his and kissed it I miss you alottt yaar I miss each n every thing about us he added get well soon yaar I have a lott of things to talk to you ?Kunj added he heard the door opening sound and got alerted …he got up and stands to see it’s Abeer …

Kunj tum Abeer said ..while Kunj looked at him ..
Woh I came to see twinkle Kunj added lowly …Abeer looked on they went outside …

When did the things changed between us so much Kunj ??? Abeer asked
I don’t know yaar Abeer ? Kunj replied playing with his fingers …

I know that we never met in these years but still I don’t want you to behave formally with me Abeer added …I know you can never cheat twinkle and I am sure there must be something behind that you hided from all of us Abeer said making kunj hell shocked ..

How do you know ? Kunj asked ..
I know how much you loves twinkle that you will never try to break her trust Abeer added that time situation was so bad and I didn’t got time to confront you I waited for you to tell everyone what you wanted Abeer said …while Kunj hugged him tightly ..

Atleast there is someone who can trust me Kunj said ..

Nahi Kunj everyone’s trust you but all are worried for twinkle Abeer added …I want to each and everything Kunj please Abeer said while Kunj broke their hug ..

I’ll tell you but this is not the right place or right time let’s meet at night Kunj said ..
Like the old days Han Abeer added smirking ..

Yeah Kunj replied .. both of them smiled …
When she will wake up ? Kunj asked..
Don’t know Abeer replied ..

They both had a good talk and went from there while Kunj went sarna mansion and called Arohi ..
Come with me Kunj said ..

Where are you taking her Kunj ? Usha asked ..
We will come back soon maa Kunj said while Arohi happily said bye to everyone and left with Kunj ..

He took her to hospital and called Abeer who came out and sees them ..
Hey Arohi Abeer added ..

Arohi go with your maa…Kunj stopped Abeer uncle and meet Twinkie she is ill Kunj said while Arohi nodded happily going inside …

Leela Avni Yuvi was present there Meher was at home with Ishani and rt too stayed at home …

Kunj went for his work while Arohi happily went with Abeer all the time murmuring Abeer took her to twinkle ward ….twinkle was concious and Leela was feeding her soup …

Hiiii Arohi chirped in her cutie voice while all looked at her …
Arohi all said together ..

Haan mein she said going forward ohoo twinkie what happen ? Arohi asked ..while Avni made her sit beside twinkle…

You went na I got ill twinkle replied pouting ..
Ohhhh I get ill too when papa goes for his trip Arohi said giggling ..

I missed you she kissed on twinkle cheeks ..
I missed you too twinkle hugged her tightly while all smiled seeing them ..

With whom you came Arohi ? Avni asked…
Papa she said smiling ….

He is here ? Leela asked ..
No he went Abeer added ..while twinkle cuddles Arohi …

She spent a good time with twinkle and the rest everyone was happy including twinkle who was not letting her go away even for a minute …while Abeer talked to Kunj and said he will drop Arohi …

Twinkle was discharged while she looked at Arohi ..
Come with us she said ..

Dadu will be angry Arohi told ..
Why ? Avni asked giggling..

Ale I came to your house na and dadi daadu missed me and I plomish that I’ll not go .. Arohi said cutely ..

Okay bye she waved her hand while twinkle kissed her whole face and hugged her ..

Get well soon she told while all smiled
Yuvi took twinkle Leela and Avni back home while Abeer went to drop Arohi ..

Kaha chod kar aagaya meri bachi Ko bebe asked Kunj who was sitting in hall ..
Are bebe she will come back Kunj said ..

Kunjjj what is this Usha asked…
Huhuh she went to meet her mother Kunj said…

What twinkle ? Usha and bebe asked shocked..

Yeah Kunj said ..while Abeer came with Arohi there met Usha and bebe ..and left
What’s going on Manohar asked coming inside who sees Abeer going from their house ..

Even we want to know Usha said ..
I’ll tell you all later Kunj added while the rest stayed quiet …and Arohi told them about twinkle all smiled happily seeing her happy with twinkle ..

The night came soon all had their dinner while Arohi was fast asleep Kunj came down with Arohi in his arms he sees Manusha room lights off and went to bebe room …

Bebe he said while she looked at him ..
What happen ? Bebe asked ..
Keep Arohi with you for sometime na Kunj added ..

You are going somewhere ? Bebe asked..
Yes he smiled ..
But come soon if she wakes up then…bebe said while Kunj giggled …

My baby is correct solution for you all lazy heads Kunj said while bebe twisted his ears …khotey she said ..
Ouch Huhuh …..he murmured something and left …while bebe smiled

Abeer too went stating he is meeting an old friend while twinkle Avni and Meher was resting Ishani was with Lert …and Yuvi left for his home ..

Soon Kunj and Abeer reached their famous dhaba and both smiled it was their secret place …they hugged again…
Had dinner ? Kunj asked ..

Yeah Abeer said but I can make place if you are giving treat he added ..
Huhuh hamesha you take it from me only Kunj added ..

Haan jija ? Abeer giggled ..
They ordered with food and sat ..
Now tell me Abeer said ..

I don’t know how to say it I’ll tell everything when twinkle will get fine just look at this video rest you will understand Kunj said taking out his phone …and opening a video …

While Abeer looked at it …he wasn’t getting anything soon something clicked his mind he looks at Kunj who nodded in yes ..

What are you serious Kunj Abeer said…
Yeah Kunj added she was the reason he stated having his food ..

Where is she then ? Abeer asked…
In London right now her treatment is going on Kunj added painfully but she will get fine soon he chirped while Abeer smiled…

Saaaaleeee he said while both chuckled and continued talking laughing ..while the dhaba owner comes there ..

Arey you both I haven’t seen you both since long he said ..
Kaka now we will again come here like before Abeer said while Kunj too nodded in yes …

And Kaka pack some kachories jalebi and gulab jamun Kunj said …while the dhaba owner left ..
For whom ? Abeer asked ..

For my wifey Kunj said even after being ill she won’t resist this Kunj said while both smirked …they paid and took their parcel ..

Now I have to go your Siyappa niece if she wakes up then to mummy bebe and papa will beat me Kunj added…

Hehe ? you had choti Siyappa queen with you Abeer said both smiled and hugged back and left …
Abeer reached TM and went to girls room where they were resting as well as gossping …

See what I have Abeer said ..he opened the packets while the trio smelled food ..
Twinkle looked at it and smiled bhai who gave this ? She asked…Abeer smirked ..

Who gave means what Haan I brought he lied while the trio started having it ..

Kunj was right see this Siyappa queen how she is munching this or else toh no I don’t want to eat anything he mimicked and murmured slowly …Leela and rt was going from their they see their kids happy and smiled…

Kunj too reached sm and sees in hall with bebe and Arohi who was standing with a frown ..
Today I am gone Kunj murmured..

Hey Arohi bacha you wake up Haan Kunj said…
Huhuh where you went she asked with tears in her eyes ..

Ohooo mera cry baby see what I have for you gulab jamun kunj said distracting her while bebe Kunj and arohi enjoyed.. having it ..

Acha hua Abeer gave me one box ? for his niece or else toh I would have gone today Kunj murmured …he took Arohi with him to his room and made her sleep he too tried to sleep when his phone buzzed ..he sees Abeer message ..

Haan you were right your foodie had all of it Abeer said ..while Kunj smiled I knew it

And thank god you gave me gulab jamun this choti Siyappa queen she was awake Kunj replied ..

????Abeer send laughing emojis both ended their chat …

Poori ki poori Siyappa queen pe gayi hai Kunj said cuddling Arohi he bites her cheeks slowly …

After Kunj MBA ended he joined sarna industries upon Manohar insistence he was a strict father he wanted Kunj to become successful in his life while Kunj started working …twinkle continued with her 2nd year months were passing by soon …rt and Manohar was good freinds during their young days then Manohar with his family shifted to London after came back he met his friend and both were happy ..

Rt used to see Kunj many times during the business parties so as Manohar and Usha when twinkle and others used to join rt and twinj ..

they both didn’t used to notice each other as Kunj used to left early ….. The families were lookiing forwards for twinkle and Kunj respectively …

@ sarna mansion :::
A baby of 1 and half years old was crying while Meera was handling him Aryan baby don’t cry na she said while Kunj came downstairs with cottons plugs in his ears ..

Are di calm down your trumpet Kunj said ..
Maa see your son calling my son trumpet Meera said ..

Kunj don’t Usha replied while samaira giggled ..

Then what I’ll say maa till tomorrow our house was so peaceful and then jiju dropped this trumpet and her mum at our home Kunj said…

Huhuh kunjjjjj Meera screamed…let’s see when your baby will come what will you do papa get him marry soon Meera added stumping her foot and going inside ..while samaira and Kunj hifi ..

You both na always behind my Meera Usha said ..Kunj and samaira went to see Meera …
While Usha sees Manohar looking at them .

What Happen ? She asked…
Meera said right na Manohar added ..
What ??? Usha asked ..

We should think about Kunj wedding he added ..
But he just completed his college Usha added ..

And in that just 6 months already passed Manohar added …
But still it will be early you know him Usha said worried ..

Nahi I know he got somewhat spoilt staying with his idiot freinds but he will get responsible if we get him married Manohar said …

You had someone in your sight ? Usha asked …
Yes Manohar said smiling…

Ram bhaisab daughter ??? Usha asked while Manohar nodded in yes …
I’ll talk to him today Manohar said while Usha nodded happily …

Soon Manohar called rt they both were sitting the restaurant ..
What happen Monu you called me so urgently rt asked…

Yeah I wanted to talk about something Manohar said…
Yes tell rt said ..

Woh I am looking forward to get Kunj married he said…
Oh that’s great rt replied ..

And I want twinkle hand for my Kunj he said while rt was shocked ..
Twinkle ? She is still studying na rt replied ..

I know there is no hurry but I just wanted to talk about this manohar said ..
I like Kunj too I’ll talk with Leela and Abeer then will tell you rt said…

Sure I have to talk with bebe as well Manohar replied ..they both hugged …and left ..

While Manohar talked with bebe and showed her twinkle pictures who approved her as well while Usha bebe and Manohar was smiling …while Kunj was outside their room roaming around like watchman ..

Oye Jagga Jasoos come here Kunj whispered to samaira ..
What ??? Samaira replied ..

What’s the planning going in bebe room ? Kunj asked….
How I would know and waise bhi you are walking here like watchman samaira said while pulled her hairs ..

Jitna poocha jaye utna hi jawab de fatso he added …while Meera comes there and sees them ..
How’s trumpet di ? Kunj asked ..

Sleeping he went on his maamu na Meera replied sarcastically while samaira giggled ..the trio had fun ..
Who’s there ? Manohar asked from inside while they quickly ran from there ..

RT talked to Leela who happily agreed and then he called abeer as well who started teasing twinkle ..

Maa papa is planning to throw you out of the House soon Abeer poked twinkle ..
Maa papa what Abeer bhai is saying ? Twinkle asked..

Haan twinkle one alliance cane for you of Manohar son and we really like the guy rt said ..

But papa I am still…twinkle started to say …
I know princess I am not getting you married tomorrow itself rt said while mehbeer and Avni started teasing her then twinkle told Yuvi on video call who also made fun of her ..

Like this both the families had a talk Kunj didn’t knew till now about it while Meera and samaira also didn’t told him …

Kunj I need to talk to you Manohar said while they were having dinner ..
Yeah Kunj replied ..

Finish your dinner and come in lawn Manohar said while Meera and samaira made expression like slitting their neck ..Kunj ignored them and went to talk with Manohar ..

How’s the work going on ? Manohar asked ..
Nice papa Kunj said…

Acha I saw a girl for you Manohar initiated the conversation finally …
What ? why ? Kunj replied ..

Yes infact everyone liked her and I want you to get married to her … Manohar added …

But papa I don’t want to get married ever Kunj replied ..
Huhuh Kunj life doesn’t goes alone Manohar said ..and made Kunj agree somehow using his emotional tactics along with Usha and bebe …

So we are going to meet them Tomorrow be ready he said ..while Kunj makes faces …

I’ll run away but will not go to see anyone hehe papa if you are Manohar sarna then I am also Kunj sarna Kunj wearing his glares ..

Bhai you are so much happy ? Samaira asked ..
Huh ? Why ??? Kunj replied ..

Who wears glares in night ? Samaira asked while Meera hifi with them Kunj pulled both of their cheeks …and they screamed …

Soon next morning everyone was ready at sarna mansion to go to Taneja Mansion ..
Where is Kunj samaira go and call him Manohar said ..

But papa bhai is not at home samaira said ..
Where he went ? Manohar asked they tried to call but Kunj didn’t picked up ..they only went to TM where rt with his family was waiting ..

Are where is our to be son in law ? Leela asked ..
Woh he had meeting Usha lied ..

Twinkle met everyone while samaira and Meera liked her she gelled up with Aryan as well …they called the priest to take out roka date ..

After 3 days it’s an auspicious day he said ..
So done morning roka followed by engagement in night rt said while sarna and Taneja family agreed ..

Huhuh so arrogant he didn’t came as well I have to cancel this alliance anyhow twinkle thought going back to her room ..
To be continued ?

Precap : flashback continues ..
Twi : tum ..??
Kunj : tum ????shockedddd
So hows the shot ??
Kunj and Abeer scenes ???
Flashback ? …
And Eid Mubarak to everyone in advance
Thanks to all who commented on the last I loved reading them guys ..
Yeah I’ll be going like present and past together …
Hope you enjoy the episode ..
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Bye Allahafiz ?

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