Peaceful Love (SwaSan TS) Part 1

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Hey guys…how r u all?
Recently I found a new ts in google+ on swasan….I really liked the concept & so thought of uploading it here!!
Hope u all like it!!
~Peaceful Love~
Shot 1;
Sanskar Maheshwari – He’s a number one businessman and one of the handsome guys?? all girls drool over him but he doesn’t give them attention? he’s arrogant towards work but kind and sweet towards family?

Swara Roy – Bubbly and Cute natured she believes in love and perfection of family ? she’s a fashion designer and a queen in her dreamland??

Anupam and Shreya Roy – Swara’s parents they are really modern minded and possessive about Swara?

Sujata and Ram Maheshwari – Sanskar’s parents believe in him a lot and they want to get him married asap??

Kavita and Sahil Roy – Swara’s brother and bhabhi they are professional and loveble Kavita is a pediatrician? Sahil is a business man

Story starts from

A girl is seen reading a book and she’s at the last page and it’s written “I’m looking for that reality which shines even in extreme dark conditions … I’ looking for that love which I left at your doorsteps … people of the world, try to understand the prayer when one bows down … I’m looking for that heaven which you attain after death”

Before she could break down in tears she feels a tap and turns back and says – Kavita Bhabhi

Kavita – yes me ok so my Jaanu is crying haan? anyway bachu get ready you have to go remember na job interview

Swara – OMG?? I forgot thanks Bhabs for reminding me love you bhabi ???

Kavita – ok drama queen get ready the breakfast is ready and then your bhaiyu will drop you ??

Swara – I’ll come late today?

Kavita – why??

Swara – to give you guys privacy come on Bhabs I want a cute chotu to play with??

Kavita turns red and runs out of there while Swara sits there giggling seeing her Bhabhi’s blushy mood??



Sujata – chore why don’t you get married see you always work otherwise life time I can’t see my grandchildren

Sanskar- mom atop your melodrama I’ll not get married that’s final? dad tell her something

Ram – Suju its modern generation come on it’s his choice stop pestering him yaar

Sujata – ok but listen chore don’t get me an foreign or angrezi chidiya as my daughter in law??

Sanskar – MOM???

Ram – Sanskar you leave she’s gonna just speak nonsense I’ll deal with it ??

Sanskar leaves while Suju gets a call and gets happy and shares it with Ram he also gets happy


Next Day

Swara – Bhaiyu Bhabs I got job in Manish Malhotra’s fashion huh yes my dream Got fulfilled???

KavHil – congratulations Bachu❤️❤️ anyways get ready Mom and Dad have found a boy did you

Swara – WHAT???? My courier???

Sahil – don’t cry they’re a free minded and modern family so get ready

Swara – (frowns) hmm okay☹️?

She’s goes to get ready and here KavHil make preparations for leaving to the groom’s house??


Roy family reach their destination and Swara reads the house board “MAHESHWARI MANSION”

Swara (thinks) – hmm house is not bad I really like it? princess vibes Swara baby? I wish my would be prince and the royal court are really nice and sweet??

They enter Ram and Suju welcome them and tell Swara to go upstairs to the right I mean Sanskar’s room?

As soon as she reaches there she sees him back facing and calls him out

“Excuse Me”

He turns around and tells her to be seated

Sanskar- I hope you’re comfortable?

Swara – yeah thank you

They keep talking casually and Swara thinks Sanskar is perfect for her and instantly aggrees

SwaSan’s Marriage gets fixed after a week or so

SwaSan gets married after a week and instantly talk heart out on their first night

Swara – I need some time for this relationship

Sanskar – it’s okay I understand anyway at least we can have a friendship bond we can right❤️

Swara- yeah? so friends

Sanskar – friends

They keep telling and talking about their past and their plans unknowingly they sleep there itself peacefully in each other’s embrace?

To Be Continued…

Precap : SwaSan Growing closer and surprise✨?


Hope you like this!! Please comment .


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  1. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear

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  3. Rabia

    dear concept is nicee but ts didnt mean that u rush like this u should have give a little bit detail.. it is looking like u r giving a summary sorry to hurt u but as a reader i said what i felt 🙂

  4. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing episode.

  5. Alku

    nyc shreeyu 🙂

    1. Alku

      oops sry by mistake placed shreeyu name
      nyc update

  6. Mumpi

    nice start..

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    Awesome dr…
    Nxt one soon…

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    nice dear

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  10. Good one

  11. awesome dear…u r going soo fast

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    Nice….. love peacefully started !!!…. waiting for next part…

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