Badho Bahu 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rana finally tells Lucky that the one who saved Pragya is none other than his wife Komal. Lucky is taken aback. Malti ji nods. Payal smiles hearing it. Jamuna ji asks everyone to take a seat. Lucky keeps standing. Payal asks him to sit. He complies. Payal is thrilled that Lucky came here for real. God has really heard me. You did your job. Now it is my turn to make use of this.

Raghubir ji tells Komal he can understand and feel what she is going through. Like I said, I can only speak up to a limit in this relation between a husband and wife. I am so worried thinking I will go without you. I will handle it as much as I can for your sake. Payal asks them to come outside. See who has come. Komal looks at her in confusion. Payal tells her that Lucky himself came to take her. Raghubir ji nods at Komal. Komal is pleasantly surprised and looks at Raghubir ji who tells her to go.

Kamla ji tells Pragya she dint say anything yesterday as per her situation. I cannot even understand what I want to ask you. How did Zalim Singh kidnap you and take you so far? Pragya replies that she was going alone to orphanage. Don’t know from where he came. She drinks water. Kamla ji observes her diligently. I will accept it as you say so. Tell me honestly if you are hiding something from me. Pragya denies. Kamla ji warns her to make sure no one gives another story to her. Pragya says there cannot be any other story. Everything is fine. Everything can be found out once Zalim Singh is caught. Kamla ji oversees her daughter acting all nervous.

Komal looks at Lucky who avoids looking at her initially. Payal tells Komal her husband came himself to take her. You must have gotten your answers by now. He was saying he will take care of the one who saved Pragya. Komal keeps looking at Lucky who continues to avoid meeting her eye. Sarpanch praises Lucky for coming all the way from Chennai only for this ritual. You have done a great thing. Lucky thinks he got rid of this fattie after so much difficulty. I am so badly stuck. I cannot get out of this situation before so many people. Sarpanch asks him what he is thinking. Lucky says you are right. I came here to take her only. Raghubir ji tells Komal this time Lucky has taken the first step. I told you about that small ray of hope, remember? Payal tells Lucky there is no point feeling shy now. Tell your wife what you had come to say. Lucky walks up to Komal and asks her to return to her home now. Komal looks emotionally at his extended hand towards her and then at him. Raghubir ji says you dint listen to me. Now Lucky is asking. You should tell. Will you come now or not? Komal looks at Lucky who nods at her (to accept). Agar Tum Saath ho plays. Komal keeps her hand in his. Raghubir ji is pleased. Lucky says shall we? Komal nods. They both walk together holding hands.

Pragya comes to Teji’s room. He asks her what happened now. Why do you look so pale? She says I wouldn’t have given importance to anything if I knew about the consequence of falling into your sweet talks. He asks her to say clearly. She says I feel mother has some doubt. I handled it for now. I see no hopes. He tells her to stay quiet. Don’t say anything to anyone. It is settled for now. Pragya thinks to tell truth to her mother. I will accept whatever happens then. If she finds out from someone else then she will kill me. Teji says I will be insulted because of which my sister might get in problem. This situation has already gotten out of hand. Nothing will happen to you but your brothers wont spare me. I request you to end this matter here itself. I agree what happened with you was wrong but nothing wrong should happen with anyone else. He thinks to do something or he will be thrown out of the house.

Pinki and Komal enter. Kamla ji hugs Komal calling her lotus flower. Pinki is taken aback while everyone else smiles. Kamla ji says I can never thank you (Komal) enough. We are indebted to you after what you did. Pinki wonders what happened that her MIL cannot stop praising the same DIL who she disliked. Komal says I only did my duty. Kamla ji says I will also do my duty now. I wont let you miss anything in this house. I will get you whatever you will ask for. Just name it. Rana smiles. Pinki says I was so eager to meet you (Kamla ji) but it seems you dint miss me at all. Kamla ji asks the meaning of miss. Pinki explains. Kamla ji says I missed you a lot. I was coming to you only my carrot. Lucky thinks this fattie has great fate that she got back in the house. I got rid of her after so much difficulty but she is back in my life again. I wont be able to live peacefully ever! Kamla ji does aarti of both the DIL’s happily and blesses them well. It is Lohri today. Let’s get ready and go out.

Pinki is getting ready when a phone rings. She stops Rana from picking the call (Kala Chashma plays). She wears black shades and dances around and with Rana. She ends up tripping. Rana holds her. She shares that she loves this song. This is why I told you not to pick it so I can hear it. She sits back before dressing table. He asks her if they should go. Everyone must be waiting for us. He wears the black shades and sings the song for her.

Raghubir ji tells Lucky he is proud of the fact that he came all the way here upon his askance. Lucky asks him if he is happy to bring Komal back in the house because of him. You played such a big game. I am stuck today because of you!

Precap: Ahlawat family celebrates Lohri. Raghubir ji tells Lucky he dint play any move. Lucky says you have ruined my life already by making me marry that fattie. I am going away from you, your wish and that fattie tomorrow!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Did not like new pragya

    1. Hi Renu,
      I see what you mean they have changed the actor who plays Pragya, but why? I feel the old Pragya played better, she came across screen more spoilt, selfish, conniving, manipulative and generally more devious in her mishievous ways, to the point you hate her character for being a spoilt pain in the butt. This new Pragya comes across too submissive. When old Pragya was being caught doing wrong and lectured, although she would comply, but you can still see a sense of defiance in her: she will scheme to get her way no matter what. Whilst new Pragya seems too obedient (maybe her facial expressions), for example, when confronting Teji, i did not feel she had the same fiest as old Pragya.

  2. Hi summer. Good to see yr reply.
    Really impressed with the depth of yr comments here n on santoshi maa page.
    Appreciate yr amazing n awesome analysis ??

    1. Hi Renu, hope you are well,

      Really enjoying Badho at the mo. Hope it doesn’t go down the same path as Gangaa! I stopped watching that nonsense, it was just too frustrating to watch. T.V time in the evening is suppose to be my relaxing time and enjoyable. 🙂

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