Payal Rohatgi arrested for ‘threatening’ residents of her housing society

Actress Payal Rohatgi was arrested by the Ahmedabad Police on 25th June for allegedly threatening the residents of her housing society. According to the reports an FIR was registered against Payal by the society chairman Dr. Parag Shah.

Payal has been living with her parents in the Satellite area of Ahemdabad for the last one year. She has been booked for saying obscene words (IPC section 294-b), intentional insult (504) and criminal intimidation (506).

According to the complaint, the actress has been harassing society members including children for some time. She even threatened the children that she would “break their legs” if they played in the common area of the society. Although she does not own a house in the society yet she attended its annual general meeting with her parents on June 20. She was asked to leave as the meeting was for members only but she refused to leave.

Allegedly Payal abused the society members during the meeting and later posted an abusive message on the society’s WhatsApp group. Shah also claimed that Payal threatened them to get them arrested in false cases and that she was also targeting them on their social media accounts.

The probe is on, the inspector said.

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