Pavitra Rishta 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 8th March 2013 Written Update

Pari is crying and Ovi is trying to calm her down. Punni comes there and asks what happened. Ovi says she doesn’t stop crying.. don’t know what happened. She is not even drinking milk. Punni says, she might not be hungry. Ovi says no.. it’s been very long since she drank milk last time. punni says, then may be Purvi gave he milk? You guys have so good understanding between you two. Ovi says, what? Why would Purvi give milk to my baby? Punni says, I don’t know all that.. but other day I saw Purvi giving milk to your baby. Ovi says, don’t stay whatever comes in your mind.. Purvi can’t do like that.

Punni says, I am not misunderstood.. I thought you might have given her permission. I saw Purvi other day. Ovi says, please Punni.. why are you lying to me? Punni says, I am not lying.. I think Purvi is trying to get closer to Arjun through your baby. You know right only mother can feed milk to her child? Purvi is taking away your rights.. I think baby is getting extra closer to Purvi. Haven’t you noticed.. baby stops crying when she goes to Purvi? Ovi says, Punni I can’t trust you.. you’re lying. Punni says, fine.. then ask Purvi what she was doing outside hospital other day. She was feeding milk to baby. Go and ask her. Ovi gets up and comes to Purvi’s room with her baby. Punni has a smile on her face.

Baby is crying. Purvi asks what happened. Ovi says, she is crying since so long.. please make her stop crying. I sang so many lauris and all, but still she didn’t stop crying. Maybe she is used to you now. Feed her milk. Purvi in a shock looks at Ovi. She asks, what are you saying Ovi? Ovi says, why? What did I say wrong? You feed her milk before too, right? So what’s the problem today?

Ovi asks her if she really did that. Purvi accepts and says she was crying a lot that’s why. Ovi says, don’t you even know that only a mother has right to feed milk to her baby? I was like you lost your baby so you would feel good if I let you stay with my baby. You will be able to forget your sorrow, but you’re just trying to take away my right.. Here I am trying to think good for you… and you’re doing all this behind my back? Have you forgotten that you’re Pari’s mausi, not mother? I am Pari’s mother. Now I think you’re not even worth be Pari’s mausi. Purvi says, please don’t say that.. Pari was crying a lot and I couldn’t see her crying. Ovi says that doesn’t mean you feed her milk. What do you want? You want Pari to get used to you that she can’t live without you?

Listen carefully. I don’t want to see you near my daughter. Purvi crying.. Ovi continues, you had an accident that’s why I am not going to say much, but if aai was here, then you know right she would be so embarrassed because of you doing this. Please don’t be 2nd Varsha Mausi. We are still suffering because of her obsession towards Soham. Today I am just keeping this between me and you and I hope you will take this warning seriously. I don’t think you’re anything like what I thought in last few days… you’re like how I used to think you before. So please stay away from me and my baby. She leaves and Onir is entering. They see each other. Ovi leaves without saying anything.

Onir sees Purvi crying and runs to her. He asks her if Ovi said her anything. Purvi says, I MADE A HUGE MISTAKE. Onir asks, what mistake?

Break 1..

Ovi packing her bag. Punni comes to see whether her plan worked or no. She asks Ovi, where are you going? Ovi says, I am going back to home. Punni says, but I just told you to warn you, but you’re going home? Ovi says, I just came here for 2 days. Punni says in her mind, but your face is saying something else. That means my plan worked.

Purvi tells Onir, I don’t know how Ovi found out. Onir says, all that is not important right now.. you just accept that all this happened because of your “mamta” (mother’s love). You shouldn’t have done this. You and Ovi finally were getting a long and now this. I knew this would happen 1 day. And that’s why I told you not to give Pari to Ovi-Arjun. I knew you wouldn’t be able to live without baby and that is what happened. Pari is getting affected by all this too.. and if all this don’t stop, then they will find out truth soon.

He continues, and you know how Ovi will react if she finds out the truth. He asks her, why are you playing with Pari’s future? Purvi says, I understand what you’re saying very well. But what could I do? She was crying a lot and I couldn’t see her like that. Onir says, you could have controlled yourself. Because of your carelessness.. Now you will have to stay away from Ovi and your baby for your entire life. Will you be able to? Purvi says, I will. Onir says, it’s not as easy as you think.. when your baby will come in front you, then you won’t be able to control yourself. That’s why I think we should go back to Kolkata. Far away from this place and everyone. They then hear Manju calling Sulo and saying Ovi is going.

Sulo asks Ovi, why are you going all of a sudden? Ovi says, I just came for few days.. and now NaamKaran ceremony is dong too.. and there aaji is alone too. Manju is happy otherwise she thought Ovi will also settle here like Onir and Purvi. She still does drama telling Ovi this is her house only and keep coming back. why are they going early. Arjun comes out with the bag. Onir and Purvi also come out.

Everyone is playing with the baby one last time.. when Purvi is about to take her, Ovi comes in between and says, she slept after so long and if she wakes up now, then will bother a lot. Onir notices that. Everyone leaves except Punni and Purvi. Punni adds fuel in fire telling Purvi that Ovi shouldn’t have done like this to her.. she knows what happened with Purvi, and still.. Purvi goes back to her room.

Arjun Ovi Pari come to Manav’s house. Savita takes baby and Arjun-Ovi come to their room.

Arjun asks her if everything is okay.. he says, you were behaving weird in car and there with Purvi too. Ovi says, nothing is wrong. Arjun says, why would I feel like that? If there is no problem, then why didn’t you let Purvi play with the baby. I know there is problem.. please tell me. Ovi says, she was sleeping that’s why. Arjun says, come on Ovi. He closes the door and asks her again. Ovi says, fine.. and tell him everything. She asks, what does this Purvi want? She wants to take away Pari from me right? Arjun says, what rubbish is this? And whom you’re trusting? Punni whose work is to add fuel in the fire? Purvi can’t do anything like that. Ovi says, even I was as confident as you, but you know what.. Purvi accepted this in front of me. Everything was going so fine.. I even forgot your past.. and everything was normal between me and Purvi.. but Purvi destroyed everything. I was crazy that I was thinking she would feel better if she stays near the baby. Arjun says, relax.. she is in a shock and sorrow.. that’s why she might have done this.

Ovi says, this is the reason I am not telling this to anyone. But she will stay away from Pari. Arjun says, what are you saying? Do you realize she has just lost her baby. Do you understand how big thing is this? And since last couple of days.. she has got attached to Pari.. do anything, but don’t separate her from Pari. I will go to her and talk to her.. everything will be okay. Ovi cannot believe Arjun saying this. She now remembers what Punni said that Purvi is trying to get closer to Arjun through Pari. Arjun asks her if she is listening to him. Ovi says, yes… I am listening. You can do whatever you want, but Pari is my daughter and this is my final decision. Arjun says, please don’t do this.. Ovi leaves from there.

Break 2..

In the hospital, Manav asks doctor when Archu will get conscious. Doctor says, you ask me everyday and I give you same answer everyday. Today my answer will be same as well that we are doing her treatment, but there is no improvement in her.

Balan asks a nurse where is Archana’s room. Nurse shows her. Balan comes to her room and see Archana. Balan wonders where did Manav go as he heard that Manav doesn’t leave Archu for even a minute. Manav comes there and sees him. He starts fighting with Balan. He asks Balan, how dare you to come here? Balan threatens him to take Soham’s case back.. other wise.. Manav says, otherwise what? What will you take away from me? You already took away my life, my Archana from me. Because of your son, today Archana is in coma. I will never forgive him.. he will stay in the jail his entire life. And if you care about your life, then go away from here.. otherwise I don’t know what I will do today. Balan says, you’re threatening me? You can’t do anything to me. Right now I am leaving, but I will take revenge that you will never be able to forget it. And about Soham.. yes he is my son and I will do whatever and take him out of the jail. You’re punishing him for crime that he never did. Doctor asks Manav to calm down and asks his staff to take Balan out. Balan says Manav, don’t forget .. I will take revenge from you and your family. Hospital staff take him out.

Episode ends on Manav’s face.

Precap: Police come with an arrest warrant and arrests Onir.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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