Pavitra Rishta 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 8th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Manav booking airline tickets for going to India. Pari comes and says 12 tickets. She tells Manav that she have to come to India for work. She tells about her work commitment and says I don’t want to miss the chance. She asks him not to force her to stay. Archana is happy. Pari says, I won’t be able to spend time with you. Manav recalls talking to someone and asking him to fiance Pari’s project. He asks her to come. Manav and Pia is happy.

Naren gives clothes to Ankita and asks her to wear clothes. He wants her to look like Ahana. Ankita refuses to wear it. Naren insists. Ankita goes to change the clothes. Ankita comes wearing clothes like Pari. Naren says wow and says something is missing. He sticks batch on her and ties the belt. He asks her to give the Pizza to him. Ankita is stunned. Naren asks her question. Ankita answers it right. Naren says, my experiment is working. He asks her to being ice tea with lots of ice. Ankita nods ok. Naren and Ankita fall on the bed. Naren says, you are same and hugs her. Ankita thinks I really love you.

Archana tells Pia that she is going to meet Ovi because of her. She says, we got separated for years. I didn’t spend time with Ovi. She thanks her. Pia says, I always wanted mom to have her family. Archana says, I want everyone to unite. I want Pari and Arjun to clear the misunderstandings. She recalls Soham and looks at his photo.

Naren comes to Ankita and wishes her Happy Anniversary. He says, 6 months have completed for our marriage. He brings in small half cake. Ankita asks, why you brought half cake. Naren says, it is for 6 months anniversary. Ankita smiles. They cut the cake and make each other eat it. Naren says, you didn’t wish me well. He asks her to kiss on his cheek. Ankita thinks she have to remove Ahana’s memories from his heart and make a place for herself in his heart. She kisses him. Naren wishes her Happy Anniversary. He asks her to dance with him.

Naren and Ankita dance romantically on the song Tum Ho Pass Mere Saath Mere……….Pari is seen at tha airport coming to India. Manav says, finally we are back in India. Neena says, I will go back once the will is finalised. Archana asks Pia to call Ovi. Pia says, her call is not connecting. Savita jokes. Neena asks Sachin where they are staying. Archana says, we have booked a good hotel for you. Savita says, you can play cricket with kids. Neena says, I will sleep and go to spa. Gaurav asks about water scarcity.

Savita says, water is available for 24 hours. Teju starts laughing. Manav asks her to control. They sit in the tempo and comes to the chawl. Archana is happy to look at her chawl. She greets her neighbour Sundari. Savita too greets the neighbours. Manav looks at the house and reminiscence the old memories. Savita gets emotional. Neena and Gaurav are shocked to see the place. Some ladies start fighting for filling the water. Savita looks happy. Neena says it is a dirty place.

Archana says, we have started our life here. Savita says, this is 7 star hotel. We are going to live in this hotel. Neena asks, what? Archana says yes. Archana tells Neena that all our property is close to this house. I want my grand child to see this house. She asks everyone to come. Neena says, you said about 7 star hotel. Savita says, it have 500 rooms. She tells about the chawl and the neighbours. Sachin smiles.

Savita tells Gaurav about fetching water from the common tap. She touches the land and tells Neena that this land is her mother. Neena says, it is very tacky. Savita asks her to touch the soil. Neena refuses. A ball hits neena. Savita tells her that soil touched you. She plays with the kids. Sachin is happy. Savita says, I used to play cricket with their parents. She meets the neighbours. Teju asks her to come. Savita says, I will come later. Neena says, we will stay in the hotel. Savita says no. You will stay here with me.

Ovi comes to Soham’s house and asks for Prashant. Someone says, he is not at home. She says, I brought something for him. He asks her to keep it. Soham sees her and hides behind the sofa.

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