Ek Nayi Pehchan 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 8th April 2014 Written Update

Karan is confused to see Sakshi with Aditya in the restaurant. She dint even tell me anything. He thinks of going there to know it all but then stops deciding against it. Sakshi will tell me on her own. I know she loves me a lot and cannot hide anything from me ever.

Aditya tells Sakshi how he considers her to be his friend. I haven’t come here to create havoc in your married life. A friend wont think bad for his friend. I have returned these gifts for that very reason. Sakshi asks him his real intention if he is saying the truth. He has come here on business purpose. I haven’t got associated with these people because of you but for my own work. I am sure you wont have any problem with it. He leaves after telling her to take care of herself but stops right outside to see her

reaction. Sakshi looks miffed. She gets up and throws those gifts in the bin. Aditya has a smirk on his face.

Sakshi comes back home. She is surprised to see Karan home so soon. Are you all right? He nods. Actually I forgot something so had come to look for it. Weird that we lose things which are close to us. She asks him what it is and he averts the question. Where were you? She lies to him. I was getting bored at home so went to mall. He plays along and appreciates her. She doesn’t have an answer to what she bought and he cuts her mid sentence. I got what I was looking for. He walks out of the room and she looks stressed out.

Karan is doing punching practice as he recalls what he had seen in the restaurant and Sakshi’s lie. Sakshi realises she shouldn’t have lied to Karan. I am saying so many lies to hide one truth. What am I doing! Karan too feels he shouldn’t have behaved with Sakshi like that. She must have felt bad. They both decide to talk to each other straight away and rush to meet each other. Sakshi is about to trip while descending the stairs when Karan saves her in time. She lands in Karan’s arms and they share an eye lock. He asks her not to worry as he wont hurt her ever. Much to her surprise, he lifts her in his arms and takes her upstairs. He puts her to sleep. He looks at her as she closes her eyes. I am sure you wont hurt me ever by lying to me. I know you love me very much. Maybe there was nothing to tell that is why you dint say anything. I am getting worried for no reason. He is about to go when he stops as she is holding onto one of his fingers. He keeps her hand carefully on the other one while a sweet song plays in the background. Sakshi opens her eyes as soon as he is gone. I am sorry that I lied to you. I can’t tell you the truth even if I want to. I love you a lot which is why I am scared to lose you by telling the truth.

Aditya is doing exercise at his home. He remembers all the moments he had spend with Sakshi; seeing Karan and Sakshi together. He increases the speed of the treadmill as his convo with Karan flashes in his mind about Karan’s marriage; Sakshi’s meeting with him in the mall today; at the restaurant. He stops the treadmill and gets off it. He opens his wallet and looks at his and Sakshi’s pic. No Sakshi it isn’t this easy. You are my love and I cannot get over it neither will I let you get over it. I have come back to get you back in my life. You were, are and will be mine always!

Next morning, Latika and Pratik are in the office. They are fighting again. She understands he wants her to take care of the house and Diya which she is already doing. I only expect you to understand me that I am working for our family’s sake, for our daughter’s future so that she gets good education. Pratik points out she is trying to give Diya a good lifestyle. Good upbringing is given by values for which one has to have time which you obviously don’t have. She gets upset. Fine now what to do? When you had to fight with me again then why did you get things sorted? He says it was you who was the initiator both the times. It is weird that you say something else and speak something else altogether. What were those notes and letters about then? I knew you could never change. She is confused at the mention of letters and notes. She is shocked to recall how Sharda had given her Pratik’s note. He clears the confusion that he was merely answering her note. She deduces that Sharda is behind all this.

Sharda is going out early today as Mrs. Bhalla has opened a new shop of interior decoration stuff. Chirag wants some money and she wants to know the reason. He tries to lie to her but she finds it out. Come out with the truth or I wont give you money for your bad habits. Chirag leaves irked.

Latika introduces Aditya to her employees. She will be giving him the details regarding all the clients which he will be handling. Latika asks Karan to hand over the file of Gemini Associates to Aditya as he will handle them from now onwards. Karan is hesitant but Latika insists. Aditya keenly observes them. Latika doesn’t want Karan to handle her clients. Aditya supports Karan. He talks well of the company. Latika gets a call from her dad. Karan tries to go as the call will be long. Aditya offers to come along so they both leave. Latika talks in favour of Aditya to her dad. Guess they talk regarding a house too. Latika is amazed at the way her dad knows how to take care of people.

Aditya sees a dart board and challenges Karan for a dart game. He is sure he will win this game today along with the trophy. Karan agrees to play. Karan loses the game. Aditya keeps praising himself all the while. I had to win as I have come here to win only. He has to attend some clients so he turns to go but his wallet falls down. Karan gives it to him but he again drops it. Karan picks it up and looks at the pic in the wallet and is shocked. WHy is Sakshi’s photo in Aditya’s wallet? Aditya comes back asking for his trophy but then asks for his wallet. Karan gives it to him. Aditya tells Karan that his aim is good but he needs to practice more. You lack focus but you will surely win if you concentrate. Karan replies that he prefers to lose in such games. Lucky in dart unlucky in love. I don’t want to be unlucky in love. Aditya nods. Those who know how to get their love don’t need luck. Karan smiles in reply but is still confused about that pic.

Door bell rings. Sakshi goes to check thinking that it would be Sharda but she is shocked to see Aditya with Suresh. She is all the more shocked to know that Aditya will be staying with them for a few days.

Precap: Aditya tells Sakshi that Karan is not right for her. How can you even think that you love him? He doesn’t deserve you. I am right for you. I can seriously not understand how you got married to him! Sharda says I want to answer that question. Sakshi and Aditya are taken aback to see Sharda there.

Update Credit to: pooja

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