Pavitra Rishta 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 6th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Arjun on the way to search Purvi. He recalls his conversation with Archana and recalls someone had an accident. Arjun thinks she is Purvi and says sorry. He says I am coming Purvi. Soham is on the road and looks at the blind beggar. He steals the beggar’s money and gets caught by the beggar. Soham thinks that the beggar is looting the world and asks God to take everyone. Rushaali asks the driver, whether it will rain today. Driver praises Naren and says if he says it will rain then it will rain. Soham purposely comes infront of Rushaali’s car and gets hit. He says he will not be able to stand and starts acting for money. Rushaali offers money. Soham asks for 1000 Rs for the medicine. Then he asks for 15000 Rs. Rushaali asks him to shut up. Naren looks out from his car and comes to some girl. He holds her and calls her Ahana. Her husband comes and starts fighting with him. Ankita comes to his rescue. Naren says he thought she is Ahana. Her husband says he is teasing his wife. That girl leaves with her husband. Rushaali sees Ankita and asks, what she is doing here? Ankita says she was just sorting out the fight. Rushaali thanks her. Ankita says naren sir did a small mistake and she was just doing her work. Rushaali again thanks her. Ankita says she stays here. Rushaali tells Ankita that this man fights with them for money. Ankita looks at Soham. Naren looks at Ankita and signs her bye. Ankita signs him bye.

Arjun comes to the hospital and asks about Purvi Deshmukh. He goes to the room and finds her on the bed with the injuries. He gets emotional looking at her after 20 years. He recalls Purvi telling it is over between them.

He cries and feels her pain. Doctor comes and asks about his relation with Purvi. Arjun says he is her ex husband. While doctor is doing the check up, Purvi wakes up and looks at Arjun. Arjun holds her hand but she takes it back. Arjun tells the doctor that he will wait outside. Mansi comes to Shashank’s home and is welcomed by his family. She says she came without the sweets. Shashank mom tells her that she is like her daughter and is welcome always. She tells her that she likes her for Shashank. She calls Shashank. His mom go inside to get the laddoo. Mansi tells Shashank that she needs to talk to him something important. Shashank tells his mom that they are going outside. His mom tells his father that Shashank will marry Mansi forgetting Ankita.

Arjun looks at Purvi from the glass window and gets emotional. Mansi tells Shashank to marry Ankita. Shashank tells that her sister wants him to get marry to her. Mansi says she loves him and didn’t know about his love for his sister. She says she was helpless but she loves her sister very much and wants them to marry each other. She says tai deserves you more than me. I am mad not to see the reality and understand it. Shashank says that his decision doesn’t matter and says sorry. Mansi says they should not talk about it. Shashank says he will not come to her home until Ankita takes any decision about their relation. Mansi tells him that she will try her best to convince Ankita.

Arjun recalls his father DK advicing him to make the right choice. He waits outside Purvi’s ward while the song choti choti baatein…..sab kuch wahi hain par kuch kami hain…. teri aahatein nahin hain….In the morning, Nurse greets Purvi and asks about her. She tells her that some guy waited for her entire night. Purvi asks, whether he is alone or with his wife. She tells her that he is alone. She helps Purvi to get up, Purvi recalls Archana and Pari’s words. Purvi tells the nurse that she wants to talk to the doctor. Purvi tells the doctor that she wants immediate discharge. Doctor agrees and says she will talk to Arjun. Purvi asks her not to tell anything to him and says he is her ex husband and relations is not good between them. Doctor agrees.

Arjun asks Doctor about Purvi. Doctor tells him that she left. Arjun calls Purvi but she disconnects the call..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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