Jee Le Zara 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 6th November 2013 Written Update

Prachi leaves and Sunil tries to be extra sweet. DV comes and smartly warns that Prachi’s smile should hopefully be maintained and whatever happened, should not be repeated, and Sanchi immediately catches this line and asks what should not be repeated and DV diverts attention to heavy food. Sanchi, Ajji and Nani get busy with Diwali preparations, and DV insists to help, so Sanchi asks him to sit down and DV asks does he have to dabao her feet but she hands him to work on Rangoli and hands him a complicated design. DV is confused but still gets down to make Rangoli.

Sanchi gets busy with kitchen and keeps looking at what DV is doing. DV is just creating the border and Sanchi asks him to get up, she will do it. but DV keeps making it and ends up making a Rangoli which reads I Love You Sanchi and when she comes and sees it, she is shocked. He asks her to confess her feelings, and just then Ulka comes. Sanchi stops her from seeing Rangoli, but she forcibly pushes her. Sanchi is tensed when Ulka exclaims, she turns around, but the Rangoli just has a smiley now.

At Pradeep’s home, Deepa finds out that Pradeep had stolen the papers from Sanchi. She tries to call Sanchi, but Pradeep forcibly stops her. Deepa says she regrets ever marrying him. Pradeep just pushes her away.

At Sanchi’s home, Dv comes dressed in a purple kurta and tries to get Sanchi’s attention by coughing and Sanchi jokes if his throat is bad. Adu asks if they should tell Sanchi now, but DV says no she will be upset especially since he helped. Later Sanchi wears the Saree and remembers DV’s words that this saree will look on him. She is trying to tie her back choli, when DV enters the room. Sanchi thinks its Dilz and so asks her to tie the knot, DV tries to do it, and Sanchi asks him thinking its Dilz to talk to DV for not bothering her. But then immediately she recognizes DV’s touch and gets up in shock. DV confronts her as to how she recognizes his touch. He asks him to confess her feelings. But she does not.

Dilz comes looking for Sanchi, and Adu goes to call her. Sanchi asks him to leave, DV says she can either confess her feelings, or shout for help, so that her family can throw him out. She can say that I was misbehaving with her. Sanchi keeps asking him to leave and he keeps telling her to shout if she does not love him. In the end, Sanchi ends up saying “I Love You”

Precap: Sanchi lighting a diya which is about to be blown out, but both DV and Sanchi cover the flame together.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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